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Garmin Fenix 6/6S Pro $699 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Good price but not as good as the previous deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/584797.

From Amazon
RRP: $1,149.00 Details
Price: $699.00 & FREE Delivery. Details
You Save: $450.00 (39%)

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  • Ryda (on eBay) was selling the Fenix 6 Pro for $748.85 (before 10% eBay Plus discount code), but in the past couple of days increased to $1,090.85 (before 5% discount code).

    Looks like the slightly bigger 6 Pro is also going for $699 — https://www.amazon.com.au/Garmin-010-02158-03-Fenix-Black-Ba...

    Hmm.. time to consider

    • retailers don't appear to need aggressive pricing. it's good that the economy is going "good", sucks for bargain hunting :/

    • Got this from Ryda for $673.97 in November 2020. They had a special promotion at that time.

      • Yea, that was the price after the eBay discount before the 10% discount code expired yesterday/day before. How do you find the Fenix?

        • I upgraded from Forerunner 235. Fenix 6 has much features and I specifically use it for cycling. Love it.

          Since it's a 6S, when fully charged, the battery last fo 9 days by default (when some features turned off. Eg. Pulse OX, Constant heart rate display, etc). Even with some features turned off, I have to recharge every 4 or 5th day if I do few activities. I hear the 6X version last for 15 days or so.

  • This item is from Amazon.com.au. You can try to contact Ryda.com.au to beat Amazon.com.au's price. They do have that best price statement. You might be able to get it cheaper than 699 and pick up/deliver now. The one from amazon dispatches in 2-5 weeks.

    • Yep, tempting. Might check with Ryda on their best price and we'll see how it goes. Otherwise the 2-5 weeks wait isn't a deal breaker

  • Premium Multisport GPS Watch

    Does it work with tennis?

    • one of my annoyances with garmin is there's no tennis activity - i created one using the "other" activity setting. but yes, it works with tennis - for distance/heart rate/calories etc, but you won't get any data re swing speed which you might have with a dedicated tennis sensor.

  • Just a side note for any serious cyclists and runners, the Garmin Fenix series still have this GPS issue, Every Second Recording doesn't really help as I found


    • Thanks for that info. Noted alot of the comments on the GSP tracking issues was ~ a year ago and leaning more to running. Wonder if it has improved since then?
      Had some GPS tracking issues with the Edge, but not very often. Most of the time it was a corrupted ride which can't be saved/uploaded. If it ain't in Strava, it didn't happen.. lol!

      Just wanting to get a decent upgrade to the current Vivosmart 4 and a backup to the Edge

      • The issue is still there, can't comment on edge, my understanding the issue is related to the chipset the watch is using.

  • I got the 6S basic from the last deal ($499) and it's fantastic. I was looking to buy a VA4, but ended with the fenix. Highly recommended.

  • Does this mean the Fenix 7 is around the corner?

  • Was being sold for $673.97 on boxing day https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/594085

  • Purchased this when I posted the deal in Nov. I'm coming from Fenix 5 Plus.

    Great size, I run 3x (40min) and 2 lifting activities and sometimes 5-6 hour hike on the weekend and just would be around 9% by the end of the week. Mind you I use music when I run so that drains SO MUCH battery.

    Used a glass screen protector and a cover for the bezel for hikes.

    Would definitely recommend. Only thing I'd wish on the 6S Pro size is longer battery!