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15% off Site Wide (Some Exclusions Apply) @ Pushys


15% off everything at Pushys
Ends tonight

Usual exclusions apply: Wahoo, Tacx, Elite, Garmin, GoPro, Continental, Gift Cards, Bikes and Frames

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    Hardly "Site wide" then, is it ?

    Typical Pushys clickbait.

    • +7

      Yep, Considering their a bike shop and bikes are excluded.

      • +1

        I don't have issues with them having exclusions. It's the wording they use, that I have problems with. It's either a Site-Wide sale or it is not. If it is latter, don't call it so.

    • +1

      Would you actually have bought anything, or are you just shitposting?

  • +2

    The prices are trash for Garmin compared to Amazon

    • Hmmm not across the board, Pushys have the cheapest on the Garmin Edge 530 at $399, vs Amazon $435 for the US version (come loaded with the sale regions maps)

      • Agree, got my 530 from pushys 10/2019 for $399

        • Same! Not the cheapest ever but 399 is a decent (non sale) price for the 530.

          • @Jimbobbler: Yeah and sold my edge 520 for a bit over $200 at the time

  • -1

    That’s a pretty significant exclusion list. I suppose if people are after clothing?

    • parts, tools and accessories.

  • Shipping is $33 to Sydney 😳

    • +2

      I think should be free over $99

      • hmm, probably not free for bulky item. I am after the Coleman Gold tent.

        • Understand…. :(

  • that would have made a Wahoo Kickr Bike justifiable only excluded :(

  • +1

    I'm refusing to purchase a Wahoo unless it's less than RRP. I don't pay RRP for anything

    • +1

      The days of Wahoo discounts are gone. More price controlled than Apple.

  • Folding plate lock at $8.50 + shipping looks like a decent deal, down from $39.

  • +15

    It's interesting that I see these comments about the exclusions every time a Pushys deal is posted.

    I just wanted to say that bikes go on sale separately to their sitewide sales, but the Ozbargain posts typically get removed due to inadequate stock numbers (Yes, have you noticed that bicycle deals are rarely posted on Ozbargain? That's because bike shops don't typically have large stock numbers, let alone have sales).

    I managed to buy a new Cervelo C5 with Shimano Dura-Ace for $3300 including shipping (I believe RRP was around $8500) from Pushys last year. Yes, I got extremely lucky considering I am in Melbourne and got my local bike shop to build the bike just before the second wave lockdown.

    I tried to post the bargain on Ozbargain, but it was removed due to inadequate stock and also due to limited size of 55/medium only. In any case, the bike was sold out very quickly (I actually missed out on the Di2 version, which from memory I think was on sale for $5400!).

    So my advice if you are hunting for a bicycle bargain, is to occasionally visit the online bike shops (not just Pushys) because the shops don't typically advertise the sales.

    • Nailed it

    • Which other online bike shops?

      • Bike bug is good, and basically pretty close to wiggle pricing.
        Depends what you're after but handy having a physical store in BNE (and a few other locations), that honour the online prices too.

    • +4

      Agreed - this is a decent deal if you're looking to buy any "standard" parts which rarely go on sale. Stuff like cassettes, cranksets, etc.. can be pretty good.
      I got a SRAM XG1270 10-33T for $238 last time round (which is crazy considering how hard it was to source one of these in the middle of the year at RRP, let alone discounted).

      Also note that many of those "exclusions" were due to illegal price fixing:

      Hoping the cycling industry cleans up for 2021.

      • wow - that's pretty damming on FE Sports and the brands mentioned …..

        Interesting that now Pirelli bike tyres can be picked up from certain retailers at "buy 1/get 1 for 25% off" (e.g. Pushy's)

    • +3

      I managed to pick up a full Shimano Di2 Ultegra rim brake groupset via Pushys a while back in one of their sales. Crazy cheap compared to any other vendor!

      Some brands don't permit discounts, people need to get over the butthurt.

    • +2

      Shills think 3% off eBay plus is good (over 100+ votes last I checked) but will squabble about an actual decent 15% off so many things.

      As someone who regularly fixes and maintains several bikes, these deals are awesome for getting rando parts (stupid shimano) that can be twice the price in brick-and-mortars if you can even find the part you want.

      Anyone who has ever had to build or rebuild a wheel or drivetrain will know how ridiculous it is, especially once you get to the higher end components (not even including carbon).

      Incidentally, the Cervelo C5 (might be S5?) was one of the bikes Hambini hates for bad carbon manufacturing

      • Incidentally, the Cervelo C5 (might be S5?) was one of the bikes Hambini hates for bad carbon manufacturing(youtube.com)

        Yeah, a lot of overpriced crap out there. People are still happy to pay top premium for big brand names, those days should be gone by now with the improvement of affordable Chinese carbon, notwithstanding you still need to do the research and get quality/reputable stuff. A good example are those Winspace Hyper carbon wheels.

        Cycling is a bit like weddings, and babies these days haha

        • It was pretty bad too wasn't just scuffed frames it was the alignment and fitment of the bottom bracket (press fits too) which with Carbon is damn near impossible to fix unless you have redonkulous engineering skills like Hambini.

        • I think Winspace have gone down the path of 'seeding' their brand through 'influencers'

          check these out in the space of the past ~3 months

          Personally, I'd be taking these reviews with a slight grain of salt for the time being

          • @Maglia Nera: Was thinking of durianrider actually, he's got his own Brand of Chinese carbon frames now, and vouches for the quality. Wouldn't mind building something light and cheap(ish), threaded English BB is the way to go and I'd rather something that is fairly durable instead of the lightest expensive known brand available. Separate components and building can work out to be more, depends what parts you have on hand but could do it on a reasonable budget.

            Will have to keep an eye on them, either way those yoleo wheels have been around for ages, know of people that have done a heap of km without issues. They have crept up in price though compared to when they first came out.

    • +1

      Damn my puns not punny enough

      • I downvoted you for your first comment but gave you an upvote for the second one

  • +1

    Get some good deals from there when these site wide sales go on.
    Bought some new brake pads; A01S, Already cheapest I could find at $15.99, down to $13.60. And Park Tool Workstand PCS-10.2 already cheapest price around at $319.99 down to $272. Theres some items that are over priced compared to other stores, lots of bargains too. Delivered free.

  • bought some tubes, which i needed badly after my 99bikes order from Jan 2 still hasn't arrived.
    also loaded up on lezyne patchs and a hiplok z lok to complete the colour collection.
    already had some discounted stuff in my cart from their other 20% off january sale items promo, but if i made two orders, i'd have to pay shipping, so just went with the lesser 15% for everything in my cart.

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