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Google Pixel 3 64GB, White $386.59 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Still a great phone, just bought this deal.

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  • OOS. Only black left at $499

  • How would you guys rate this phone for Pogo play?

    • You'll get maybe 2 hours of it max. Battery is horrible.

      Source: own one and switched away from it after 3-4 months because of the horrible battery life.

  • Anyone bought this refurb from somewhere like Catch? Can get 'good' quality for $270, 'great' for $350ish I think

    • Catch can be hit-and-miss in my experience. My friend bought a refurbished Pixel 3 there and he is happy with it.

      Whereas I bought from a store called "Perfect Preowned" and, oh, the phone quality apart from its cosmetics is horrid, missing wall charger initially, getting a replacement unit takes 3 weeks and they still do not ship the right colour. Despite saying that functionalities have been thoroughly tested, the both initial and replacement units have a series of defects including: blurred rear camera, damaged microphone, grade-B or even lower battery life (sold as grade-A), and dysfunctional fingerprint scan.

      Although I am a fan of Catch customer service, an experience such as this with store like "Perfect Preowned" makes me wary to buy anything from Catch marketplace in the future

  • spy phones lol

  • Anyone know if this Pixel 3/3 XL will get the Android 12 update later this year?

  • I currently use the Pixel 3 - the battery life is really the big downside; I like the small form factor and all other features are great but would not recommend it because of the battery life, even for casual users if you are not within reach of a top-up charge mid-day.

  • Available again for $30 less, for anyone subscribed who hasn't purchased.