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Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC 6GB 128GB A$300.88 + Shipping at Banggood


Its quite decent price right now. Shipping is around $3.27.
64gb version is also at $287.80 + shipping.
it's on Australian Banggood so no GST on this price.

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  • In before….. Wait…..

  • @Mod change this to X3 "NFC" please!

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    Coupon: BGX3PD takes it down to $229USD

  • Just got mine. Seems nice…

    Can't say I consider it an upgrade for my mix 3, though the bigger screen is nice, and the camera a much better.

    Guess I'm just bored of phones now?
    I think the only thing I dislike is the lack of oled, which is very noticeable when watching videos as the black sides aren't really black. Also, 120htz… Can't say I've noticed a difference. I'm swapping between 60 and 120 every week to see if I notice… Maybe it's more for games, which I don't play on mobile.

    • 120 defs for high power apps, if you're using it for web, video, average stuff only, then all you're getting is smooth phone animation, which isn't worth imho.

    • FWIW I own one of these and an iPhone 12 Pro Max. although it's very close… Once you take off the lousy screen protector, I actually mildly prefer this screen to the iPhone for casual video content, and this phone is much nicer in the hand / overall… I just wish I could trust it with my job (cybersec) :(

      The OLED is technically the better screen side by side, it's just much less comfortable to use for a long while. I suspect those black levels actually induce some sort of eye strain in daily use…

      • Wouldn’t even trust an iPhone in cyber security.. I’d be on a pixel wirh graphene os

      • You can run LineageOS on these with MicroG or no Google services at all if you're interested. Works quite well.

    • I used a Samsung S8+ for three and a half years before purchasing Poco X3 NFC via Amazon UK for $350.
      The difference in scrolling smoothness between the two is night and day! Also, screen is much more responsive having 240Hz touch sampling rate. Blacks are pretty good for an LCD screen.
      Overall, it's a great phone backed by 2yr manufacturer warranty via Amazon.
      I wouldn't recommend buying from China directly due to a difficult warranty process (if possible at all).
      There was a report in one of the Poco purchasing threads here they received what appears to be either a used or a refurbished phone. My phone from Amazon was shrink-wrapped, brand new.

      Anyone worried about Chinese spying on you, just install one of the many custom AOSP ROMs or Netguard App.
      I'm currently using Xiaomi EU custom ROM, which is basically a stock Poco ROM with added apps from China ROM. Overall, it's an amazing experience considering the price.
      Oh, did I mention that screen is perfectly flat so you can achieve a perfect installation of a glass screen protector.

      • I've had basically the same experience. Coming from a 3year old optus S8. I haven't gone the custom ROM route but I was able to disable most of the bloat using adb. There is a little tool out there that makes it easy, you don't even need to use command line.

      • Yay I got mine from the Amazon deal. Scrolling is definitely nice, honestly I don't recall how well the mix 3 scrolled in the original screen (which I broke, then self repaired with a really shitty screen).
        The blanks aren't bad, but since the edge of the phone is purely black, when I'm watching videos with borders they are evident against the phone edge. Minor problem, I think I'm already ignoring it completely.

        The front camera hole I hated at first, but now I think I prefer it over the mix 3's lack of, simply because the stupid resolutions of phones now make videos always display borders in landscape.
        Face unlock is nice when my fingerprint isn't accessable.

        Have you had any issues with the NFC? I haven't been able to use my bank card with it - both Google pay and combank just error trying to add my card, trekking me to try again later

        • Any resolve with NFC? I'm with Commbank & use Google Pay sparingly so this would be a bummer if NFC doesn't work.

          • @adinico: Yeah, no idea what happened. It literally just worked the next day I tried.
            So 100% happy

            • @Salmando: Thank you for the reply, I didn't get a notification so was unaware of it, just stumbled across it by accident. I thinking about purchasing, just trying to figure out the trade offs as I'm currently running a note 8. Been looking at 2nd hand devices like a Note 10+ 5G for ~$700 or Note 20 Ultra ~$1-1300.

              • @adinico: Seems to be a very solid phone. Battery life is great, screen is great. Feels fast.
                IR blaster is a huge win for me.
                Camera seems great.

                Only lack of 5g bothers me. Future proofing and all

  • 6GB decent ram

  • 300 is great value, how much i wish it comes with a cleaner rom.

  • It says that "other area version" is the one available and it ships from HK. Just double checking, that's the global version that comes with the google suite right?

    • YES it does. EU and Global (other area) versions are both perfect for use here. Same as any standard android phone.
      I had 2 delivered last week (RN9S's) that were "other area". They are basic standard "Global" versions.

  • so how do you download apps? through google play?

  • When you are looking at phone specs on retailer sites … don't believe them.
    Banggood, Toby Deals, Gear Best, Ali Express, Kogan, and most of the others just copy and paste rough specs. They don't give a schmick if they are accurate or not. If you email them to confirm specs they will just reply with whatever bs they feel like sending.
    Phones only have two categories…. Global (sometimes referred to as international) or Chinese (sometimes indicated by the letters CN in the description).
    CN versions have a minimal band capability and not intended for use or sale outside of China. I have never seen one with B28.
    If you want to check the specs of Xiaomi phones then go to the horses mouth… Xiaomi.. https://www.mi.com/global/
    This site is also a very reliable place to check on phone specs… https://www.kimovil.com/en/where-to-buy-xiaomi-poco-x3-6gb-1...
    Note… any price comparisons you see on Kimovil for Aliexpress you need to convert to $au, add 10% gst and shipping cost if any.

  • Daughter loved her TCL Plex until it popped from her hands and hit the ground.

    Would this be a good replacement? She's been using it so long I'm afraid she'll slice her fingers in the cracks!

  • Is it worth waiting for 5G phones to become more common rather than purchasing now?

    • I wasn't worried. By the time 5G is important enough it'll be time to upgrade anyway.

      • +1 vote

        Yep ! all 5G implementation here is only midband which pretty much the same as 4G frequency. ACMA is auctioning the high band in April so my prediction is that telco will have usable number of mmwave towers by early 2025.

  • Seems like an excellent value phone except for the camera. I'd buy one of it weren't for poor cameras but that's expected due to how good value it is.

  • Do I need to pay GST on top of the price and freight?

    • If you buy using the au.banggood.com site or via their app the gst is included in the price shown.
      If you buy using banggood.com the gst is added later at the checkout. Dont use this method.

  • I have an iPhone XS Max. I’m considering shifting allegiances to Samsung S20/21. Is this a better switch in terms of value? What do I lose out on? Thanks.

    • Cameras are shit and CPU isn't as good but that wouldn't worry most people. Looks like that's it plus no 5G. It's an excellent value phone but very mediocre cameras.

      • The main camera is actually really decent..

        I wasn't expecting much.. but it's super sharp and a really good portrait mode

        It's no flagship quality… But they've come a long way from being a real afterthought on budget models

        • For the price the cameras are pretty decent. Yes, they are no where near as good as flagship models, but you're not paying over $1k for the phone either.

          For most people the camera will be more than adequate, it's the other areas people will love like fast processor, amazing battery life etc.

        • For the price the cameras are fine. However, watch some YouTube comparisons and it's easy to see how poor they are to mid range phones. I'm talking $600 to $700 phones. Yes, that's double the price but it's not $1k and there is a huge difference in quality. Again, it's a great value phone but if pictures are half important then I'd look at spending more on a phone. I'd buy this phone but I want to take half decent pics which this does not do.

  • Can anyone clarify about cashback status, I don't think we will get it on banggood AU

  • I bought one from Amazon a bit over a month ago and really liking it.

    Only downside I would give to this phone is no VoLTE or VoWiFi (at least on Boost, and yes I've enabled all the settings and done the dialler codes etc), other than that, very great specs for the price.

    120hz also feels incredibly smooth.

  • they just got black listed by the US Gov.
    Before you know it, they might lose access to google service…
    i don't think i will buy a XM phone for the mean time until their appeal is done… but i guess that's why they are discounted..

    • As I understand it, companies don't lose access to Google play for phone models that already have it, just for future models. So this should be fine.

      Incidentally, I wish that the US would retract the ban on Huawei phones using Google services. Their phones seemed very good and improved the overall quality of all Android devices via competition, whether people used their devices or not, they improved the field in several areas, especially camera quality. If there's a privacy problem then disclose the problem in detail, and let Huawei fix it or let customers vote with their wallets/ let the market decide.

      • It's an investment ban - US companies aren't allowed to own stock in Xiaomi. They're not being blocked from the US market. For that to happen they have to be added to the "Entity list", which hasn't happened… yet.

        "The move means that Xiaomi is now subject to a November executive order restricting American investors from buying shares or related securities of any companies designated by the Department of Defense to be a Chinese military company."
        - https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/15/xiaomi-added-to-us-blacklist...

        "As reported by Reuters, American investors will need to divest their holdings in each of the blacklisted firms by November 11, 2021. That’s because of an executive order signed by President Trump in November of 2020, barring Americans from investing in any companies added to the DOD’s list. Companies previously placed on this blacklist include Huawei and SMIC. What this means for the future of Xiaomi is not immediately clear, as while it’s not an outright ban on all trade, it’s possible that the company receives a large amount of investment from U.S.-based companies. For example, Qualcomm Ventures has publicly invested in Xiaomi, so by November 21st, Qualcomm may need to divest its holdings. That would affect Xiaomi’s stock price, but fortunately for the company, it won’t affect their supply chain.

        If Xiaomi were to be placed on the U.S. Commerce Department’s Entity List (à la Huawei and DJI), the company would be barred from conducting any business with U.S.-based companies. Furthermore, any company using hardware or software developed primarily in the U.S., which includes many chip foundries and chip design firms, would also be subject to a trade ban with Xiaomi. Huawei’s placement on the Entity List crippled its ability to sell Android-based smartphones internationally, owing to its lack of a GMS license. The placement also crippled Huawei subsidiary HiSilicon’s ability to design new ARM-based chips."
        - https://www.xda-developers.com/xiaomi-us-government-chinese-...

        • For sure. I'm worried that xiaomi might end up on the entity list, but understand it isn't yet. Even when companies go onto the entity list, their old devices still retain play support (at least that's what happened with Huawei). I'm also dismayed that our world seems to be degenerating into a China versus the West situation, which will make us all poorer and worse off for it. Not that we seem to have much choice in the matter, because China seems to be the main aggressor, but there are things the west has done that have escalated the situation (like the US with Huawei smartphones) that also seem a bit random and non-strategic (banning from key networks I can see from a strategic national defence perspective, but effectively banning from consumer phones is where I struggle).

    • Banned by stupid US!
      Let the customer (us) decide, not the worldwide bully (US).

  • Been using this for a few months and it's a great phone for $300. 120hz is nice too.

  • I'm looking at replacing my current work phone with either this or a pixel 3xl. I have another pixel 3xl as my main phone and really like the googleness of it and how everything just works. But the battery on the Poco is so much better. Any thoughts?

  • Does it have band 28, I can't see it on the page?

  • Thanks OP, was waiting for a deal on the Poco and this is a great price for the 128GB model.

    Used Garzo's coupon (BGX3PD) to save an extra couple dollars.

    • Already had an email from Banggood saying it's been posted with an 18 February expected delivery date.

      • Ordered 2 phones from BG late Dec20 and it took 21 days till delivery. Not too bad considering the NY being in there.

      • You must have been been lucky. Ordered on 20th January and my order is still "processing" Contacted them today and they said they are waiting for more stock. Might be another 2 weeks before they ship it.

  • sorry to be so naive. Is goods and custom tax included in the price listed on their site?

    • The au.banggood site (and the app) include GST in the price, otherwise they add the 10% on at checkout on the usual banggood.com site

    • You can go through a practice purchase without physically buying if you want to check. Just dont put your CC or paypal details in.