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Western Digital 2TB SN550 NVMe Internal SSD $323.72 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Cheap for a decent 2TB NVMe drive

One of the cooler running and low power draw ones.
This model runs at half the temps of my Samsung 970 evo plus, and feels as fast in everday use

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  • no dram btw

  • If you get it… Amazon lost mine in Italy and had to wait for a month post delivery date for it to be classified as lost.


    These are pretty slow compared to the SN750. I'd wait for a deal on those.

    • Only when benching, and the Sn550 is actually faster than the Sn750 in a few tests!

      In real world use, no noticeable difference.
      Compared to my 2TB Samsung Evo 970 Plus it feels as snappy, and runs way cooler

      • I'd agree with this guy - I have an SN750 and a Crucial P1. In most cases, you will neither see nor feel the difference in the speeds. The issue is that most real life work is usually random access / small files. In these cases, even the best drives are not significantly much better than the lowest ones.

  • pny cs3030 is just $20 more now (was the same) than this and performs better than sn550. I've heard that the 2tb version restricts the writing speed for heat control

    • I'd rather put my trust in a Western Digital drive to stay working for more than 8 years than PNY :)

      • i don't mean any untrust to wd. I've had one sn850 sn730 sn550 and bought one sn550 to my bf as a gift. It would be nice when it comes to $135/tb. Now that sn750 was $170/tb, I don't find the 2tb version of sn550 as worthy as others

  • SN550 crew checking in. ❤️

  • its blue not black - it cheaper for a reason

  • If you have space, you can buy 2 1TB for cheaper…

    • sanity is ….rare these days

    • Yeah better off with 2x a2000 1tb

    • Except NVMe slots are rare on motherboards, unlike SATA ports.

      I personally would go for the bigger size, so that when you add that next bigger NVMe drive in the future, you have an open slot for it.
      Otherwise your going to have to discard a drive or move it to an external enclosure

      Plus due to Trim and longevity of the drive you want to keep your drives with some empty space, plus keep the speed up, which is much easier with a larger drive