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Lenovo Flex 5 14" 2-in-1 (16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, FHD, Ryzen 5 4500U) $870.81 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Reposted because this keeps going out of stock and coming back. Pretty good price for pretty good specs

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • My only concern is the fan noise, as I see a few people complain the fan noise is very loud. Not sure if it has a fan speed control function or not.

      • The fan only comes on when it needs to be cooled. It's normal to be loud within reason. Users these days and complaining of fans coming on and being loud, because they use phones and tablets that are passively cooled.

  • As an alternative, students can get a good deal via Unidays for the Intel version until Feb 4th.
    The Ryzen isn't listed funnily enough.

    I got it with i5, 8GB ram, 512 SSD and Geforce MX330 for AUD 1,087.21.
    Delivery could take up to 8 weeks.

    • The Ryzen performs much but then thr Intel and its $300 cheaper. It's a no brainer

      • Bigger SSD via the Ed store but it's 8gb RAM and Intel i5 vs 16gb RAM and Ryzen 4500. I prioritised the RAM and professor over a bigger SSD. And yes, $300 cheaper is a big deal for this deal.

        • You could always upgrade the SSD. The only thing you're missing out on if you get the Ryzen is Thunderbolt 4 (if the i5 is 11 Gen). The CPU and GPU is still far superior to the Intel counterparts. Hopefully Intel can catch up with the 12th Gen processors.

          • @Sean8802: The Intel supports PCIe 4.0 SSD's which can be double the speed of the fastest PCIe 3.0 SSD a Ryzen laptop can handle. Realistically it's unlikely that speed makes a real difference for most people and PCIe SSD's cost about 50% more so it probably doesn't matter for a budget machine

            • @TheLurker: True, pcie 4.0 drive are friggen expense tho. Does the Intel version even come with pcei 4.0 drive in it? Like you said for a budget machine I doubt it matters.

              • @Sean8802: I know tiger lake 11th gen supports it, but didn't look up this specific machine. I'd be surprised if it didn't work.

                I also highly doubt they are including a pcie 4.0 drive. I bought this deal and want a 1tb ssd. Have pcie 4.0 m.2 in my desktop and very impressed with speed (noticeable difference in use vs the Sata ssd with a second windows install). Price wise it doesn't make much sense in a machine of this spec

                • +1

                  @TheLurker: I'm sure some of you have considered this, but just a reminder that 11th gen intel comes with hardware AV1 decoding (Ryzen 4000 does not, as far as I know). it sounds like it will be the standard video streaming format in the years to come, so this may (or may not) be something worth considering.
                  4k software decoding of AV1 could possibly take up as much as 50% of CPU usage.

                  • @tlazolli: Also a good point. Not what I'll be using this machine for, but if it was a primary pc that may be an important need. In my case it's a budget laptop for a year then hand down to grandparents when I upgrade. Have a 3070 in desktop for encoding

                • @TheLurker: I see. Tbh I didn't dig deep into this units limitations as it will be for my mother. I also settle on an i3 but it's only dual core. The Ryzen performance wise outperforms the i5 so it was a no brainer. Cheers for the info tho

      • I cancelled and re-ordered the Ryzen.

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    Same specs at lenovo edu for $948. Probably worth it for local warranty.

    • It would if you can purchase it via edu.

    • I can't find the Ryzen on edu, is it there?

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        • With 8gb RAM.

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            @Galaxyman: The 8GB RAM spec is $863. With 16GB RAM it's $948 as goatius says.

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              @eug: Thanks! I cancelled the i5 and am re-ordering with Ryzen for 1,047.60 with 16gb and 512ssd.

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              @eug: Yes it is. I wasn't able to select the 16gb RAM yesterday but I can do that today. Couldn't wait 8 weeks for delivery with the school year starting soon so I'll stick with my Amazon US orders then try to get the $10 conversion to local AU warranty.

  • Can this be used to charge and display 2 monitors with this laptop?


    • No. AMD laptops typically don't support thunderbolt

  • Down to $863 AUD today. Presume this is due to fluctuations in the AUD to USD currency rate. Must be a lot of stock. These deals usually go out of stock quickly or the price jacks up when stock levels drop.
    My ETA for expedited shipping has slipped a day. No issue yet but if it slipped again I'll hit up Amazon for some account credit. Amazon AU are pretty good at doing that for delays.

    • I contacted Amazon AU about price drop and they said they won't (don't have any way to) credit difference for price drops. While I don't buy that it isn't worth losing days for a few bucks by cancelling and reordering. My expedited order still shows delivery 8 to 15 Feb as it was when I ordered. Not sure why yours may have changed but hope it's quick for both of us

    • -1

      All over $8 and a days delay. If you spend your days worrying about $8 you need to get a hobby. I'd be embarrassed asking Amazon for any credit over such a small amount.

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        If I could get $8 off for each extra day of delay, I'd be happy for it to arrive 108 days later.

      • +1

        If an item hasn't shipped (still not processed 4 days later) and they drop the price most companies will price protect. I'm surprised they don't. As far as asking them to sell it at the correct price, no I'm not embarrassed at all. If you're saying you are ok with paying more than you should, I'd be embarrassed for posting that on OzBargain

        • If it's substantial amount, sure I would worry about it. But $8 or so dollars isn't worth your time.

      • +1

        Did you forget which site you were on?

        • An $8 discount on a $881 purchase is a 0.9% discount. If someone were to post a 0.9% discount as a deal, it would be negged to oblivion.

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            @eug: Yet if someone posts a deal and then someone finds that same product $8 / 0.9% cheaper, it will be posted and upvoted.

            • -2

              @blamesociety: Sure, because they're not posting just a 0.9% discount. They're posting e.g. a 20.9% discount instead of a 20% discount. If the discount was just 0.9%, it would not be upvoted.

              Some people value their time while others have plenty of free time and don't mind waiting longer. The $8 difference could be worth the hassle for the latter.

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    Thanks OP,

    Ordered with gift cards from HCF (%5).

  • Did anyone have display colour issues with their unit, like the colour looked a little washed out?

    Also what type of power cord is required for the adaptor?

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    very tempted……

  • How does this compare to ThinkPad E595? specs and build quality wise?


    • +1
      1. E595 has no touchscreen nor is it a 2-in-1
      2. E595 CPU has 4 cores, Flex 5 has 6 cores
      3. E595 Has non soldered memory which is a positive
      4. E595 has room to add a 2.5 drive
      5. Flex 5 has soldered memory which a con for some.

      Overall if you're using the E595 laptop for office, web browsing and some YouTube it will be plenty good enough. It just depends if you need a touchscreen or a 2-in-1 laptop. The 4500U (flex 5 CPU) is overkill for a lot of people in this category listed above.

  • Just purchased this yesterday. Do I have to wait until the laptop arrives to pay for the Lenovo Australia warranty upgrade? Looks like it requires the serial number of the laptop.

    • You just answered your own question. Serial number is required to get Australian warranty.

  • Anything better value than this if one doesn't need touch screen and pen?

  • Question - what are the full specs?
    Can't seem to find it on amazon
    Battery size, which ports etc. Am I missing something?

  • Lenovo or this for $839
    Dell Inspiron 15 5505: 15" FHD, AMD Ryzen 7 4700U, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD

  • This looks like a great deal but probably overkill for what I need.

    Any recommendations on something for surfing the web, social media and just basics like that? I have a desktop so this is more for the wife to use on the couch at night and will be hooked up to the monitor during the day for some light office stuff. Maybe occasional video but no gaming.

    Main needs are light (1.8kg or less), quite and doesn't run too hot. looking at 13-14" options and she cant deal with apple software. Backlit keyboard and 2-in-1 would be nice to have's but not must have's.

    I have giftcards for both JB HiFi and Harvey Normans so something they stock would be preferred. Anyone seen any good deals fitting the above? should I be looking at chromebooks instead?

    • Main needs are light (1.8kg or less)

      That's quite porky for a 13-14". Despite it being overkill for your needs, you're only going to get something slower, fatter, blurrier, chuggier and crappier than the OP, unless you spend more, which would be a weird trade-off.

  • HUAWEI Matebook D 15, 15.6 Inch 87% Screen-To-Body Ratio, AMD Ryzen 5 3500U, 8GB+256GB

    Thoughts on this for $859?

  • its back on stock. ordered it , thanks op.

    • +1

      Checked and out again.

      Ended up getting a Dell 15 5505 ryzen 4700 for slightly more. Figured local warranty and better processor and didn't need touch

  • +1

    Received today, so far so good!. Anyone able to get the local warranty yet, I get a $10 option but thats just for secure disks. Onsite was around $80. Not sure if that actually converts warranty to a local AU one.

    • how long for delivery? and is it delivered by auspost?

      • Pretty quick, 1.5 weeks, to Syd metro. Eta was 9-11th Feb next week. Auspost yea startrack van

        • ok thanks, that was pretty quick, a week early. I ordered today and estimated delivery from Feb 22 to 25.

  • Dumb qst - anyone know how much storage was avail at default?

    I currently have 172GB avail of 237GB (total reported) but this is after installing fews apps/games sync some apps/onedrive etc. Not done much though, I cannot account for the 65GB used stepping through the C:\ drive.

    I can also see a 1GB Recovery partition - is this Lenovo OneKey? I was thinking of creating a recovery media (Would this cover just win10 restore, or include hw drivers). Anyone have any good forums/setup guides to get started for this device.

    • Consider upgrading to a bigger SSD, just make a backup of the drivers folders

  • Before changing to a new SSD, (fresh windows install) - it fails to install 1 driver, the power management driver - Lenovo are next to useless - DM me if you want the driver, took me hours but finally found it

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