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30% (+ Extra 5% for Club Plus Fri, 22 Jan, Only) off Batteries, Engine Oil, Filters, Car Care + More @ Supercheap Auto


Just received an email from Supercheap Auto. Their latest sale starts online tomorrow, Friday, 22 January, and until 11:59pm Club Plus members get an extra 5% off with the code CLUB5, which is for click & collect only (kudos to westical for pointing it out in the comments).

Sale starts in-store on Saturday, 23 January.

Full list of deals:

30% off engine oils, including motorbike oils
30% off Century batteries (including special orders)
30% off car care (excludes air care)
50% off Export Tyre Shine
60% off Rislone 177ml High Performance Injector Cleaner
30% off Bissell Auto Spot Carpet Cleaner
30% off all filtration (includes special orders)
30% off all additives
30% of disc brake pads (includes special orders)
30% off SCA seat covers
30% off driving lights and mountable work lamps
30% Narva Performance headlight globes
30% off butane stoves
30% off Proquip plastic fuel containers
30% off SCA reverse cams
30% off Gator dash cams
30% off ToolPRO 12V tool kits
30% off Septone paint and prep
Up to 50% off gift bucket clearance

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  • If only they stocked morning fresh to use with my sponge

  • Extra 5% is for click & collect only.

  • Car Care

  • Bam! here i am searching for something to spend $24 of loyalty credit on by tomorrow and this deal is posted. Thanks!
    that should bring a $250 battery down to $138.
    edit, less 10% egift cards, somewhere closer to $125.

    • where are you getting the 10% gc from?

      • rewardgateway (corporate scheme)

        • Oooh…thanks for the reminder! I need a battery for my ride-on mower, and I've got $10 credit expiring tomorrow. So, that means a $129.99 battery will end up being $68.80 total spend for me.

  • +15 votes

    Nice. Guess I'll be buying a bunch of shit I don't need because it's cheap then. Like most people on OzBargain. Admit it.

    • I will never admit it! I am creative enough that I can always produce a paper thin rationale for my purchases.

    • Just resell it

    • Nope.
      That is completely wrong, and unless of course you prefer to be an OzWaster rather than an OzBargainer.

      Also, add buying without researching, i.e. impulse purchase to that list.

  • any deals on that tyre slime sealant? Or should I wait for a store-wide sale?

  • 8% off digital gift cards from Suncorp rewards.

  • Watch out, we might get 40% off on Australia Day on Bowden's + Penrite Gear and Repco might do the same..

    In any case today you'll get the difference back as club credit if it does happen.

    • When will we find out if we will get 40% on bowdens? That's an awesome deal

    • Oh that would be great as i purchased a Bowdens Own Black Box a few days ago and getting 30 percent back on that retrospectively would be great!

    • Club credit not same as money in wallet.

    • do you get the difference credit if both items were on sale, but 1 is cheaper than the other like a week apart? curious because they've never credited me for these - do you have to call SCA customer service every time?

  • damn, I was hoping the Rola Titan rack would go on sale, been waiting for a while for it to go down

  • Pity there's no deal on Katana batteries. Need one for my WR450F.

  • Has anyone ever mounted 9" spotlights to a ride-on mower? (Asking for a friend)

  • Great timing. My car is due for service and I was wondering only early today when one of these deals was gonna show up. Thanks, OP.

  • Do SuperCheap deals usually start at 12am AEDT, AEST or just whenever they flick the switch in the morning?

  • Hmm wonder when it will go live

  • Current Price on the website is not discounted - Is it Member Only?

    • no discount for member yet either.
      but make sure you join… Join For $5 And Get $10 Credit

  • I got a Ryco filter down to $23.80 after 15% off from eBay. Sca sells it for over $51.99

    Check on eBay before you purchase. By the way sca will price match last time I checked.

  • Must be some fine print on Century batteries, only about half of then are discounted.

    • Looks like all of the 'Special Order' products have been marked down, but nothing else yet. It's the same with brake pads for example.

  • Looks glitched only special order items are marked down for the few things I've checked (penrite oil + bowdens gear)

  • Extra 5% is not working for me, getting "{"success":false,"sid":"payment"}" as I am trying to apply code.

    • Avoid using adblock on their site. I think it stopped me from using gift cards.

    • I had the same error but it was gone after I disabled all the ad block extensions I had on my browser ( 3 extensions).

  • Let's hope CR or SB come to the party with increased cashback.

  • Looking at the century Century Deep Cycle Battery N70T comes down to $195, not great, can get on eBay for around $200. Price hike?

    • Better spend your money somewhere else, that's way too expensive for a deep cycle with a measly 75ah and not sure if it is an agm, even with discount. For the record kmart is selling the agm 80ah for only $150,and it's selling like hot cake.

  • thanks OP, got Gator G4KDVR20 4K 2160P Dash Cam, got 8% discount off egift cards with suncorp too

  • Does anyone know if you can return special orders for a refund if you don't end up needing the item?

  • (+ Extra 5% for Club Plus Tomorrow Only)

    Hey op. Can you please update title. Cheers

  • Only 20% off the bissell not 30% sadly… but picked one up anyways thanks op!

  • I'm newbie in car detailing. Just got questions about applying ceramic wax. I usually clean my car with Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax, which works really well. But I read here, before applying ceramic coating, I need to remove the old Meguiar wax on my car first (because this is carnauba wax, short lifespan).

    • Which product I should buy to remove carnauba wax, on Youtube some guys said the dish soap can do this just fine (?!?). I doubt that.
    • After removing carnauba wax and apply ceramic wax (like Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax), how long I need to reapply/maintenance, I read here, some said 6months, some said 2-3 years depend on amount of rain on car. Also, which product for reapply, can I just use Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax?


    • Dishwashing liquid doesn't remove wax. It will just leave a residue that changes the water behaviour.
      Polishing is the only true way to remove any sealant/wax
      You will see 2 to 3 months of protection at best from most waxes but you can layer wax to boost.
      Want longer protection, look at true sio2 spray sealants like CarPro reload.
      Want years of protection you are looking at non consumer options like opticoat pro, cquartz finest.

      • For the polishing, is any polish product will work? Can you suggest some from this deal?

        For ceramic coating I think I would go for Turtle wax hybrid solutions.

  • Every time I try to apply the CLUB5 discount it forces me to use ZIP as a payment method. Is anyone else facing this?

    • Yes I just had this problem! Not sure how to explain it, but i just left the pay now tab open on my phone between doing work etc.. then I tried it again and I was able to select other pay options… go figure.

      Paid by PayPal, btw cheers for the heads up op, saved over 100 bucks!

      Edit: could have been because of the code, I got the 30% off but didn't get the 5% off for membership, contacted the support via chat which was super unhelpful.

    • I found I had to apply the code before selecting any other payment option, including applying credit, or it would also force me to do something else. So, I did Checkout -> apply CLUB5 -> add credit -> select payment option. I was then able to use the discount giftcard I'd bought. FWIW, this was on a deskstop computer and not a phone.

  • I keep getting "{"success":false,"sid":"payment"}" when i try and checkout on the payments tab.

    Is anyone else seeing something like this?

  • One thing worth buying that I've been using lately, is the low odour WD-40… To me, I can't smell anything at all. Compared to the normal WD-40 it seems like witchcraft

  • Amazing.
    We had a flat battery yesterday on Aldinga Beach, from the interior lights being left on.
    Time for a new battery, check OzB and BINGO!
    I love this place.

    • couldn't just recharge the existing?

      • Depends on age. If it's old and goes too flat then it's basically toasted, and only a new battery will work. I saw the weirdest behaviour with a small Toyota once where the battery went flat, and after jump-starting the power steering started to go crazy with the steering wheel wobbling back & forth. Called RACQ and when they attended they diagnosed a dead battery, popped a new one in and bad behaviour stopped.

      • Nah, she's borked mate!

  • Got Bissell Auto Spot Cleaner for $189.99 (today's special price) + 5% discount ($9.49) with 'club5' for click and collect = $180.49. Got another 4% cashback ($7.60) via Cashrewards bringing Total to $172.89.

  • I couldn't use the above code for another 5%discount on some car Polish.

  • how do i use giftcards? I don't see where to enter them.

    • You won't see the option until you get to the payment page, then there should be a dropdown tab where you enter gift vouchers or cards. When I did it on a desktop computer it was on the left-hand side, above the section where you enter your credit card details.

  • Damn it! I needed this deal back in December when I was in need of a new car battery. I could have saved about $40. Waiting for a deal on a time travel machine.

  • Sweet! Got a $250 battery for $153. 30% off x 5% members code x 8% off the EXACT amount with a Suncorp benefits instant digital gift card. Triple stack FTW.

  • Wish more people would say what they bought. My car is European but I neglect it. I went instore last week and got Nanolicious wash and Boss Gloss on sales guy recommendation (they were on sale but not as much as today) and it looked so much better with Boss Gloss than the regular suds I use, it's been shiny all week but now covered in tree sap mist again.

    Tonight I want to step up my game, so I got

    Turtle Wax Microfibre Wheel & Trim Gorilla Glove - $11.89

    Turtle Wax Microfibre Dual Action Gorilla Glove - $11.89

    Bowden's Own The Inta Mitt - $13.99

    Meguiar's Ultimate Compound 450mL - $20.99

    Meguiar's Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner 710mL - $13.99

    I could not find a good clay mitt (easier than a clay bar) so will order G3 Pro 7191 Deep Clean Clay Mitt from amazon.com.au and get shipped from UK (good reviews) and some foam applicators and microfibre from Amazon too.

    I know nothing about detailing but I'm gonna try 1) Nanolicious 2) Nanolicious again with clay mitt 3) Ultimate Compound with soft foam applicator and microfibre wipe off, 4) Boss Gloss

    • Did you consider Bowdens clay rubber? It definitely pulled the embedded grit out of my paint, but I'm a newb, so can't compare to real clay.

      • My research says clay rubber is slow, and the new mitts are faster, plus if you drop them you don't have to throw away.

        • i checked and realize that the discount is the same with repco so not gonna stress about the extra 5% for club… but i was thinking about getting the Meguiar's Ultimate Compound as well. Gloves and stuff i m just gonna order through ebay

    • I'm game!
      My purchases:

      SCA Microfibre Glass Cloths - 2 Pack - $5.59
      SCA Foam Applicator Pads 4 Pack - $4.19
      SCA Bumper & Wheel Brush - $8.39
      SCA Detailers Brush 3 Piece - $6.99
      Meguiar's Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner 710mL - $13.99
      Meguiar's Clay Bar Kit 3 Piece - $18.19
      Bowden's Own Big Softie Microfibre Cloth 400 x 500mm - $9.79
      Meguiar's Microfibre Wash Pad - $8.39
      Bowden's Own Big Green Sucker Microfibre Towel - $27.99

      Needed to restock my drying/buffing towels. Spent an age thinknig about the Bissell/DA Polisher, but decided to hold off for now.

  • Hey you lot, I have a 2012 Mazda 3 (95,000 kms) which has never had its batteries changed. I'm thinking the time will come, in the near future. Does anyone have any recommendations from SCA? Or anywhere else?