ASUS RT-AC86U Wi-Fi AC2900 $252.81 + Shipping (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Back at a popular price i believe

About this item
Dual-band AC2900 wireless router with the latest 802.11ac MU-MIMO technology
64bit Dual-Core processor optimizes network traffic and connectivity speeds
Designed for lag-free online gaming and flawless 4K UHD streaming

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  • seems as though Ebay has it cheaper by 4$::

    sorry chaps! bad call

  • Damn. Bought this 2 years ago for $180. Personally thinking xiaomi ax3600 or 6000 is a better option for now.

    • holy crap man! thats some serious inflation! Well done!

    • Asuswrt-Merlin worth ~$180 by itself. My home network never worked better than when Merlin (VPN, Diversion (Ad blocking)) was doing everything. Now I'm using pfsense and it just not working right… keep getting http/DNS timeouts. Alexa plays then stops like she forgot what she was doing. MS Teams connects but nobody can hear me then drops… and the list goes on and on.

      • Tbh I never used these functions on my asus router. I tested them but there were some bugs that kept ram usage super high so I opt out. Then I got a raspberry pi. I set up pi-hole, ad guard home, openvpn and transmission many other things running in docker. Much easier to config and maintain. But for 2 years, this router never skip a beat and the range is very good covered my whole 600 sqm single floor on 5ghz.

      • I'm using Merlin on mine. And it's v good.

        Haven't tried the other things U mentioned but I will!

    • Yep… Me too. It's been solid as a rock and I couldn't be happier.

  • I got the ax86u love it.

  • Is there any concern with region related issues? Warranty?

    • Europe regulations allow different (limited) wifi channels, however I presume you can choose region? Can someone confirm?

      • Yes. You can set any region u like. Australia is actually the recommended one because it has the strongest signal.

    • The two Asus routers I bought in Dec from Amazon UK came with a card spruiking Aussie Consumer Law info so seems like they were also ok for the Aussie market.

  • This is old ac router, need axehanced wifi6e these days.

    • How many actual AX devices do you own that can use a AX router properly ?

      I looked at the AX routers a couple of months ago and settled on this AC86U because I don't own a single device that does AX, so it is a waste for me.

      For the record this router is great - easy to set up, great range - I get 52Mb/s in the back corner of my yard with this. My old R7000 was pretty good, but this is better.

    • Agree, WiFi 6E is a good investment for future

  • We only have 3 devices at the moment but I just dont get why anyone would buy old tech.

  • Bought it for 160$ way back 3 years ago, flashed Tomato, never been happier.

  • I have had the ASUS RT-AC68U for about 8 years, great router but not really cutting edge.

  • I take it these won't work with the NBN phone line? Any recommendations for a router with the ability to use the NBN phone line port (not sure what its called)

    • It's called a modem.
      I use an old Telstra modem for my connection and have my Asus off that.

    • Most nearly all NBN companies will provide the modem on a first time connection. Which then connects to your router via Ethernet cable.