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AmEx Platinum Statement Credit Get up to $400 Back @ Coles, Woolworths, Deliveroo & Harris Farm


On my Amex platinum charge card I received the following:

Platinum Everyday Essentials and more
Get up to $400 back
Expires 18/7/2021

Save the offer to your eligible card and spend in-store, online or in-app at Coles, Deliveroo, Harris Farm Markets or Woolworths by 18/07/2021 to receive your purchase amounts back as a credit, up to $400 credit per card. Exclusions apply.

Likely to be targeted


Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (1)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (25)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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    Didn't get that on my app. Also your link doesn't work

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    Got it on our platinum charge card. Already had a similar offer about 6 months ago.

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      3rd one for me since covid.
      recovered my A.F :D

      • What kind of annual fee do you have that a 3rd lot of $400 cash back only recovers your annual fee?!

        • +1


          • @daft009: The math checks out.

            • @ely: Sadly it has gone up to $1450, but benefits include $450 travel credit and complimentary membership to Accor Plus giving you one free night at certain Accor Hotels.

              • @Peck: Not for the professional cards

              • @Peck: Yeah, I had considered it in the past, but didn't think it would have delivered enough value - if I could have guaranteed this cashback, however, it would have been well worth it!

  • Got it.

  • Got it thanks for heads up.

  • Cheers, just checked. Got it on my Platinum Charge.

  • Got it on the Plat Charge and the main card only.

  • +1

    Does it work for gift card purchases at coles or woollies?

    • +2

      It does.

      And for the last promotion, it also worked for me for wish gift card purchased online through cashrewards (5% off at the time). Not sure if it works this time though.

  • Probably this question may have been asked before. I have seen some shops don’t accept Amex or they charge higher fee. Is it really worth that extra cost to have an Amex? Coles Woolworths do they charge extra to use Amex?

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      Coles and Woolworths doesn’t charge a fee for Amex cards. You could use afterpay to avoid fees from some place and pay your afterpay account by Amex.

      • How does Amex see the Afterpay charges?

        • As normal purchase charges, gives points.

          • @robertjajajja: Wouldn't it show afterpay as the retailer instead of the actual retailer? :S

            • @NGPriest: Yes it will show 'AFTERPAY AFTERPAY AUSTRALIA' in the statement

              • +1

                @robertjajajja: So how do we take advantage of the offer if the retailer name isn't there? :S

                • @NGPriest: My approach would be wait for Coles/Woolies having discount on their eftpos/visa gift cards. The discounts normally offsets the setup fee ($6.95) for those gift cards. And use eftpos gift card as a debit card offline or use visa gift cards as credit cards online. Or buy other branded gift cards in Coles/Woolies: JB, Jetstar(if you are still flying) etc.

    • +7

      "Is it really worth that extra cost to have an Amex? "


      • Tnx DrRalph, do you mind if I ask why do you think so, what are the benefits? I currently have a Coles card, which used to be great but now they have limited the number of points I can earn.

        • What restrictions have they introduced? I was planning to go for the Coles card as well.

          • @smarter_fool: 2pts/$ being capped at $3000 per billing period. I’ve been using this card for all the business transactions, which I earned heaps of points. I was actually within the 1% of the top points earners in Aus for few years:)

        • +2

          You’re commenting on a post about quite a significant benefit as it is… $400 cashback would cover most annual fees.

          • @haemolysis: Not really. The annual fee is $1,450.

            I wouldn't expect this benefit to be recurring. It is most likely due to most of us cardholders not being able to use our travel credits or the perks associated with this card.

            I received $400 back in Apr but I still had to pay my $1,450 annual fee. So I'm down $1,050 and got no use out of the card as I haven't used the Travel Credit due to being a VIC. Noone wants us…

            My annual fee is coming up for renewal soon too so I expect this is to go someway to convince us to stay for another year.

        • For myself, I always assume that the points are worth nothing and the card has to offer enough benefits on its own to offset the annual fee. The various AmEx cards are pretty good at this, the base ones (Essential, Qantas Discovery, Velocity Escape) just have no annual fee. Most of the others (Platinum Edge, Explorer, Qantas Ultimate, Velocity Platinum) come with a travel voucher of equal value to the annual fee, so as long as you would normally spend that much on travel then you at least break even with the cards.

          The Platinum Charge is a bit harder to quantify, it has a very steep fee but comes with a whole array of benefits that can be of variable value depending on how you use them and on the individual.

          The statement credits are obviously a pretty big benefit, but their usefulness can be quite variable. I normally get at least a hundred or two out of them each year for stuff that I would have bought anyway.

    • +7

      Lots of little perks with the amex cards, I've got the explorer card and one of my favorites is the free phone screen insurance.

      As long as you either buy the phone outright on the card, or pay your phone bill with the card, you will only have to pay 10% of the cost to replace the screen.

      So my new s21 Ultra I've ordered the screen replacement cost via Samsung is $400, I'd only have to pay $40 if I broke it. I've used it once before about 2 years ago and it was painless.

      This perk is even available on the no annual fee "essentials" card, so it's a no brainer if you ask me.

      • The phone screen insurance is coming to the Platinum Edge. If my phone is totally paid off, and I just pay for a BYO sim plan on my Amex, does that count? It seems for the insurance claim they just want to see the proof that you pay your bill on there.

        • Yes I looked the up the t's & c's a while ago and I believe you are right, as long as the phone bill is paid on the card, but it has to be some sort of plan not pre paid from what I could gather.

  • Only one card holder, not for additional cards. Would of been bang for buck for all 4 holders to make up the shortfall of $1450 we have to pay every year. Particularly with travel restrictions.

  • Didnt get it on my Platinum Charge, however I did get this offer about half a year ago or so.
    I wonder if the people who have the offer now, had it before as well?

    • +1

      My card get it this time and I also had it last time for this: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/540640

    • Don’t think it’s targeted although it’s possible or unless you were too slow last time. First in, best dress I think.

    • It's a targetted offer… This is my 3rd since Covid… some like you got it in June/July… and haven't received another one since. While I got July, October and now January.

  • any one receive it on edge card?

    • I also have a platinum edge and did not receive this

    • this offer is for Plantium Charge ONLY due to its high annual fee.

  • Got it on my Platinum Charge!

  • THANKS!!!
    Just got it…
    I've managed to get this once before, but last time I wasn't offered it.
    Anyone know how to increase my chances of getting it?
    TIA :-)

  • +1

    wow this offer is awesome. too bad i didn't get it :(

  • is this offer a single shop or multiple shops?

    Basically it means you have $400 credit to spend at Woolies or coles?

    • Based on the wording “amounts”, I imagine it’s multiple purchases up to $400. Will confirm later.

    • +1

      Yes, spend multiple times at the mentioned stores until used up.

    • Thanks!

      Just got an email to confirm

      Spend online or in-store and get up to $400 back
      Deliveries from your favourite restaurants or daily essentials from the
      supermarket, use your Card at Deliveroo, Coles, Harris Farm and Woolworths
      and you’ll collect a statement credit each time, until you reach $400.
      Exclusions apply1.

  • Didn't get the offer this time. Did get it back in May. What a shame. Wonder how they decide who gets it and who doesn't.

    • Id def go and ask them about it

  • Got it last year in may and also in this offering! Thanks for posting

  • Never got this offer :(

  • Thanks OP… Got it from May or June last year also… win win!
    fyi i have Plat Charge

  • +1

    No dice for me :(

    Though I’m amazed how many OzBargainers have the Plat Charge!

  • No deal on my Platinum Reserve

  • 3 from 3 this year … 1050 in grocery credits + 900 in travel credit …


    • Got 2 of 3. Still lucky me.

    • Yeah all 3 for me too.
      Got $2100 in travel credits, just used $850 today for a weekend away in NSW

      • how'd you get 2100 in travel credit? across multiple years, I assume?

        I got $450 plat + $400 plat reserve + $50 spend and save in December (not exactly a credit, but nice benefit anyway).

        • Yeah couple got extended and then the new year ones came in too.

    • You mean 3 from 4? This is my 4th one.

      • Nope - only got 3 and have only seen 3 posted on ozbargain.

        What's the 4th one you got?

        • June/Sept/November/January

  • Nothing on my Bus Plat or Reserve.

  • Thanks OP. I got it again on Plat. Charge, but not on my other Amex Cards.
    Lucky to get a heads up from Ozb. as Amex did not alert me.

  • Thanx OP!!! Brilliant timing as my ann fee is about to drop. Just booked aus day weekend with travel credit so this is great :)

  • Got it as well. Niceeee way to reduce the annual fee.

  • Must be targeted:(

  • Does the credit appear on my statement ? or where ?

  • Terms and Conditions
    1. Offer terms.

    Offer valid in-store at Coles, Harris Farm Markets, Woolworths.

    Offer valid online at shop.coles.com.au, deliveroo.com.au, harrisfarm.com.au, woolworths.com.au.

    Offer valid in-app via Deliveroo app, Woolworths app, Woolworths Scan&Go app.


    Not valid at Coles Express locations. Not valid for gift cards purchased online. Not valid for payments to Coles Insurance, Coles Mobile.


    Offer valid for payments made in Australian Dollars, for orders picked up or delivered within Australia.

    Harris Farm Markets

    Not valid at the following locations within Harris Farm Markets: Charlotte Cafe, Hudson Meats, Salt Meats Cheese, Sydney Fresh Seafood.


    Not valid at Caltex Woolworths or Caltex Woolworths Metro locations. Not valid for gift cards purchased online. Not valid for payments to Woolworths Insurance, Woolworths Mobile.

    Offer is limited to $400 credit per Card to which the offer is saved and only spend on this Card counts towards the Offer. Not valid for spend on any Additional Cards you may hold.

    Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly with your Card to which the offer is saved, in-store, online or in-app via the above noted payment methods. Valid at Australian locations, websites and apps only.

    Excludes transactions made through a third party establishment or payment processor.

    Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.

    Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.

    Credit will not be applied to your Card Account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.

    Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.

  • Yes it’s back again, into coles to buy $400 in Bunnings gift cards :)

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