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25% off R.M. Williams Boots e.g. Comfort Craftsman Black $446.25 Click & Collect/Delivered @ David Jones


Quite a few sizes available in black at the time of posting. Some other RM shoes are in sale as well.


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David Jones
David Jones

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    $446 after discount

    • I had no idea these shoes were almost as expensive as a PS5.

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        Ps5's dont let everyone know you're had a private school upbringing, enjoy a sneaky early friday knock-off, have a penchant for gettin on the beers, and will not say no to a large zinger box and Gatorade after waking up up at 3pm on sunday arvo.

        • Wow, you def know me. Scholarship kid though no rich parents.

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    The discount applies to all RM boots

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    Good price =). Thanks OP. Got 10.

    • lol, absolutely, I got a few for me too, considering the price tho :D the design is also remarkable :D

    • Size 10, I hope ;-)

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    Are RMs still well made? Just curious considering that there are a few American brands that are accessible in Aus now which are a little less dressy, but made very well and can be had for ~$100 less

    • AFAIK they're still made in Adelaide. Mine is 8 years and still going. Best $350 bucks I've ever spent. + a couple of resole of course.

      • How much did repairing the soles cost?

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          $50 every 2-3 years. Provided you don’t walk until the wood part wears out. :-)

          • @tomleonhart: $50 wasnt at the actual store right. Did you go to a regular shoe shop

        • All the info you need regarding a RM repair is here

          Just depends on which part of the boot you wear out and how worn it is before you send it in.

    • Still well made, but you're right, there's more accessibility to companies such as Red Wings.

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      I was sceptical at first, but ended up purchasing my pair about 2 and 1/2 years ago.

      I generally walk to and from work each day (2km each way) in them and I can say I am very impressed.

      I've looked after them well, polishing and conditioning about once a month, and have just had the heel rubbers replaced.

      All in all, I will be purchasing another pair when these ones fail me, which I don't expect to be for a long time.

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      a few American brands that are accessible in Aus now which are a little less dressy, but made very well and can be had for ~$100 less

      Could you please give provide some examples? It's like to take a look at a few of those. Thanks!

      • Me too

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    $450 for shoes!
    Just buy a $100 pair and you change it every 2 years!

    Neg me RM project managers with puffer vests….

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      I don't have a pair of RMs but I do have some Red Wing and Wolverine boots and have to say, buying crap shoes to throw away every year just doesn't make sense to me. I've had my Red Wings for about 2-3years now and they're just getting comfier. The upfront cost ends up averaging out about the same over the life of the shoe, you should give it a try some time

      • -2

        for me, owning a pair for 6 years is too long, it will get scuffed and scratched. I rather change a $100 pair every 2 years after it has passed its life or scuffed beyond being presentable. But I'm sure the RM's is a nice pair to wear.

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          IMO I buy stuff that last longer but even on average is more expensive to move away from the "use and throw" culture. We as a society need to move towards a more sustainable culture.

          Each to their own though

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            @A Banana4scale: Absolutely. This mentality of buying for a few years then throwing it away is horrible. But I guess this is why Zara and H&M are flourishing.

            Quality > Quantity. I've had a great pair of Church Oxfords for close to 10 years now. That averages to under 70bux a year. The longer I keep and use it, the "cheaper" it gets.

            Of course you need to take care of it. It's not set and forget. You need to resole it as well which is additional cost that I have not taken into consideration with the "average cost".

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              @Szemen: Ignoring costs aside. What price do you place on comfort? Also there are other intangible impacts from not buying cheaper shoes (less landfill, and keeps an Australian in a job - or if you believe the RM spiel 80 Australians per shoe)

              • @t25: High on the comfort factor as well. I was going to mention landfill but also sweatshop conditions as well that usually comes with cheap shoes.

        • There’s worlds of difference between something like these or Red Wings and a $100 pair of shoes. It gets to the point that the cost of a nice pair of shoes is on par or marginally more expensive than buying cheaper ones.

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          lmoa you can clean/polish away most scuffs you know? You probably throw away knives once they get blunt as well I imagine.

      • You'd hardly expect to end up with "crap shoes" for $100.

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          Depends what you're talking about.

          sneakers/runners for >$100 is fine, they're all mass produced and cost almost nothing to make.

          If you're talking about welted leather boots, that's a different story and you would be hard pressed to find a good pair for $100. Even second hand you're probably looking at $150+ depending on condition.

          There is a huge difference between something like these: https://www.myer.com.au/p/blaq-fitzroy-chelsea-bot-664033780...
          Which I would guess aren't even Goodyear welted - but designed to look like they are, and a pair of red wings or RMs.

          Namely that RW and RM can be re-soled easily, are made of good quality leather and will last 6-7+ years
          Edit: spelling

          • @lyle88: I don't know what you do with your shoes, but every cheap (well under $100) pair of boots I've ever bought have lasted 6-7+ years, so I can't see any advantage in spending 5 or more times the price. If you can, then I'm sure it's a great bargain for you :)

            • @dcash: My pair of boots from Kmart lasted me three months. All I did was do very light deliveries (driving around in the car, and dropping off parts to customers) and the occasional forklift where I sat on my arse shifting pallets.

              The insides crumbled, dried out and was very uncomfortable. I got blisters from walking (<5000 steps/day).

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      Been living by that principle for years. It works but tbh none of those boots were as comfy as my RMs. I still buy cheaper boots to rotate with, but the RMs is still by far the most comfortable one.

    • I've had my RM Wiliams for 20 years. I need a new pair because my feet have grown a little. I'm not prepared to buy them online though.

    • I thought the same until I got them (at staff discount price though). They're the only shoes Ive worn to work that I come home and feel like I could still wear them for hours. Very sturdy, supported but cushioned feel at the same time. I've bought $100-200 boots before and they don't compare in terms of comfort. I haven't owned my RM's long enough to comment on the durability but I would expect they last at least 10 years. The thicker and slightly protruding sole isn't my preference for the look but it adds some protection against accidental scuffs.

  • Looks like brown ones are available for same too.

    A naive question. Is this the best price for these? And I don't see suncorp doing David Jones giftcards anymore so wondering if Myer would match their sale price?

    • If you are lucky you can get these at an outlet for around $400 but the chances of getting both the colour and size you are after is slim.

  • Uggghhh they have the Sydney available in my size. Must… resist…

  • Damn. Sold out between adding to cart and checking out.

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    Aren't they always $445 at Nungar

    • Yes quite frequently at Nungar. When I bought my pair Nungar sent a free polish & pair of socks.

      • Wow!

  • in store too?

    • More than likely yes. As the Comfort Craftsman is a regular stock line.

  • These are great - I'm ordering a Dynamic Flex in black and they have all the sizes available.

    If you're not sure if another ~400 deal comes up or about your sizing, just hold on to these for 60 days as they are eligible for returns within that timeframe.

  • +2

    Is it just me or are they missing a width option. For RMs you really want to get the perfect length AND width

    • If they're missing the option of the normal width (G) against the wider fit (H), then most likely they're G fitting (which doesn't suit me)

    • This

  • +1

    Owner of 2x Comfort Craftsman Dynamic Flex - both bought around this price (maybe $420). Yes expensive but like others mentioned certainly the most comfortable shoes I've owned and assuming they will last a decent amount of time. One set is 3 years old and good so far.

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    What advantage do these shoes have over say, a train? Which I could also afford.

    • A train will beat these any days of the week.

    • +2

      Well, Count Andard. Shall we discuss…

      • +1


  • Still not quite down to what I'd consider a bargain at $400 but its a deal nonetheless

  • Seems like a lot to spend on le booties.

    Obviously will depend on people's weird feet being weird, but at this price range how does this compare in quality and comfort to a tailored boot from a cordwainer?

  • Sale doesn't seem to be on women's boots?

    • Their main line of boots are unisex

  • I recommend nungar.com.au
    I got the comform craftsman for $395 a couple years ago + $10 post
    I think now standard (non-sale) price is ~$450

  • 3% cash back also available

  • how do you purchase the wide one?

    • I don't think DJ stock the H sizes. At least not in Perth.

      • Just received the 7H size; potentially a mixed bag?

        • Interesting… When I tried a pair on at DJ, the sales assistant told me they only stocked normal "G" width.

          • @t25: That's weird; I'm in Sydney so maybe its a state thing? Although… my pair was shipped from Melbourne(?)

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