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When purchasing a policy with RentalCover.com, you have the opportunity to support a charity of your choice.

In these challenging times, our team at RentalCover.com wants to help empower our 3 million global customers to make an impact. One such initiative is Ads-Up, who are on a mission to resettle Manus and Nauru refugees.

By clicking on a link below, you’ll go to a special RentalCover.com page that gives you an understanding of the charity’s mission and a 20% discount. When you purchase protection via the page, we'll donate a further 20% to that charity.

This campaign is run by CG Gives, the social impact arm of our parent company Cover Genius, whose aim is to protect the future of global communities through empowered giving.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

(Discount is not available for US residents, however we’ll still make the donation)

(https://www.rentalcover.com/en/bridging-the-gap)Bridging the Gap Foundation (nominated by Gus), who aim to improve and advance the lives of Indigenous Australians by addressing the gap in health and education.

(https://www.rentalcover.com/en/aboriginal-legal-service)Aboriginal Legal Service (nominated by Ben H), who fight for the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples by providing free legal assistance.

(https://www.rentalcover.com/en/common-ground) Common Ground Australia (nominated by Luiza), who help Australians see the value of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

(https://www.rentalcover.com/en/rise)RISE (Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainees) (nominated by Ben H), a welfare and advocacy organisation with a vision to develop a society in which refugees are welcomed, respected and safe.

(https://www.rentalcover.com/en/good-return) Good Return (nominated by Chris B), who work to empower people to grow their incomes and break the poverty cycle for good, by ensuring they can access responsible financial services.

(https://www.rentalcover.com/en/one-girl)One Girl (nominated by Chloe), who run programs to educate young women in Sierra Leone and Uganda where only 16% of women complete high school.

(https://www.rentalcover.com/en/black-dog-institute)Black Dog Institute (nominated by Melanie), a leading mental health institute who work to make mental healthcare accessible for all.

(https://www.rentalcover.com/en/wires)WIRES (nominated by Holly), who are focused on the rescue, rehabilitation and recovery of Australian wildlife.

(https://www.rentalcover.com/en/bush-heritage-australia)Bush Heritage Australia (nominated by Ella), who work to conserve Australia’s landscapes and native species, with the mission to return the bush to good health.

(https://www.rentalcover.com/en/youth-off-the-streets)Youth off the Streets (nominated by Chris A), who help prepare young people for a brighter future by ensuring them a high school education and a job in hand.

(https://www.rentalcover.com/en/movember) Movember (nominated by Chloe), who are dedicated to tackling issues with men’s health.

(https://www.rentalcover.com/en/beyond-blue) Beyond Blue (nominated by Udit), who support those suffering from anxiety and depression to achieve their best possible mental health.

(https://www.rentalcover.com/en/oz-harvest) OzHarvest (nominated by Bree), a food rescue organisation dedicated to preventing food waste.

(https://www.rentalcover.com/en/ads-up) Ads-Up (nominated by Chris) are on a mission to resettle Manus and Nauru refugees.

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  • Obscure SJW cause for a rental car insurance company LOL

    • Gotta love the complete hypocrisy of insurance companies having KPIs related to not paying out, but the ‘feel good’ of “but we donated 20% of your premium!!”

      • Lol after navigating to the home page…

        SAVE 50% off rental car insurance

        This deal: 20% off + 20% going to charity<50% off and I choose whatever I want to do with my money including an extra 10% saving.

        God insurance companies are a freaking scam.

  • Not a fan of insurance companies in general, but I'm surprised at the negs for these guys. They are way cheaper than buying insurance through the car hire provider and the website is super clear and concise. I've used them a couple of times. Never had to make a claim though.

    • It would be even cheaper if they didn’t donate 20% of the premium to charity. In insurance nothing is “free”. It just gets added to the premium.