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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H $129 + Delivery/Free with Kogan First @ Kogan


Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H Currently on sale for $129 @ Kogan. Look likes the cheapest price upon a quick google search. Been looking to buy something decent for a while and was sitting on the fence and finally decided to pull the trigger . Reviews seems to be pretty positive sign up with Kogan first for free for first 14 days to get free delivery(please note a credit card would be required to sign up for Kogan first ). Get additional $5 by joining their daily news letter enter your email to get a unique credit Offer.(new e-mails sign up only) Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend

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  • I got it from previous Kogan flash deal at $99 shipped

  • PSA re Kogan's scummy tactics:

    Kogan fined for misleading promotion

    Kogan fined for spamming

    Would personally avoid them, and buy elsewhere

    • Agree their marketing tactics are questionable and can be considered dodgy. Recently they were promoting discounted ePromo gift cards for Apple Airpods, effectively $20 off. However they are not valid till the following week. On the day (they are valid), Kogan increased the price of their Airpods by the same amount, cancelling out the discount! So when they advertise sales, take it with a pinch of salt. Double check and triple check. It might be the same price or cheaper at other times too.

  • my teen son has hayfever/allergies and usually sneeze over 10 times every morning, after putting one of these xiaomi air purifier 3H model (not frm Kogan) in his room, i rarely hear him on a sneeze attack. would recommend air purifier, no comment on seller.

    • hi Wadu
      the 3H is that the one with filter sensor so you must change when it says so (otherwise stop working), and need to be the original xiaomi replacement filter?

      • i believe so, however i've only had it for a month so hopefully the filter last 9-12 months before i even think about replacing..

  • Just wondering if anyone knows - does this stop working if you don't change the filter? Or will it continue to still work but less effectively. Tossing between this or the Arovec. Any advice would be much appreciated. Mainly used to help minimise cat dander.

  • anyone know how to get second trial? already use new email, same name, new credit card but same name - and still they said already took trial.