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Ring Spotlight Cam Battery $269, Ring Video Dorbell 3 $269 @ Ring


Various products with $60.00 off RING. Don't ever pay full price for RING equipment, there is normally a sale every month or so, via Ring , Bunnings or JBHifi. This same camera is also on special at JBHIFI for $279.00


Edit : also now available at AMAZON au for $269
Reminder: RING is owned by Amazon

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  • Was thinking of one and then I read this: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2020/dec/23/amazon-ri...

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    Also available for $269 on Amazon au. : https://www.amazon.com.au/Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Battery-HD-Secu...

    a Reminder that RING is owned by AMAZON.


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    alot of these Ring cases are not 'hacks', they are weak passwords or shared passwords

    Not saying Ring couldn't do better, but nothing helps if people don't take a bit of care with their passwords etc.

    (queue abuse about victim blaming in 3.. 2..)

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      Also RING has a 2 factor authentication option.

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        yeah, can't help people if they won't help themselves.

        Companies can be evil, but it's not always their fault.

        • Companies can be evil, but it's not always their fault.

          What's an example of an evil company but it's not their fault?

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      I'm probably just disturbed that there are people out there who would bother breaking in to these cameras for pranks/abuse. at least if someone breaks my physical lock i would understand the motive is to steal stuff. i'm probably just being naive about people

      • Could be competitors

  • Good price for the Ring 3 now the plus is out - considering its on special for $269 vs $369 for the plus, seems a nobrainer to get the original 3 now.

    Moving into a house shortly and trying to make it as smart as possible. Being android users I want google intergration with as much as I can - will I regret getting this (alexa intergrated) doorbell, what does google assistant do on other doorbells that have it?

  • What are peoples experience with RING? How are the motion sensors, do you get them too often or not enough?
    I'm on the fence as I've seen reports where something happened and the motion sensor didn't work so there is no footage recorded of the incident

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      I have 2 of these floodlight cams and have had no issues with sensors. You can change the sensitivity within the app. I tested this and when it was cranked up all the way I got a notification every time the wind made my tree sway.

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      I have the spotlight cam battery too at the front door.
      Motion sensitivity is great and have had no issues.

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      I have floodlight cams outside, indoor and stickup cameras in the sheds etc. No issues at all, love the floodlight cameras they have great day and night image quality. You can draw odd shapes for the motion recording zones so you can cut out trees that move around in the wind etc plus adjust the sensitivity. Really the only false detection i get is when spiders spin a web across the lens or a moth flies in to it.

      Got them hooked up to Alexa and Smartthings so it flashes a few Hue lights around the house different colours depending on what camera was triggered, and they automatically pop up a thumbnail in the corner of my Samsung TV with a live view when motion is detected with the option to view it full screen. About 18 months, no complaints.

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      I have two cams and a v2 doorbell. The cams are great when it comes to motion sensing but I found we went through a fair bit of fine tuning to get the doorbell right. Now that's done we have no issue with it. I've never had a failed trigger (but then I guess I wouldn't know)

    • Thanks everyone for sharing your experience, I'm leaning more towards getting a RING system now :)

      • I've got this exact model. I think I bought it two years ago and the app got improved during this time. Now you can draw a notification area yourself and there is a people only mode. It only sends notification if it detects a person. However, these improvements caused a notification delay. I used to get a notification and watch the courier live as he walks towards my front door. Now I get the notification when the courier is walking away from my front door. Also, my one has started to fail recording and sending me notifications randomly. Sometimes recording is just black sometimes it just disconnects from my router and I can't reconnect it manually. It just reconnects by itself whenever it feels like it. Its wifi is slow and only 2.4GHz, you need to wait a min or two to start watching a recording from cloud (i.e. did the courier actually leave something at my front door? you have to wait for recording to be loaded to cloud first and then start streaming)

  • Quick question regarding notifications, real time viewing and storing - do you not need to pay a subscription for this? (Unlike the eufy cams)?

    • I want to know about this too.

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      Real time viewing is free. Storing and stuff is paid.

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      Storing you need to pay a subscription. But you can get notifications and streaming for free.

      AU pricing is something like $4 per month per camera, with discounts the more cameras you get/when you pay annually.

      The integration of scrolling back through time and events is very well implemented IMO. Good value for money I think particularly with the cloud storage.

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      I have multiple cameras at multiple addresses, but have one plan $150 AUD per year. And it's meant to be one plan per address.

      When setting up a Ring Camera it asks you for the address. ( I find this not very secure and unnecessary) So I call my Main Address "MELBOURNE" for example, and you just select that is where all your cameras are.

      You can have different cameras on different Wifi networks all linked to the same "Home Address". For instance, you could have cameras at your house, and your brother / sister / mother etc could have a camera at their house and you can use the same account. They can see your camera, you can see their camera. You just name the camera BROTHER_FRONT_DOOR. HOME_BACK_LANE / etc…

      For $150 per year it's a pretty good system. As a alternative you could get some $120 Hikvision cameras online, a cheap $200 PC running iSPY and sync it via your Google Drive / Dropbox account. But that's a lot of mucking around to save pretty much nothing… trust me, that's what I had.

      CHEAP : If you want to go ultra cheap, just grab some $99 (sometimes $89 ) RING Indoor Cameras, ( they run via USB and come with a USB/240v adaptor ) The quality seems as good as the outdoor cameras.

      You can obviously use these outdoors if they are protected, you can also tape up or silicone any holes to stop water getting in or put them in a cheap plastic case… Get creative and plug the USB into a solar panel charger or external battery pack etc

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