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AMD Ryzen 7 5800X £344.23 (~A$612) Including DHL Worldwide Express @ Overclockers UK


Looking for a 5900x myself, came across the site Overclockers UK has plenty of 5800x

Note that despite the listing price of £379.99, adding 5800x to the basket and select Australia as a destination, the final price is £344 (including DHL shipping) (A $624.20).

Goods total £316.66*

Delivery costs £27.57*

Total order value £344.23

They also have 5600x in stock but not shipping to Australia for some reason.

I didn't pull the trigger myself but if someone gets one successfully, please let me know.

Update: It's even cheaper now. Down from A$624.2 to ~A$606 depending on the exchange rate of your payment.

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Overclockers UK

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  • +6

    Great price.

    • lots of really bad neg reviews be careful mates

      • Edit: Oh the site has neg reviews (not the chip)

  • +6

    plus import tax?

  • +9

    Pulled trigger. Will advise how it goes.

    • Trigger happy :)

    • God speed.

    • Any update tkotk?
      I am in two minds price is great but not sure about the service.
      have they given you any ETA as to when you will receive it?

      • +2

        No eta yet. They have indicated on Twitter that they have a backlog of work and orders are slightly delayed. I’ve received confirmation of the order - no eta yet.

        • +2

          A large amount of the huge wave of low ratings they have received say they advertise having stock they don't have, take the money and then delay endlessly until they finally get stock.

          • @lpg17: A lot of them seem to be gaming chairs and 30xx series gpus. They also offer a simple cancellation process via an online form so if anyone has doubts after purchasing, just ensure you submit that form.

      • +2

        Order shipped with DHL express and tracking number provided. Fingers crossed it makes it here soon.

        • Updates please. Also bought from them on Friday.

          • +2

            @bargainwhore: Received this morning via DHL express. 7 days from online order to here in Brisbane. Installing tonight!

            • @tkotk: Was there any hidden import fee's?

              • @lpg17: Nope. Arrived nicely packaged too with a bonus packet of Haribo gummy bears as a gift.

  • Got onto it! I think the best price I have seen, local shops in melb are selling them $759+!

  • These guys reliable? It's not like Harvey Norman or PLE where you'll be on a waiting list for 3 months?

    • +7

      Huge amount of one star reviews lately. https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.overclockers.co.uk

      • Wow those recent reviews are woeful, I'll steer clear.

      • These latest reviews don't give much hope. Am considering cancelling my newegg $692 order from this morning to get this instead..

    • Yes been around for years. Fast intl courier delivery usually.

      • +5

        I'll pass because of the many reports of worse than MSY levels of service on FB, google, reddit.

        • +4

          Worse than MSY? Is that even possible?

  • +3

    yeah but when it hits Australia customs will invoice you 60 bucks GST

    • +3

      No, as it's under $1k

      • +12

        I think that GST applies if its $1000 or LESS….
        So yes, you will have to pay GST all thanks to the (profanity) Harvey Norman.

        • +1

          Under $1,000 it is supposed to be the retailer who pays the GST, but if they do less than $75,000 pa in Australian business they may be exempt.

        • +4

          only if the retailer collects otherwise borderforce only collects if over $1000.

        • +1

          I think that GST applies if its $1000 or LESS….
          So yes, you will have to pay GST all thanks to the (profanity) Harvey Norman.

          How are people still upvoting this when it’s 100% incorrect information?

          I know you did say think but too many people seem to be taking it as fact.

    • Used to be under 1k AU commercial value they didn't worry about it, has that changed?

    • I don't think that is the case.

    • +11

      From my experience they either charge the tax during the checkout or not charge it at all. I hope they don't charge it.

      • +4

        i looked it up:
        However, From 1 July 2018, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) may be collected by overseas vendors of such low value goods when imported from overseas by consumers in Australia. GST will be charged at the point of sale and not at the border. https://www.abf.gov.au/buying-online/buying-online

        • +8

          That's it. If they don't charge it at checkout, then they don't charge u afterwards.

          • @ozcbr777777: not true, dhl customs does random checks and looks for gst component in the invoice, depends on luck

          • @ozcbr777777: I can vouch for this, recently purchased something and wasn't charged GST. A little under $900 worth of goods.

        • -1

          DHL will charge GsT before delivery

          • @Fishesass: DHL doesn’t charge you the retailer does, if customs finds a shipment that has no gst they will hold on to the shipment until you pay it, this is 10% GST + the admin fees of around $50

            • +1

              @viper8548: But only if it's over $1000 AU. Otherwise they're breaking the law as it's not their responsibility to collect it at the border when under $1000 AU. That's the retailers job.

              • @Clear: How does the government enforce this on overseas retailers? how do they even know how much to collect?

                • @viper8548: How do they enforce tax on big corporations like Google? They're hoping stores will do the right thing and many have.

            • +4

              @viper8548: Customs will not hold a shipment with a value of less than $1000 for the reason GST hasn't been paid in accordance with the GST on low value imported goods rules. The ATO is responsible for regulation of the measure, not the Australian Border Force.

              • @Plutonus: ahh i see i must’ve had bad luck, good to know. Thanks

              • @Plutonus: The ATO should be chasing the retailer, imagine if the store charged you GST but didn't pay it, they would be chasing the company either way.

                I assume the $1,000 limit is to shift responsibility if that happens.

      • TobydealsAU appeared to be avoiding GST, both me and a friend received out $300 phones without issue. My belief is that they closed down the AU store despite the UK one staying up so that they could make another store to avoid the $75,000 GST turnover limit.

        • It's not to do with $75k, it's to do with operating in Australia and Australian govt having jurisdiction to act against them.

          • -3

            @Punkboy: It counts as operating in Australia if they send it to Australian consumers

            • +1

              @Jimbuscus: Agreed, but it's virtually/practically impossible to act against them if they don't have any Australian assets or entities.

              • @Punkboy: In the case of ACL however…. Valve weren't so lucky. I think when it comes to tax however it's much more difficult.

  • It’s £389.99 when I click

    Edit when you change location they take off vat and you get the price above

    • +2

      add it into the basket to avoid uk sales tax

      • Sorry. Saw that later it asked me to log in so I stopped there and came back.

  • This or oil heater?

    • +3

      think this should way better than a heater

    • the heater dude. 1000%

    • +1

      I've got a 5800x and it's not as hot as the horror stories you used to hear, I guess people had defective samples or something. In any case I undervolted mine to further reduce temps with minimal loss in performance

  • +1

    Very good price indeed, finished by build with one of these last week and wasn't unhappy paying $739 locally!

  • +1

    Would this be a good pair with my RTX 2080 Super? Just want to game on high - max

    • very good cpu. Pairing 5600x with rtx 3080 and very happy

      • so 5800x probably over kill for my setup?

    • +3

      So Techspot recently did an article comparing several CPUs:

      AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
      Intel Core i5-10400F
      Intel Core i9-10900K
      AMD Ryzen 5 3600
      AMD Ryzen 9 3950X

      This 5x CPU comparison was deliberately pared with non top of the line GPU, in this case a AMD 6800 which is unlike most reviews which do their CPU reviews with the fastest GPU availiable i.e an RTX 3090. So keep in mind that the slower your GPU is, the less difference a faster CPU will make. They found that testing 16 different games at 1080p showed a Ryzen 5 5600X was only 9% faster than a Ryzen 5 3600. At 1440p this drops to a 4% difference and no difference between the two AMD CPUs at 4k resolution.

      Given that an AMD 6800 is about 10% (at 1080p) to 25% (at 4k) faster than an RTX 2080 Super you'll see even less difference between a Ryzen 5 5600X and a Ryzen 5 3600 with your graphics card. If you game at 1440p or higher you really won't be able to notice the difference and given this is OzBargain I'm sure you can find something better to spend the savings on, i.e. something which you will actually notice, tech related or not.

      • What about streaming or any other background apps that can affect performance? Would the 5600x outperform the 3600 ?

      • Thanks heaps for this! My current CPU is quite low end and bottlenecking some titles, so I might grab this. (Ryzen 3 3300X)

        • +2

          Ryzen 3 3300X is very similar to Ryzen 5 3600 in game benchmarks (and sometimes 3300x is slightly faster).

          I'd do more research if I were you. Chances are you will see no major difference in most/all games, even with the very top 5xxx X CPUs.

      • So I won't really see a big fps bump going from a R5 2600 to a 5600X whilst using a GTX 1070? Muh heart

      • +1

        Nice article and great write up I commend you for doing so and giving back to the community.

        Personally I am getting something above a 5600x because I feel like I deserve it and also because I promised myself I would splurge a little on my next build since my first build in over a decade was a sff low end experiment build to run 4k (pro tip it works but it also does not work lol.. low fps at 4k is not fun but it is interesting to know we have low profile cards for small form factor cases).

        I told myself then I would get a 5800x but honestly now I am telling myself a 5900x might be the final one since the machine will last at least 5 years because I know I am lazy and hate changing things too much so it will basically keep going until we see a 6080 ti minimum most likely will make a new build in the nvidia 7000 series debut or at least when it is announced.

        Researching now if a 5950x will do anything for me at all but the price jump is like $400 or something so probably not.

        The extra cpu power should help with my overkill range of background monitoring apps and just tons of apps in the backgrounds from gaming clients to quality of life programs also it will have the same effect some people get by painting red stripes on their car to make them feel faster or whatever.. the higher tier cpu will give a sense of encouragement and confidence to me I feel and I will be able to rationalise a lot of things and not say oh if i had a faster computer then I could do xyz.. well no I will have a faster computer so I should be able to do xyz with no excuses no exceptions.. yeah at this point it is not even completely about performance any more but just being able to believe in myself to start a project or try my hand at something because I will have that beast machine I have always wanted since I was like 12.. yeah time flies.. it has taken me two decades to make enough money to achieve my dreams but now that I am here I have no idea what I want to do with it.. life is funny like that you think you know what you want and then you finally get there and you don't even know anything anymore.. anyways if anybody has any information on whether faster cpu's help with running games and background stuff let me know because that is the only use case I can think it will help me in besides maybe streaming and gaming at the same time.. I don't really edit much so honestly the improvements in the productivity sector won't see much happiness from me.

        ah well such is life

  • +3

    If it was a cut on the 5900x I'd go for it, 8 core is over saturated to hell wouldn't be worth the wait on delivery for me

  • +1

    Yiiewwwww!! GOD SAVE DA QUEEN!! Or poor aussies getting ripped off from down under..

  • so will this have gst or not??

  • This is a good price.

  • How accurate are the stock levels? 10+ after 3 hours..

    Awesome price for those that purchased.. I bought my 5800x for $720

    • yeah its been up too long for me to buy. don't trust stock levels now.

      • +2

        when checked theres 100 stock lollllllllll

    • +1

      what are you using yours mainly for.. or just purely gaming

      I realise maybe if I decide to record and edit videos that I capture I might be able to justify going for a 5900x

  • +3

    Comes to $653 AUD if paying with Paypal.

    • paid $625.37 through Amazon

  • Nice price, and DHL WPX is really good. Never had an issue.

  • Considering this is from overseas, I'm guessing there is no tax invoice to be used for tax return purposes? Especially because gst may not be applied?


    OP, please edit, and say
    1.its a price difference due to exchange rate via paypal.
    2. Price has now changed to 317 gbp, meaning total is $606!!
    3. Amazon pay, will make it more accurate to exchange rate/no paypal fee

    I paid by paypal and was $633. Instead of $606

    • Just saw that, will edit. Thanks op

    • You will also get a international charge from your bank.

      • as in gst?

        • Your Amazon Pay will be linked to your bank card isn't it? Does your bank charge any extra fees? Wondering if it can be got for $606. Else I could just buy from Harvey Norman with shop back and pay $664 (technically $699 but 5% cashback) and at least get local warranty support.

          • @S2200: yeah definitely on my mind, but HN has no idea with stock, because i've asked them for 2 months straight already lol

            But totally agree with you, i would of pre-ordered 5600x with them at 469, with the 5% gift card idea. but getting stock with them is near impossible!

        • Your Amazon Pay will be linked to your bank card isn't it? Does your bank charge any extra fees? Wondering if it can be got for $606. Else I could just buy from Harvey Norman with shop back and pay 664 and at least get local warranty support.

          • @S2200: yeah go HN if you can wait 2 ish months i recon, its just cheaper and better
            I just dont trust them thats all haha.

          • @S2200: Didn't mean to post the same message twice..not sure how that happened. I've had good experiences with HN so don't mind them but like you said they don't haven't had any stock for a while. I called them as well and they said they have a couple pre-orders and none of them fulfilled yet. Also no ETA on when stock will arrive. Good thing is they said you can just choose pickup and then cancel if you change your mind.

            • @S2200: Yeah you can pick up anywhere, i just think stock will come in about 2months time, if you can wait do it.
              But this is 5800x at the end of the day. for 630 ill take it.

              I honeslty need only a 3600, lol whoooopps

  • +1

    Why would anyone trust a dodgy company form the uk with any decent amount of money? the reviews are ridiculous. They can't even service their own countrymen let alone international orders.

    • They seem to be actively responding to people’s order queries on FB. Worst case ensure you pay via PayPal or your CC and make a claim if it’s unsent.

  • +1

    I want 5900x

    • same

      • Yeah I told myself to just go for 5900x so I can have a bit more time before I have to sell it.

        5950x hard to justify the price jump is like $400 almost you need to be making money from your workstation to justify that like a streaming pc or editing machine or something to cut the processing times down.. time is money friend.

  • Those reviews are concerning and cause hesitancy and restraint in ordering.

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