50% off Q Acoustics Concept 300 Speakers with Stand $2999 Free Shipping @ Dennis White Hi-Fi


Good deal so far as it comes with the tensegrity stand - for a set of speakers that is technologically and sonically set apart from a lot of similarly-priced competition.

Three colour options:
Black / Rosewood
White / Oak
Silver / Ebony

The tensegrity stand itself costs $799 when bought separately at addicted to audio

According to whathifi, "each 14kg speaker has a spring-loaded plate built into its base and the tripod stand bolts onto this. Any vibrations in the springs are converted into heat by a special damping material" and also mentions "Bass is surprisingly abundant for a standmounter". Plus it has the Isolation Base Suspension System which prevents vibrations moving in either direction through the bottom of the speaker. Hope this can function as a stand alone without a sub for a pristine reproduction.

Little bit concered about the drivers tho, as they adopted the Concept 500 technology and enhanced to perfectly suit the Concept 300’s smaller cabinet, instead of a bespoke driver.

Overall, still a good deal at this point. Far better deal compared to Klappav

For reference: Q Acoustics Product page

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  • It is a concept. Does it really work?

  • My goodness, these are ugly as heck, but hey hope people buy them and help the economy.
    You would think at this price they would have integrated cabling, but not according to the specs.

  • How are the Q Acoustics like these vs similarly priced speakers? compared to say Kef, or Focals etc?

    • Have a look at the specs… If you want good sound of course studio monitors like Adams, Presonus etc are much better.

      • I'm looking more towards some Linton Heritage Speakers, and wondering how they compare, might have to go and give them a listen. Though I much prefer the looks of the Linton, but if there is a difference in sound quality, that will always be the main draw.

      • Definitely. I have Q Concept 20's fronts and 3020i rears and I bought PreSonus R65s for my PC, and it's soooo much better it's almost a religious experience. Getting a T10 subwoofer next week, with a "s*** the girlfriend is home" pedal 😄

  • I'm in the market for some speakers right now and would love to buy these. However, I'm not sure what would kill me quicker, my wife discovering the price of one of my kids pushing over those stylish but not very stable looking stands.

  • Add $24k for updating ear drums to hear sonics

  • Yes these are good, but B&W's 705 S2 bookshelves i feel are still superior (and look better)

    • ive been using the 705s as my main speakers for 2 years now. They are brilliant. They were meant to just be my rears, and i was going to buy the 702s for up front, but the 705s have been so good i havent bothered yet. (my room is almost certainly too small for the 702s anyway, so there is that too)

  • That stand is incredible lol. How do we know they're not $2700 stands with $100 speakers?

  • "Any vibrations in the springs are converted into heat by a special damping material"

    Far out, I'd forgotten how wanky HiFi marketing was. That's what springs do, with or without a special damping material. Audio equipment is one of the things that you really need to experience first hand to make a choice. "Does it sound good to you" should be the overriding criteria. Monocrystaline, unidirectional, polarised hyperbolic nonsense should come at the bottom of the list, well below "how nice a cardboard box it comes in".

  • The Martians! They were inside the hoods of machines they'd made, massive metal things on legs, giant machines that walked! They attacked us. They wiped us out.