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[PC] Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019 Product Key A$13.63 @ Game Dealing


Office Home & Student 2019 for Windows Product Key Only A$13.63,
It works on PC for 1user ONLY, binding with own account after activation.
Product minimum requirements system: 32/64 bit Windows 10

Check system key as below,
Windows 10 home oem A$15.13 (not cheap msdn key. lifetime use.),

Windows 10 pro oem A$16.50 (not cheap msdn key. lifetime use.),

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  • Just purchased this Home and Student Lifetime version for personal use/kids and seems to work fine. Thank you OP and Mouse pad


  • thanks. new product upoad, Kaspersky Internet Security 1 year 1 Device Global Voucher Key only AU$19.20.

  • many new prodcuts add in this site too, https://www.cheapkeyoffer.com/products_new.html.

  • it's too long time selling, price still A$13.63. save much money to get office here.

  • just purchased windows 10 pro easy process. thank you

  • Which one do I purchase to activate windows 10?

  • What does "VPN Activation" mean on the Microsoft office 356 family.? I want to extend my current subscription, will this work. ?

    • It's can't extend your current subscription. you have to make subscription with new account. activate with VPN and global use after activation.

  • Thanks. Purchased Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019 and Mcafee. Easy process. Paid via PayPal and received email. Had both set-up within 5 or so minutes. No issues with both. Highly recommend.

    • Thank you very much.

  • Bought Win10 Pro, activated in minutes, cheers.

    • thanks.

  • Bought Microsoft Home & Student 2019 product key on 3/10/21, sent activation key, no problem at all. Thanks so much!

    • thank you for your trust.

  • Many new prodcuts include windows 11 and office 2021 pro plus add in this site with good price, https://www.cheapkeyoffer.com/products_new.html.

  • Antivirus and office key are selling good in this site.

  • If I’m using Windows 11, will this key for Office 2019 work? Or only if I was running Windows 10?

    • Yes that's fine as this is for Office which works on all recent versions of Windows.

    • you can find windows 11 and office 2021 in https://www.cheapkeyoffer.com with cheap price.

      • I took one for the Team and a case of a "as a matter of interest". I grabbed a Office 2021 Pro Plus with bind key with interested to see how the purchase/install etc all works.

        Emails with details and Key was received within 5 mins -> I added the Bind key to my MS Account and no issues, and Lic showed up in there under Service and Subscriptions. I installed the App and no issues registering.
        The question now will be how long it will remain registered for. I expect in time that this will suddenly fail to show as registered (if M$ reclaim the key). As noted all a case of "as a matter of interest".
        Anyhow: Everything went very smoothly, very quick purchase and delivery. Surprisingly so!

        • did you brought it from cheapkeyoffer.com? thank you for your trust.

          • @Mouse pad: is cheapkeyoffer and gamedealing the same company? who do you work for actually?

            • @canberrascooter: cheapkeyoffer is for software selling mainly, all of them are lifetime use, but there are cheap msdn key selling too, it can be activate only 1 time on same pc, gamedealing is for games selling mainly. all keys are bind with own account and lifetime use.
              I am working for gamedealing now.

  • if the keys don't work, will you give refund?

    • Yes, replacement or refund both ok, you can dispute with paypal within 6 monthes.

  • has anyone bought this? does it work well? https://www.cheapkeyoffer.com/office-product-key-c-67/office...

    • Which version? As per above, I grabbed the Office 2021 Pro Plus with bind key.

      Worked fine. How long it will work for (stay registered for) is an unknown, perhaps forever, perhaps for only a week :-)

      • lifetime use. thanks.

    • don't worry, products will not have problem, just buy on the site. you can ask refund in paypal if product have problem too.

  • Hey guy I just want to report that hey office 2019 pro plus key from https://www.cheapkeyoffer.com worked like a charm, much better than other sites.

    Thank you

    • thanks.

  • Just bought one but the key didn't work. On installation, Microsoft reported the key was already in used. I have contacted gamedealing & waiting for a response

    update: replacement key was sent shortly after contacting them

    • thanks for your report.

  • Hi boss, i submitted order last night via paypal checkout. How long until key is sent?

    • It should be instant. Check your Spam folders.

  • I just purchased one from cheapkeyoffer.com as above, got an email instantly but when I follow the link to claim the key, it says it's out of stock and will be delivered within the next 8 hours. I'll update this once I receive it.

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