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10% off Liquor @ Coles Online


Until Tuesday 26/1, get 10% off all liquor on Coles online. Enter promo code SUMMERDRINK at checkout!

Max discount per transaction capped at $100.


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  • I tried ordering liquor twice just before Christmas. Both times the orders were cancelled by Coles without any reason stated. To add insult to injury, I was sent a text at 6.30am asking to be ready at the door to receive the second order which was cancelled by email which I didnt see till later as it was sent overnight. After these debacles, I am not going anywhere near Coles Online again.

    • hey mate, can you send me a PM? Looks like you aren’t accepting messages.

    • I have lost any faith in Coles for the same reason. I also made a couple of orders before Christmas which were both unfulfilled. My suspicion is that for one at least, it was a special price on an expensive wine which was not available from my local Coles. The second order was for 150 Lashes which, according to 3 local Coles, was out of stock 1 weeks before Christmas. I can't be bothered wasting time with them anymore but good luck to anyone else who wants to try.

    • Same thing happened to us twice! So disappointing. We even added grocery items so we can get free delivery, but the alcohol always get cancelled.

  • How long after you create an order do they usually ship it out? I made an order yesterday and am hoping to receive it before Aus Day