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Xiaomi Yeelight 1S RGB E27 Smart Light Bulb US$17.69 (~A$23.06) + Free Priority Shipping @ GeekBuying


On sale is this popular smart light bulb that's the successor to the Yeelight Smart Bulb V2. The 1S has all the same features as the V2 except for a 15% improvement in power efficiency, native HomeKit support and improved colours so pure red no longer shows as pink.

Other features include WiFi with app control, Google Assistant, SmartThings, IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, voice control, music sync, adjustable brightness/temperature, an E27 socket and 800lm.

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AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting, free priority shipping for AU orders and stackable with Cashrewards.

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  • Aldi have budget smart globes as one of their special buys this week.

    • Hope they're better than the Mirabella smart bulbs. Stupid things just randomly turn on all the time, and loose Google home connectivity.

      Yeelights since V2 have been perfect for me, I don't dare try cheaper again

  • couldn't get it to work at get the price down to the one you've advertised, is there a limit on no.of items maybe? shows 26 ish after code

    • or maybe the currency fluctuated heaps in the last hour?

      • +1 vote

        1 per order. I base my AU$ off the actual real exchange rate as both website and PayPal will be inflated at AU$.

        Basically if you have a card without currency conversion fees linked in PayPal, when you go to pay there will be an option similar to "See currency conversion options" and you can choose to bill in USD. Then you'll get close to the exchange rate.

        • I had the same problem. Setting the geekbuying site to use USD worked for me too to trigger PayPal's lower exchange rate

  • How are these any different from the Kogan smart bulbs ?

    • Which comes for 10$ a piece during sale

      • +2 votes

        They're Tuya based which can be a killer for some people. Based on previous threads these are superior to Kmart's Genio and they're reported to be better than Kogan. Depends if you're already in one ecosystem or using home assistant for all different ones.

        Always best to look through other threads to see.

  • I have these bulbs and I love the bulb themselves. They’re very bright and do what they say they can. The Yeelight app is a little bit clunky, but if you link it with Google then it doesn’t really matter because you can control it via voice easily enough.

    My only frustration is that they are a screw connection. Nearly every light socket in my house is B22, and the adapters are so chunky that I can no longer fit a defuser :(

    • Yeah I know. Wish there was a Global standard or that these came with Bayonet option. The adaptors are indeed clunky so I have an unused Yeebulb v2 due to this.

    • You can replace the b22 to a edison holder. Cost less than $10

      • How (without an electrician) or are you talking about the Bulky adaptors?
        Most of my Lamps are not easy to get to the holder as usually fairly well sealed. The ones that can be done I could open but legally in AU one has to have an electrician do it if using existing wire (insurance purposes).
        Regardless. The whole point is, wish they came in Bayonet type. Don't want to have to change my lamps just for a bulb.

        • Lol the whole insurance things is bs, you're are replacing 3 or 4 wires to another screw in terminal. As long as the product is SAA no insurers would care. Gone through claims before as have friends and not once they did they ask for anything. Wrote out a cheque for 20k to cover water damage. You'd think they won't sell any of the stuff to the public if you're not a tradie. It's all bs we use the same codes as NZ yet they can do hv and LV themselves

  • Ill give it a shot

  • With xiaomi now on the US ban list I hope these don't lose the Google home integration

  • I prefer the $25 Kmart ones (b22 and e27). Yeelight are always so slow to communicate and the Yeelight and mi home app are both very average. Plus can return them if it’s ever required.

  • Can you get these to work from one app if I already have LIFX bulbs?

    • Depends on what you mean. You can use Google Home to manage the Lifx & Yeelight.and also works with Home Assistant.

  • I'll give it a go, came out to be $23.01 for me.

  • Is this zigbee or zwave or something else?

  • Price went up? $25.97??!

  • Hmm, my order hasn’t been posted. Ordered Feb 12th