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Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner $329 + $9.90 Shipping @ PC Byte


Not the cheapest it's been, but for those who missed out on the $299 Black Friday deals, this is the cheapest I've seen it since then.
There is an additional $9.90 for shipping and 1% surcharge for using a credit card, or you can bank transfer to avoid that fee.

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  • Guys .. a tip. prefer to buy in store else you will be stuck in endless wait with PCByte or better buy from some other reliable store. Really crap store with worst customer service. Order placed in Dec is yet to be shipped. Called up customer service many times, sent mail to their support email as well .. no action from their end.

    • yes same happened with me. they cancelled and refunded my money because they wont owner the price anymore or supply.

    • Is it possible to ask other stores to price match?


      Hi dealgeek,

      We are very sorry to hear that you are having troubles receiving your order and would like to ensure this is resolved for you immediately.

      We have had trouble with a courier over the busy period and have put processes in place to resolve this moving forward.

      If you can please send an email to [email protected] and ask for Regan we will ensure a prompt reply to get to the bottom of the situation.

      Thank you.

      • Hi PC Byte

        I also had exactly same experience. I called up, in fact today afternoon itself and asked for Regan but I was told he is away and someone name Keith said, we will call you back. Everytime you call pc byte, response is it will be delivered by end of next week. My simple q is if you don't have item in stock, why don't mention that explicitly on your site instead of taking order for that and promising to deliver in 3-4 days. If I would have been knowing that you will take a month to ship, I could have ordered directly from China.


          Hi moneymanager,

          We are sorry that we have not gotten back to you with your phone calls.

          If you would like to leave your order number here, we will get back to you very promptly and we can help ensure your order gets resolved.

          You can also send an email to [email protected] and ask for Regan, we will help ensure a prompt reply.

          Thank you.

  • Are these Xiaomi robo vacs any good? I'm a xiaomi fanboy, i've had their phones and fitbits etc but still like to hear good first hand reviews

    • There are different sub-brands of Xiaomi robot vacs, including Roborock and Viomi (this one).

      Roborock are very good and compete with the likes of Roomba and other big name brands. Viomi are a little less well known and while their products are quite good (I own this exact robot vac), its a bit more of an unknown and support can be quite poor.

      But as for how this specific vac is - for $330 its a bargain. I love mine and am impressed with how well it vacuum and (especially) mops. Just be warned that some people have had major issues and after-sales support is almost non-existent, so it is a bit of a gamble.

    • I have a fair amount of xiaomi stuff myself, including the old xiaomi vacuum cleaner roborock or whatever it was called. It’s still going strong after almost 4 years and decided to get this one.
      I have to say that the battery on this one is no where as good as my 4 year old. It can’t do my single level in a single charge. It has to return back to charging and then complete the rest. Also, I find the suction power also less compared to my other one. I got this one to help with mopping, but haven’t tried the mop feature yet.
      Overall, I would still recommend the previous one v2 or roborock whatever it’s called over this one , for just vacuuming atleast.

    • get yourself a Roborock S5 Max.

      • I don't agree, sorry. I've a Roborock S5 Max and my neighbour purchased the Viomi V2. Except for the battery life, my 2c S5 Max is not worth the 2 fold expense. I tested Viomi at my place and indeed it mopped better than S5.

    • I was in between this model and xiaomi robot vacuum (they called also first gen) for same price band. Went with the xiaomi (vacuum only) rather than this. Very pleased so far. so you might consider xiaomi first gen as well if you find a good deal.
      Just to show which model I am talking about, paid around $330.


    • I got this & do not recommend. This leaves visible fluff and crumbs behind. The app is slow. End up having to do a manual vacuum anyway. Also it gets stuck and have to baby sit it and untangle it etc so burns up effort which can be put towards doing a manual vac properly in one go

  • This or roborock s5

  • I got this the other week from PC Byte. No issues with shipping etc and it has been great. Got it as an upgrade from the Eufy 35c as I wanted the map and mopping functions.. been working splendidly.

  • I'm quite interested in this unit. I have the first generation Xiaomi robot vac that continues to work well. I'm interested in adding mopping function.
    I get that you can set up virtual walls and stop it going areas. How about a large floor mat. I have tiled floor with a largish mat/rug in the middle of the room. Can I make this mop the whole floor - tiles and mat, but just vacuum the mat. No water. The robot vacuum that can do that will probably get me.

  • Hey guys need help: should i get this or Dreame D9 for $399, or Mijia 1C for $319 (both from Kogan)?

    My house is 160sqmtrs internal floor area. All wooden floors.

    Or should i wait for a better deal?

    • I was in between these choices as well. Almost grabbed the D9 cause mainly it has bigger battery (x2 compare to the others). But be aware that D9 on Kogan is presale and won't be shipped til late Feb.
      Continue looking…

  • $309 delivered on ebay. no surcharge.

  • Been waiting for S5 max at 500-600 mark but it just doesn't appear to be happening. With the S7 coming I was hoping for some deals. Just don't want to invest in a sub par robot vac instead of going in a bit more.