Lenovo Tab M8 HD Tablet 2nd Gen Iron Grey (2GB RAM, 32GB Storage) $138 Delivered or C&C @ Officeworks


This low-end but capable tablet continues to drop in price. Ideal for primary-schoolers and parents/grandparents.

Capable but not ideal for e-reading.

User @Saura says they're quite happy using this as an e-reader.

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Product Page: Lenovo Tab M8

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  • It has an 8" IPS display with a resolution of 1280 x 800.
  • It features 2 GB of RAM which ensures that you can effectively multitask between apps.
  • It has a built-in storage capacity of 32 GB.
  • It has a 5 MP primary camera for video calls and photos.
  • It supports connections via WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0.
  • It charges via the included Micro USB cable.
  • It measures 199.1 W x 121.8 D x 8.15 H mm.
  • The tablet can run for up to 18 hours.
  • It comes with a 12 month warranty.
  • It comes in an iron grey design.
  • It features face unlock technology so you can easily access your tablet at anytime.

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  • Hmm tempting as a smart home dashboard screen

  • The last Lenovo tablet we bought a couple of years ago was a reminder that we get what we pay for,

    • Which model did you get and how much did you pay for it?

      • Some 10" thing that popped here, heavily endorsed at the time by the pundits as good value. I knew it was low end but thought it couldn't be any worse than those Soniq things AUPost sells. Could it? Of course it could ;-)

        It lasted about 8 months before it became unusable (slow). Frequent reboots and factory resets, all to no avail. Then the charge port decided to go hit and miss. Pursued the warranty, that turned out a real pain in the arse. Gave up. It's now in a box where I keep my "never again" purchases.

        Since replaced with another name brand, which has been fine.

        This is how what might otherwise be a good brand loses customer loyalty. I can't see us ever buying anything Lenovo again.

        NB: The above are personal opinions and I could be wrong. I often am.

  • Tempted to 'upgrade' the kids tablets from their current tablets which are running 1Gb of ram, it doesn't bother them too much but gives me the craps anytime I have to do anything on there from them and unfortunately barely runs reading eggs / mathseeds.

    • 1GB is painful. 2GB is minimum for kids tablets nowadays. Not sure how well this will run reading eggs though.

    • 2GB with this might not be much better than the 1GB on their old tablet. They are probably running a much older version of Android, which requires less RAM.

      This is a Junk tablet. Just get one with 4GB or RAM and it will last twice as long.

      • @Tor Is this worth if I just wanna use it for Tachiyomi and Kindle? I have an iPad pro but wanted to sell it as I only used it for MangaRock.

        The price is really compelling. Any 4GB in similar price range?

        • It's probably ok for reading only. Are you getting this over a normal kindle for the colour screen for MangaRock?

  • The two 10 inch Lenovo Tabs we had both suffered from broken charging ports rendering them prematurely useless. Fairly common fault so no more Lenovo Tabs for us.

  • I have this tab. It's good for email, surfing and my son's games like Among Us etc. Also heavily used for casting Netflix and Disney+ and music.

  • This or the Samsung Tab A 8.0" ?


    They come down to below $200 from time to time.

    • I would pay a premium for the Samsung. But probably not more than say $180.

      Others who've had bad experiences with Lenovo are probably prepared to pay more.

    • The Samsung is supposedly slower, I compared some reviews when I bought last week, but then this dropped too 138 it was a no brainer, especially because reviews said it was indeed better.

      Bought it solely for reading, no need for something fast, and it's not even that slow at loading things in general. Struggles on YouTube a decent amount but it does improve, that's all I can speak for media consumption. And games… Ain't got none, but I'm sure some simple kids games will work fine? Because no gamer would be buying this otherwise xd

  • I can understand the 2/32gb because there's money in that, but micro usb over usb c? come on lenovo its 2021 already!

  • -Not ideal for e-reading ????
    Got this last week was on sale then, and such for the past week have being reading daily, and it's absolutely fine. For the price it's pretty damn great if all you want is a reflexible android reading device. The 188DPI screen I thought it might be regrettable for reading but no, it's absolutely fine, the screen sure it's noticeable of your bothered to pay attention, but the rest of the time it's good. I'm in love with this price for what I got, I wish they had the FHD model in Australia, because that would make this device all that more perfect and edge in processing on YouTube perhaps.

    This particular model, not very good for consuming media particularly YouTube, it lags on YouTube a decent amount but manages to catch up eventually.

    The tablet was slow for the first few hours until it patched up and managed to sort it's stuff out. Can confirm the latest firmware is completely fine to update aswell. Having approved of this tablet, I still will be keeping an eye out a way to obtain the FHD model, because it would be that slight edge and make it completely perfect with a dpi of just under 300 (288).

    • I've always assumed LCD caused more eye strain than e-ink. After some research it seems this is not conclusive.

      Good to hear you've found it suitable for your reading needs

    • What settings do you use for reading?
      I have it, and think the screen is pretty good, but hard to read for more thsn 40min or so for some reason

      • I'm reading on Kindle and comics on tachiyomi. Holding device away from face in lap removes any blur that does appear when your holding it in bed. Haven't being reading english though, can heavily depend on font. I'm not using and holding though. Reading websites on browsers or Google News looks perfect no matter what tho

        • Thanks! I'm reading math textbooks, which I now realize is probably pushing an 8" 800p display.

          • @yow: It's not "perfect" the standard for reading is around 300ppi it seems. but i reckon it's good for solely reading if someone's on budget. I reckon the FHD version would be perfect since that would bring the PPI up to 288. Only thing that would top it off after that point would be it be having gorilla Glass, got a bunch of scratches the other today out of nowhere.. god knows how, but eh was expecting them eventually.

            • @Saura: I have a samsung A20 with AMOLED and the blacker blacks seem to make reading easier… but it might be the higher PPI. It's only 720p, but a smaller screen (6.4"). IDK how to determine the cause!

              I think epaper would be even better, because of the contrast and lower brightness, and they seem to be coming down in price. There's an 8" android one for $500, "onyx" or something.

          • @yow: Ive found personally that reading black on white background is a whole lot nicer than darkmode reading. Was getting some mad headaches last month after using Kindle android in darkmode for a few months, made the change and pretty much instantly got better. Same with reading in low brightness… No good for me if you want tips on eye tiredness too (note this was on my phone before I got my tablet)

            • @Saura: Thanks! Yeah, I've been using dark text on white background, like actual paper (and the pdfs are that way already). I tried white text on dark, and I agree with you that it's worse.

              But I have been using low brightness (about half), and with "eye protection" on. I'll try it a bit brighter!