Dewalt DCW210B Brushless Orbital Sander (Tool Only) $168.04 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Price dropped recently on Amazon from over $300. Has been fluctuating +/- $10 since (sometimes hourly).

Works with your aussie 18v and 54v flex batteries. This cordless sander retails for over $230 in Australia but note that there is no Australian warranty with this product. Given that, I have found Amazon just as good at replacing a faulty item within the year and even longer (usually with less effort too).

4.8/5 stars from over 3000 reviews.

Recommend this sandpaper at under $18 to complement the tool (as it doesn't come with any).

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  • Good find OP, most of the retailers selling it for $249

    Another good option -Stanley Fatmax @ $101.47

    • Both from three same factory I heard? I wonder if the DeWalt batteries fit the FatMax series?

    • Yeah, enough of a price difference (for me anyway) to buy from overseas. I tried to haggle locally but no one would budge even slightly.

  • Damn, after a 240V one

    • Would have got this too if I didn't need cordless. $198.55 (PowerPass price) at Bunnings if it helps

  • Cheers OP. I've been after one of these but they're going for $249 everywhere local.

  • Seems to have increased in price to $172.22, must be Amazons algorithm bidding it up.

    • Ha, when I started writing up this deal this morning it was that price. Just before posting, it dropped.

  • Some (not all) of the Dewalt tools are much cheaper in the US than here but beware it's not a global warranty and often combo deals from the usual companies like Sydney Tools etc will negate any real saving.

    However, I've no need for this but did buy the US equivalent of the DCF899HN-XE - it's a really heavy duty 1/2" impact wrench that sells at $449 here and I've never seen an offer on this locally after several years of looking..

    Amazon via Prime with CR was $303. I'll take the warranty risk at that price and it's a beast…