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Energup Mini Dehumidifiers 1500ml for Home $52.79 Delivered (40% off) @ Auwowoo Amazon AU


Up to 40% off for Energup 1500ml Mini Dehumidifiers $52.79(was $87.99),don't need any code,directly get it at $52.79

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  • Been thinking of a dehumidifier to help my non aircon flat get less sticky on humid days - this one worth trying out?

    • Just get an Aircon

    • just remember it will add more heat to the room

    • During winter, yes. During summer, no - as dehumidification causes heat addition to the room.

    • this one worth trying out?

      Definitely not.

      A dehumidifier can be useful, but not a little cheapie like this.

      There are two types of portable dehumidifiers, thermoelectric (peltier) and refrigerant models.

      Cheaper models are thermoelectric, they use less power (60W) and are much less effective than refrigerant models. The latter is essentially mini-fridge and uses around 400W.

      The refrigerant models start around $300, but on gumtree they can be had for under $100.

    • This will not help you, this is for a wardrobe or cupboard.

      I have three of them, two 20L/day and one 12L/day. I think the 12L/day is a waste of time compared to a 20L/day ones.

      These are 1.5L/day?

      But these will not cool you down though, it would put the temp up a few degrees but would be less humid.

  • 400ml/day is pretty low but probably okay for the price.

    • Maybe ok, for a damp closet. That's it.

      At 16ml per hour, it doesn't even offset the perspiration of the average person at rest!

      • Breaking it down like that, yeah it's terribly ineffective. We need more deals like the omega altises (~$65 20L/day) from 2017, mine is still going strong.

  • Peltier model. It's basically as effective as opening a door or window to let in less humid air. They probably are better in a cupboard somewhere but honestly don't expect much. I have one and used it in a bathroom that got little to no sunlight and was always very cold and damp. It definitely collected water but that room was an extreme to what most people are looking to use it in.