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FFalcon 65UF2 65" Ultra HD HDR Smart TV $699 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Good price for 65" budget TV. Note this TV is UF2 not UF1. UF2 is 2020 version with better quality.

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  • Linux OS?

    Also appreciate it just says 50Hz without marketing gimmicks.

  • What's the audio like on these or is a decent sound bar required?

    • I think audio is crap on all cheap TV, just run them through soundbar or cheap amp and bookshelf speakers.

  • How does this compare to the popular Eko ones?

    • FFalcon are owned by TCL, they use it as a brand to clear last season's panels.

      Usually they're quite good.

      Look at the TCL reviews from last season, and assume the features will be less. Screens usually about the same :)

    • I recently purchased the 50in EKO at rrp $400, as I didn't want to spend the extra (even though on special) for the larger size as it was for the bedroom. I'm impressed with it's sound & picture, specially for the it's location. I'm still rocking my 55in Pana Neo Plasma in the lounge, that will be upgraded to a min 65in & named brand, probably a Sony 4K+, when the time or ridiculous bargain comes.

    • I bought the original UF1 model - it runs it's own OS and therefore you're limited when it comes to apps and functionality. I disabled all the Freeview built-in garbage as that only slows things down… and don't use any of the built-in apps as I've got a Chromecast I use instead. Mine has an issue where it randomly restarts once every blue moon, but besides that I was quite happy with it … although since then I've bought my mum an EKO model which has Android TV built into it. I love the EKO - given it has Android which craps all over the OS that FFalcon uses, but besides that, I think most of these budget models are pretty much similar is terms of quality etc.

      • Now I might be crazy, but my mate got a UF1 early/mid last year and it definitely had Android TV on it? Nothing was plugged into it as I helped him get it out of the box.

  • would something like this be better than our 9 year old Samsung FHD Plasma in terms of picture quality?

    Not fussed about connectivity, sound, or power consumption, only concern is picture quality for action movies and games (potentially 4k)?

    • Plasma typically had the image advantage back in the day, because LCD tech was new.

      If I were a betting man, I'd say yes, this would have 'caught up'.

      Possibly slightly worse blacks, but better in every other way.

    • You might find this article from a few years ago relevant. Honestly, the picture quality on my parents 65" Sony Plasma in their lounge room is still utterly excellent, especially for regular TV watching. If you plan to be gaming on the thing or watching high quality 4k hdr content thats a completely different story.

      • Nice article my 50" Samsung plasma from 2009 is still going strong…watch NFL game cast over the internet and the colours are still great. FT Air in Australia is crap picture quality compared to the US.

    • IMO a good plasma TV is still as good as, if not better, than these cheap LED TVs coming out now.

      I have a 60" 1080p Panasonic plasma that's almost 10 years old, and I'm finding it hard to justify upgrading, because it's picture quality rivals most of the current range 4k LED TVs I've looked at.

      • i assume by magic that your 1080p tv can play 4k content?

        • +2 votes

          Of course not. But 4k content on a shitty LED panel doesn't magically look better than 1080p content on a good quality plasma panel. Resolution isn't everything.

      • Pls resale on the plasma is non-existent..

    • Look for QLED, it’s a major upgrade in image colour & pop! HDR is almost a given but it’s more marketing for now as LCD needs 12bit colour and 1000-1500 nits to be worthwhile & that’s still 18 months off as standard (500 nits 10bit panels are standard at the moment on average)

      LG use inferior IPS panels to industry standard VA superior panels (helps upsell to OLED) which has perfect blacks but isn’t as bright as Q/LEDs and does gray whites (yeah they don’t tell you that)

      OLED also tends to get burn in and colour bleed into their screens but since the LG CX range I’ve not heard it’s a problem now.

      EKO QLED from bigW seems a budget hit. 65” from under $800 when in stock and less on sale. With Android TV (this is the best TV OS!)

      Next pick would be a TCL P715/C815, again qled android HDR & afforable. 75” C815 with sound bar built in is $1769 with price match!

      Otherwise I’d wait until Black Friday in September and then look for a 2021 microLED backlit from TCL

      Samsung nano micro led 2021 is the superior version. LG just pinched the QNED trademark for the inferior microLED tech they are selling in 2021

  • I've won a bid for the 50-inch model from graysonline, just to find that you can't cast media on it and don't have amazon prime or Disney plus app either. I wonder how these qualify as "Smart TV".

  • What was the original price?

  • The original price is $899

  • These guys really give a F

  • I can vouch for this TV. Got it during Black Friday back when it was $599 along with the new Chromecast with Google TV from Kogan with Commbank Rewards and it has been excellent. Have watched a good amount of TV, Disney+ and Kayo on it and have had no issues. I think the Chromecast is a large part of this but the picture quality from the TV is fantastic and sound is good enough, though I plan to add a soundbar later on. 100% recommend for the price.

    • I am considering getting this. Some of the reviews say it's slow. Did you find it slow navigating the menu/interface?

      • I mainly use my Chromecast which is obviously much faster but I have not noticed loading Netflix and all to be unbearable. I would definitely encourage to get a Chromecast, Fire Stick, Apple TV etc. alongside it.