Xbox Series S 512GB $499 + Delivery Only (N/A In-Store /C&C) @ BIG W


Just missed the PS5 stock again, but found the Xbox Series S available instead.

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  • Series S isn't that rare, not sure this is a deal…

  • Imagine wanting a PS5 and getting a Series S.

    • Quite the compromise. No one should buy this really, the specs are crap and you'd be better off getting a cheap Xbox One and waiting for Series X or PS5 to be readily available IMO. Would have been nice if the Series S was just the Series X without the disk drive like the PS5 digital edition.

      • I still think a cheaper 1080p console has a place in the market, especially in countries with a higher wealth disparity (like the US). I just feel they didn't quite make this chap enough to justify the compromises.

        • Yes, a bit cheaper would have made it more justifiable. My problem though is that game developers will now have to make their games for the weakest link in the chain so to speak, so games might look and perform a lot better on the PS5 as Xbox games will have to account for the lower processing power of the Series S.

          • @reloxation: I think gone are the days of a "one size fits all" game. PC games have scaled perfectly from potatoes up to supercomputers. I don't forsee any problem with the xbox doing the same (as it's essentially a pc now!)

            • @incipient: How is it "essentially a PC?" I disagree that PC games scale perfectly. If you're talking about things like League of Legends then that may be so, but new AAA titles run like crap on older hardware (CyberPunk 2077 for example). If devs have to account for that, they'll just make the console version for whatever is weakest and it may be a wasted effort for them to do two separate versions.

              • @reloxation: TBF, CP2077 is the fault of the devs delaying the game and still rushing it's development, and only seeming to target high-end PCs but releasing on last gen as well. Now people have to wait until the second half of this year for the alleged "next-gen" patch.

                • @smartazz104: I know it's not the best example, but it's an example. Any AAA game will likely suffer from the performance disparity between the two consoles. I also meant on PC, not console to counter the point that games run on "potatoes to supercomputers."

          • @reloxation:

            My problem though is that game developers will now have to make their games for the weakest link in the chain so to speak

            You mean like how they target minimum specs for PC…

            • @smartazz104: I'd say PC is different. They don't target minimum specs, they just list them. Therefore a high-end PC will run the game a lot better than one with the minimum specs. The experience on console has to be more consistent I'd say, so they make the game FOR the minimum specs.

              • @reloxation: Oh yeah for sure PC can be more lenient in terms of performance. No one expects a nice experience on a potato, but on a Series S, it's fair to expect a good (even if less pretty) experience. There is however a much smaller performance window between the Series S and X (approx 3x) compared to say an iGPU vs a 1080Ti (10x flops?).

        • ^ I think this reply is relevant.

          A stack of gamers might live in shoebox studio apartments or student accomodation and they don't have space for a 75 inch 4K TV, but they have a perfectly adequate TV sitting at the base of their bed they can game on.

          I'm not saying that the size of the console is enough that one would feel it, but if you're playing series X on your PC monitor between studying isn't that a bit overkill?

      • This, quite a few devs have been outspoken for this. They much rather the Series X.

        While it's cheap entrance the space really is its biggest issue imo. My series X has 8 games and about 100gb left

  • in before jv comments

  • I think we need to draw the line somewhere - Series S are readily available now…

  • Is series S better proposition than an older generation xbox one x, from a pure gaming experience/performance perspective on existing releases (and not future proofing per se).

    • Yes, but it doesn't have a disc slot and would sit between a xbox one X and xbox series X in term of performance

    • I have a feeling that the series S is gonna be cheaper in the upcoming few months, till then I won’t get it. This is great for 1080 and 1440p gaming especially for anyone who has game pass

  • Lol. Delete this

    • I think the RRP neg sheep have a point with stuff like this that is readily available everywhere .

  • you'd have to be nuts to waste $500 on this now

  • This is a waste of money and a trap, storage is very small, you will end up buying external ssd, which is in the end, more expensive than XSX
    Better save a bit money and buy XSX or PS5.

    If your budget is very small, go for PS5 digital

    • I bought the Series X, but I'm kind of regretting it now. I already have a PS5, and just wanted an Xbox purely for game pass. I feel like the S would of been fine for me.

  • +3 votes

    This console is only worth $199 or less.

  • I wonder why the PS5 deals sold out in mins and this is still hanging around like a bad smell .
    Facts to the people that neg my initial comment :)

    • According to some members they could sell it for $1049 to CEX and profit $300 per unit.

  • Its easier to get your hands on a Series S than it is an Xbox One at the moment

  • The majority of the world game at 1080p or less and this is the cheapest way for them to get a gamepass system that will run current generation games.

    Its not meant for early adopters or wealthy adults, more kids and relatively lower middle class or even poor people.

    • In which case, I would wait for the overstock sale. I'm poor that's why I'm on OzB and I don't pay for stuff full price!

  • I love Xbox, but this is overpriced for what it is.

  • Nobody wants the Series S. If this unit had the same specs as the X but without the drive, it would be the hottest ticket in town. Even if it had the lower specs but with a 1gb drive it would be a much better proposition. Xbox put so much money in to their Gamepass product then they sell a unit that goes with Gamepass that has only 500gb drive. Absolutely insane. Two departments at Xbox battling with each other. For a company that size this was a stupid move.