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Xiaomi Mijia T100 Electric Toothbrush 2 Pack US$15.29 (~A$20.22), Oclean X Pro Sonic Toothbrush US$59.99 (~A$79.31) @ GeekBuying


Two Xiaomi electric toothbrushes on sale with a basic 2 speed electric toothbrush in a pack of 2 and the more high end Oclean electric toothbrush.

The Oclean X Pro is smarter than the standard electric toothbrush. It has a 6 axis gryoscope that'll detect where you've cleaned in your mouth and the touchscreen OLED display will show you areas that have been missed. It'll also show over stats like your brushing time. There are 4 different brushing modes with 32 levels of brushing intentisy, a battery that lasts up to 30 days with 2 hours to recharge and an app for Android/iOS.

Priority shipping has been made free for both products as usual. The Oclean is available in multiple colours.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate and stackable with 3.5% cashback at Cashrewards.

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  • Do they run on eneloops?

    • +1 vote

      That would be amazing but nah they're inbuilt rechargeable batteries.

  • The Oclean X pro is amazing. Super powerful and is better than Philips diamondclean tbh.

    Gyro is a bit hit and miss tho, and the OLED is a bit of a gimmick. Also the charger holds it on a wall… But you have to take it off and use it as a base to charge, bit stupid.

    T100 or a SOOCARE X3U is better value (imo)

  • Any deal for replacement heads for oclean x pro?

  • thanks op got one of the pro

  • It comes up as $88?

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      What I sent to Takumikai when asked in PM:

      You'd be getting that if you're letting PayPal do the currency conversion as they inflate it for their cut. Do you have a debit/credit card without transaction fees in PayPal? If so at payment there is something called "View conversion options" or similar and you can set the billing to USD.

  • Could not find where to put coupon code in?


      In the shopping cart click "Proceed to checkout" and it'll let you apply it before payment.

  • Got it, thanks!

  • I'm trying to order 2x Oclean X Pro's. Have changed to USD. It accepts the coupon ($59.99) but cart total comes to:

    Subtotal: $129.98
    Shipping Cost: $0.00
    Coupon Discount: - $ 5.00
    Total: $124.98

  • Thanks got the Oclean Pro.
    Can we have replacement head deal as well?
    How long does the head last out of box?

  • Love the toothbrush. Quite strong compared to my Oral B.

    Is anyone else having crazy problems with the Oclean app? I’m running iOS 14.3 and managed to register a new account and pair the brush. After one brush, I managed to view the detailed info. However since then, the app closes after a second.

    Have rebooted phone and reinstalled app. Looking on App Store and forums and it seems to be a common issue..