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Cruzee Two 12" Aluminium Balance Bike $141.09 with Free Delivery @ Pushys


i haven't seen it for this cheap for a long time, currently selling around $170
use SNAP15 which doesn't apply to bikes/frames but does seem to apply to this cruzee
other colours available
1.9kg bike!!
after adding to your cart, pushys also adds a free electronic bell "worth" $7.99

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  • Great price and High quality bike.

  • Great deal! I got it for my daughter on Christmas!

  • Cruzee Two

    Good deal for Tom and Penelope…

  • These are ridiculously over priced imho. Better of getting a $40 balance bike from Kmart.

  • I have one of these that we got for our son when he was ~18 months, and he has just moved onto a pedal bike at 5.

    I highly recommend the Cruzee for a few reason:
    Weight: this is one of the lightest balance bikes around. That's good for the kid, because it means that they don't have to muscle it too much, and it's good for the parent, because it makes it soooo much easier when you inevitably have to carry the thing home.
    Adjustability: the bike comes with two different seat posts, giving you a good minimum and maximum height range. The handlebars go up and down as well, but not by as much.
    Wheels: the wheels are good for the sort of impacts a toddler/pre-schooler is likely to put them through, and being solid rubber, you don't need to worry about inflating them, punctures, etc.

    • Hi nezumi, do you have any advice on where and which padal bike to get for miss 6, just at the stage of removing training wheel on her BSO. What did you get for your master 5?

      • https://www.bykbikes.com.au/collections/kids-bikes/products/...

        This is what my little one 4 is currently riding (no training wheels). If yours is 6, then probably get the next one up e-450. Get rid of training wheels asap. No need for them.

        • I second the Byk range - Mstr almost-5 is juuuuust big enough that we got the e-450. For the meantime while he is learning how to pedal I have kept the training wheels, just so he can focus on one aspect at a time, and also because he is just that little bit beyond being able to securely touch the ground while seated.

          Unfortunately we miss out on most of the UK/Euro/US kids bike brands, which is a real shame as I wanted to have a look at islabikes or woom bikes, but they just aren't available in Aus.

      • Another + vote for the Byk range. My recently turned 7 kid started on balance bikes (temporarily a Kmart cheapie before I got a Strider), then only pedal bikes mostly in the Byk range - he's had an e-250, e-350, and just been upgraded to a geared e-450.

        None of these branded bikes are cheap, but I've gotten all mine second hand for around $100 or less. They keep their value well too.

  • Can get cheaper versions that are still light weight


    Much better than the heavy cheapie but still lightweight

    • Depends how long you are looking to get out of it, and how early you want to start - the Cruzee is suitable for kids from 60cm to 125cm tall, while the Vitus is only good for 82cm - 100cm

    • nice find
      can't tell if it's a 10" or 12" though, specs and description aren't consistent

  • They are expensive but these are awesome bikes. Very light, very strong. Great quality

  • I've picked up some balance bikes from facebook marketplace

    people seem to give them away, and some in new condition

    currently using a Strider, great way to learn to ride

    • Yep. Or just pick up any old kids bike - people are getting rid of them all the time, often in hard rubbish, etc. - and remove the pedals and cranks. When you scrap it later it won't hurt at all.

  • Wtf ripoff is this, bike doesn't even have pedals.

  • anyone knows where to get a new wheel for it? Decided to test ride it down the hill and broke the back wheel - plastic spokes are not meant for my weight =)