Meguiar’s Snow Foam Cannon Kit $69.99 (Was $99) @ Autobarn


Another snow cannon kit
This one includes 473ml of wash solution
$84 at Repco and $97 at Supercheap

Quality cannon with durable brass neck and adjustable foaming nozzle
1-litre dispenser bottle with accurate mixing marks
3 adapters to suit popular pressure cleaner brands (Karcher K Series, Gerni & 1/4″ quick connect)
Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash – 473ml

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  • Anyone can recommend cheap pressure cleaner brands that does the job? Thank you

    • Just buy the cheapest generic cannon you can find on eBay.

      I've had mine for years and it's still as good as new.

    • I got the "Homelite" brand pressure washer from Bunnings for about $50 and use it with a MJJC snow canon. Works fantastically.

  • Good price for this specific Meguiar's kit, but can anyone comment on the quality of the foam cannon compared to a generic one for $20… is it worth the price difference? Don't need / already have plenty wash solution.

  • Does anyone know if this can fit the Ozito pressure cleaner? I saw someone saying Gerni = Ozito foam lance wise but I tried my friend's lance who's using Gerni, which just couldn't fit…..

    • Which Ozito? The $90 promo one that was listed here a few months ago?

      Yes, but you need to buy a M22 adapter ($10) like this:

      It's a pain with the Ozito because you have to screw the snow cannon on, quite fiddly when the bottle is full, not a quick connect fitting. It also leaks quite a bit. That's why I returned my Ozito to Bunnings and got a Bosch on sale from Amazon.

      • Correct you need the m22 kranzle adaptor. The Bowdens Own adaptor is easier to find and will work on this adaptor (Maguiars has the male to male adaptor which you'll need with the M22)

  • I thought this was to make fake snow like at the snow fields and was confused why anyone would buy this.

  • How come my post above was removed? Is it because I posted a link to the the same item from the same seller but on eBay ?

    I will repost what I typed but I will remove the link that I provided that went directly to the AutoBarn eBay store for this item. In no way am I affiliated with this at all. I was just trying to help you guys out for a few $ saving.

    eBay Autobarn store (link to item has been removed)
    Item - $69.99
    Postage - $7.85
    Total - $77.84

    Autobarn website as linked by OP
    Item - $69.99
    Postage - $9.96
    Total - $79.95

    Postage cost is to me in Sydney NSW.

  • Anyone know if this will be compatible with a Ryobi?

  • Anyone knows how this compares to Bowden? And/if the liquid and cannon are compatible with each other?

  • I use Turtle Wax Hybrid Ice Snow Foam in my cannon, one of the cheaper brands of foam but after trying many other brands IMO it works just as well as the more expensive ones.

    It clings to the car for a long time, doesn't strip off wax or sealants, and smells like Bubblegum.

    Often on special at SCA.

    • sparesbox has them under $10

      • They also have this kit for $75 and free shipping over $99

      • @shole

        A great find, it's currently a lot cheaper, even when adding postage to Victoria, to buy them from Sparesbox than to buy them locally.

        • Also can use code WELCOME10 at Sparesbox for $10 off an order of $50 or more… i.e. 6 bottles (7.2L) for $50.66 delivered with current 15% off Turtle Wax promo ($9.95 -> $8.46)

  • FYI the Meguiar's Snow Canoon Kit is now $64.49 at SCA with their 30+5% off promo today. Also the arguably better Bowden's Own Snow Blow Cannon comes down to $71.49 delivered ($66.49 + $5 delivery, not stocked in stores at least in VIC). SCA promo applies to all car care products, including snow wash detergents also.