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Google Pixel 3 64GB, White $386.59 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Still a great phone, just bought this deal.

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  • Why does the listing show photos of Huawei phones 😂

    • With bonus $200 gift card

      • could you elaborate? cheers

        • When you click the link (on desktop, not sure how it appears on mobile) and look at the images to the left that would normally be different images of the product you're looking at (a Pixel3), for some reason half of the pictures are of a different Huawei phone. One of the pictures appears to offer a $200 e-gift card with a purchase of the Huwawei phone.

    • Lmaoooo hahahaha

    • I just Noticed that is product description photos

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    Decent price. It has a much better front camera than the newer Pixels. The rear camera hasn't really advanced much for the Pixels so not missing out on too much there. My main problem with this phone was that I found the battery for this pretty terrible and the RAM was limiting (had issues between spotify/camera/maps closing between themselves or other apps).

    • I bought on release for a grand+, battery seems to last a day for me - but yeah gets a bit close sometimes. This will be my second, never had a performance problem the camera is epic. The 4a and 5 have nothing I want, and are worse in some respects.

      • 4a/5 have better battery, more lenses, more features, far better performance, longer updates.

        • 4a doesn't have wireless charging, the camera sensor is the same, and a worse processor. Is the battery that much better ? pixel 5 costs 3x and has nothing I want - I don't mind the battery have no need for 5g

          • @hotukdeals: I've gotten 8 hours of screen on time with my Pixel 5. Usually averages 6.5-7 though. I upgraded from the Pixel 3 and am happy but YMMV.

            I just use my Pixel 3 as a dedicated emulator/gaming device now.

            • @stenchlord: Can couch for the pixel 5. Amazing battery life. I haven't noticed any deficiencies from the weaker processor, although I do not game. If it were priced at around $800 it would be a more convincing sell.

              I had the pixel 3 before and if you aren't a heavy user it will get you through the day.

          • @hotukdeals: Just for your information, Pixel 3 would get me around 1.5 - 2 hours of SOT in a day, with the 4a I was getting around 4.5-5. Also performance wise it's a huge jump, as apps aren't constantly closing like they do on the Pixel 3 - having to reload apps constantly/web pages etc. It's a MASSIVE performance gain IMO. I don't run benchmarks or play demanding mobile games all day so I didn't notice anything else. The Pixel 5 btw, lasted my almost 6 hours SOT, which I have never been able to do on any phone ever.

            Of all the phones I have ever owned, the Pixel 3 was the worst by leagues.

            • @onlinepred:

              1.5 - 2 hours of SOT in a day

              Classic onlinepred post, you see them in every Pixel 3 thread :D Nobody should be taking this user seriously.
              If you're going to lie at least make your numbers somewhat realistic. After years of ownership I still get around 4-5 hours of SoT, and charge it using the wireless google stand every night since day one.

              as apps aren't constantly closing like they do on the Pixel 3 - having to reload apps constantly/web pages etc.

              Again, years of ownership, not once noticed this. The only time someone would notice this is doing benchmark tests where they open more apps than ever realistic.

              Great price for the Pixel 3, would highly recommend.

              • @Jebus: Huh? I gave a other examples of SOT with other devices. SOT is a useless metric, if you do value it, provide context. If I watch offline videos all day, I'm sure i could break 10hrs sot. Is that useful to you? No lol.

                Glad it suits you mate!

                • @onlinepred: It's not useless because there's an average use case you could realistically expect for phone use. Watching videos for 10 hours is not the average use case.

                  Anyone buying the P3 could realistically expect at least 4h of SoT with 'normal' usage. Fact.

                  • @Jebus: I guess just making calls, sending messages, browsing the web, watching youtube on mobile data isn't normal use? How should I be using it?

                    • @onlinepred:

                      Ah my bad, I didn't realise you are the average use case.

                      I'm suggesting that when people talk about SoT, they're talking about the average usage, which is why it's not useless. Messages, social media apps, photos, calls, streaming music etc. There's simply no way you were consistently getting 90 minutes of normal usage, it's just silly to even suggest it to people as something they should expect. If you were, you should at least reconise that maybe your device was faulty.

                      That's why I'm calling it out, because you're misleading people.

              • @Jebus: Everyones usage is different. If you play games, 1.5-2 hours is pretty believable unfortunately. I have a Pixel 3 but don't use it anymore because of the terrible battery mainly. With my usage I struggled to get 3.5 hours most days, and the phone was dead by 6pm after being taken off the charger at 7am. The exact same usage gets me an average of 6-6.5 hours SOT on my iphone 12 mini, to put it in perspective.

            • @onlinepred: iAgree. My experience with the Pixel 3 was about the same. Mine lasted almost 4 hours of screen time (still pretty shit though)

        • They for sure don't have better performance than a snapdragon 845 phone.

          You also lose out on unlimited photo storage at original quality.

          • @MadMaxBargainRoad: No for sure, I meant more that it constantly has to reload apps/tabs as it doesn't have enough RAM. So things usually take longer due to this. On my P5 I pull up chrome and choose a tab and it's loaded, P3 I had to reload chrome, then reload the tab.

            • @onlinepred:

              I meant more that it constantly has to reload apps/tabs as it doesn't have enough RAM. So things usually take longer due to this. On my P5 I pull up chrome and choose a tab and it's loaded, P3 I had to reload chrome, then reload the tab.

              Just tested this on my P3 and it's not the case. Again, misleading. I have 15 tabs open in chrome, all with different sites loaded, and I can switch back and forth between them without a single hiccup.

              • @Jebus: I'm glad it suits you! I RMA'd it as I thought it was a dud device. The replacement was the same. So I can only relay my experiences. That's fantastic that it suits your use case.

                Just keep in mind with your vigorous recommendations, that it will not get official security or android updates after Oct this year.

                You should tell the users below with terrible battery life and performance that they aren't using their phone correctly btw.

                • @onlinepred:

                  I'm glad it suits you!

                  It's not about that. It's about sharing accurate information so people can make informed decisions, that's all. Glad you're enjoying the P5.

    • PS - the two cameras on the front (normal selfie, and a separate lens for ultrawide selfie) are quite useful, especially for those big group shots or nowadays the socially-distanced selfies.

      Agree with the battery limitations, as it definitely is not an "all-day" phone, probably an "all-work-day" phone e.g. 9am-5pm. It is ideal to carry or be close to a charger. As for the RAM limitation, you do get into the habit of closing apps and less inclined to have multiple things running the background. Due to the small 64GB of internal storage, you're also less inclined to be installing too many apps or keeping many files/photos/videos (you'll learn to lean towards cloud-based storage/backup).

      At the end of the day, this is a decent price for what is capable of. As for some of the limitations, perhaps think of them as ways to help curb your phone addiction? :)

    • Yeah I had this phone for a year and hated it. Battery is terrible, not enough RAM, still had the same glitchy Android rubbish that I was promised I wouldn’t get if I just bought stock Android instead of other OEMs.

      • Imo Samsung's S-series (Plus model) was overall the best Android phone for 2016-2019 (S7/8/9/10/20). But now Samsung have begun downgrading their parts too which sucks.

  • Can still backup one more year of photo on Pixel 3

  • great price

  • pay another $120 for XL version for better battery life

  • I couldn't see whether it was Brand New?

    • its amazon au, official au stock delivered by them. No mention of refurb/renew/open box - its new. If you look at other listing its clearly stated when not. All hail our amazon overlords.

  • Final android update in October, waste of money

  • Does it work properly?

    I purchased a Pixel 2 XL new in box, but it did not make phone calls properly. I had to downgrade to a Pixel XL which works a lot better. Too hard to claim on warranty as it was an intermittent problem.

    I just don't have time to troubleshoot technology which does not work! Such as no headphone jack on this phone…no patience for fiddling with Bluetooth…

    But interested to know if it actually works as I will not be able to run a Pixel for ever and so scared to upgrade now!

  • get a second hand iPhone like X series and you still can get security and updates, Android really need to up their game lol

  • Certain phones (no name dropping) are famous for their software optimisation capabilities in compromise for the low made quality. When the software update won’t be supported in less a year, make you wonder why bother.

  • I have this phone. I really love the pixel stock android OS and it takes much better photos than my iPhone 8. It is slower since the Android 11 update and I have had issues with terrible battery performance and blue tooth dropouts. Considering it won't get updates soon, I'm not sure I'd both buying it and look at the Pixel 4a instead. I've been considering upgrading to a Pixel 5 or Samsung S20 FE 5g.

    • Do you have any issues with Messages? It was either the Android 11 update or Messages v7 that broke something. If I uninstall Messages it rolls back to v6 and works fine, if I update, I get v7 again and it breaks again.
      This stock Android 11 on a Pixel with the stock messaging app. How can they get this so wrong…

  • IMO, I wouldn't get it at this price. I got one used as an impulse buy as I lost my previous device. The screen is quite dim and battery is not that great. Kinda hoping to keep it till the end of the year when the updates finally end. Better off getting a used P4 xl for around the same price instead if you want a pixel.

  • Great phone (still using mine now) however battery can be a problem from heavy usage. It's also aggressive in shutting apps therefore multitasking can sometimes cause issues. Camera is fantastic and i love the size of the phone.

  • It was a great phone when it came out and for a few years but it's getting a bit dated. Good price though. I sold my second hand one for $330 in October. Using a Galaxy S20 FE 5G now.

  • Is this Google 3 a better phone than an iPhone X? Would I notice a big difference using this?

  • Released in late 2018, probably won't be receiving many updates.

  • no radio, no 3.5mm jack :(

  • I would rather go Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G (6GB, 128GB) for the same price and double the capacity.

    • I have had 3 Xiaomi phones and none of them have lasted past 12 months. I love the Xiaomi brand but I wouldn't get another Xiaomi phone again

      • I love the Xiaomi brand but I wouldn't get another Xiaomi phone again

        Your definition of love must be different from mine.

        • Haha. I mean everything else in my house is XIaomi including vaccum, rice cooker, pens, waterpik, headphones, umbrella, and they are all amazing but the phones just haven't survived

      • I have a MI6 (SD835) and a Redmi Note 4 (SD625) which were purchased in 2017 and both still work perfectly. But I got rid of MIUI as soon as possible :D Now, I use Redmi Note 4 as my router.

  • rather get a used oneplus 6/6t for less than half the price

  • Sold out and unavailable.

  • Thanks, bought one. Screen on the wife's Pixel OG is starting to break so this is perfect timing.

  • The pixel 3 will lose support in October.

    While the hardware is pretty good, with a bit over six months of support left is a little concerning.

    • I continued to receive feature updates on my OG Pixel after October 2018 even though it was "technically" out of major support. Google kept releasing updates until they announced the final OS updates will be in November 2019 and the last security update will be the December 2019 patch.

      So it went through 2 full major OS updates and countless security and feature updates for just over 4 years, well past their expiry date. Honestly that is above and beyond what you would expect from any other Android phone manufacturer.

      I would not expect the October 2021 to be adhered to religiously.

      • Samsung actually provides longer security updates than Google.

        Galaxy S7 Released March 2016 - Current patch September 2020 https://www.androidauthority.com/samsung-galaxy-s7-2020-upda...

        Galaxy S8 Released April 2017 - Current patch September 2020 https://www.sammobile.com/news/galaxy-s8-s8-now-receiving-se...

        Pixel XL Released October 2016 - Final patch December 2019 https://9to5google.com/2019/12/02/google-pixel-no-updates/

      • ??? the dates you are describing are the listed dates on google's update support page for pixels, which is what we are all referencing when we say the security updates are ending in October 2021. So far the table is 100% correct and your anecdote just confirms that..

      • Who cares if you old phone got 3 years of support? Just to add you information is misleading, it’s nowhere near four years, it’s 3 years and two months. Samsung phones such as flagships like the S6 even got longer support in terms of security updates but this irrelevant really to the deal. I don’t see much point in turning into a pissing contest on who offers better longterm support but your comment is wrong that Google is best. Samsung are better.

        The point of my original comment in the context of the actual deal is people will be paying just under $400 for a phone that will lose support later this year. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Google phone, an LG phone or whatever it is, this is a negative. If I’m paying this much for a phone I would want several years of support… And there are other alternatives out there that will. Another thing that hasn’t been pointed out is when you buy old stock like this, the battery will still degrade sitting on the shelf despite being unused so another negative to consider.

        • Who cares if you old phone got 3 years of support?

          Well it makes it likely that the pixel 3 will also get extended support, beyond what is guaranteed in the official docs.

          • @hotukdeals: It was only two months not a year like being reported. Did all the other models by Google get extended support? Nope, so the likely hood that this phone does is pretty low. And even if it does it’s most likely insignificant. Where instead you can buy a model for similar cost that will get years of support.

  • Great phone. I have the 3a and even that one is perfectly adequate. I miss the wireless charging function though.