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[As New] Dell P2419H 24" Monitor (IPS, 1920x1080) $219 Delivered @ Dell Outlet


Dell 24 Monitor: P2419H $219 (was $249)
Condition: AS NEW (see below)
Warranty: 3Yr Premium Panel Warranty, Advanced Exchange Service Warranty
Quantity Available: 94

P2419H is a P Series or 'Professional' monitor. It sits mid-way between the main monitor models (E Series, S Series, P Series, UltraSharp, UltraSharp PremierColor / Alienware).

P2419H product details and specs (RRP $270)

Next cheapest price is $239 + Delivery (staticICE)

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New & Unused - New unused products are factory sealed products that were either cancelled or unopened returns. New unused products do not have any cosmetic damage.
Dell Outlet offers a 15 day return policy.

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  • I wouldn't say it sits between, it's targeted at the commercial market, so it got dp, VGA, USB hubs. Where as the Ultra series may comes with just two HDMI.

    • Ultrasharp usually has lots of inputs, as they're for those who want a good monitor that's colour accurate. The P series are usually one step below Ultrasharp (U series) in terms of image quality. I would, however, avoid this one as it's only 1080p and only 23.8". 27" 1440p minimum for me. You can't really arrange 2 full-size windows side by side on these without some compromise.

      • Everyone to their own. I like 1080 on a 27", so I don't have to use scaling (just 100%).

  • Does this have speakers?

    I purchased a Dell S2421HS a while back (great monitor) but didn't realise it didn't come with speakers..

  • This is a great monitor for simple home or office setup. Dell warranty is one of the best I’ve ever dealt with.

  • We have this monitor at work.
    Does anyone know how to connect two monitors?
    Atm it’s one via VGA and one via DP, both connected direct to the desktop.
    There’s a big difference in quality as the VGA is a bit blurry.
    How can I have both monitors connected without the blurriness on the VGA monitor?

    • Daisy chain the DP

    • Atm it’s one via VGA and one via DP, both connected direct to the desktop.

      This monitor should have 3 ports (HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort).
      Try connecting the one thru VGA, to HDMI instead (providing your Desktop supports HDMI).

      • I’ll try this. Thanks

      • dammit.. no hdmi on the PC

        • VGA should support up to 1080p, so make sure the graphics driver is up to date on the PC.

          You could also try a different VGA cable, in case the old cable is faulty.

          Finally, make sure the display is at native Resolution of '1920 x 1080 (Recommended)' and at Scale of '100% (Recommended)'
          (Settings > System > Display)

    • One trick is to display a crosshash pattern full screen at the native panel resolution, then press the auto calibrate button, it usually sharpens things up a the monitor can detect extract timings

  • We've got the HC variant, and the 22" version of this monitor for the home offices. They are good office use monitors - lots of connectivity, fully adjustable stands including portrait mode, and the HC version does daisy-chaining and USBC connectivity. If we needed another, I wouldn't hesitate at this price.