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Bonsoy Soy Milk 1L $3.80 ($3.42 S&S; Min Order Qty 3/ Max 6) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Back at Amazon low price for the Soy Cap drinkers!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Limit of 6!

  • Op, minimum is 3 ;)

    EDIT: Just seen that you updated it.

  • Is it worth the price compared to other soy?

    • +4

      personal preference. For me, definitely!

    • absolutely

    • -3

      I think this brand is overrated to be honest, I prefer SoGood which is also cheaper

      • +2

        So Good? That's like the S&M of soymilk, except not fun.

      • +1

        SoGood, meh. Soy Milky is where it's at.

        • Oh yeah, that's my go to when it's on special!

  • cheaper at Costco!

    • +1

      I don't have a membership, how much is it at Costco?

      • See comment below

    • +1

      Last 6 pack I bought from costco cost $21 or $22

      With Amazon Sub and Save this is $20.52

  • I like Aldi's soy milk for $1.09 :)

    • +12

      Take a look at the ingredients on the side. I was shocked. Canola oil, sugar…. there is a reason it's $1.09

      • Your forgetting that Aldi shoppers only care about price. Not taste, healthiness, or any other factors.

      • +1

        I know very little about soy milk - I do like oat milk with my tea and certainly don't like the Aldi one.

        Re canola oil: isn't that a standard add-on to introduce a fat component into those non-dairy milks? How do the fancy soy milk makers do it?

      • +1

        But Aldi sell Bonsoy for $3.99.
        Pretty good price

      • shocked?
        What's shocking about rapeseed oil? Or sugar for that matter.

        I was shocked to find out there was no milk in it! 🙁

        • there was no milk in it!

          public’s being cheated - again. Indignity of food having chemical composition.

    • and also, isn't Aldi selling Bonsoy for 3.80 anyway? or are they price matching. I might be wrong, but remember seeing it at 3.80

  • +4

    Might be matching Coles' price, $3.80 in Melbourne at least.

    • Same with Perth.

    • It's 20% off at Coles right now anyway.

  • +1

    Almond milk also on spl

  • 110mg of sodium and 5.3g of sugar per serve

    • +3

      And that's a one vague statement, because of "serve".

      2.2g sugar and 47mg of sodium per 100ml.

      That's nice.

  • I have noticed that after the first 2 times of subscription order the price goes up dramatically. Please make sure you either cancel your subscription after delivery or review the order at least 10 days before the next delivery date.

    • +5

      Pot luck. Depends on the price when your next delivery is due. The price doesn’t lock-in and you end up paying price for that day( may or may not be cheaper than the first purchase)

    • I always make a point of checking prices of subscribed items. I kinda wish there was a way to 'lock in' a price for at least an annual period.

  • OOS

    • No? Just managed to buy some.

  • -3

    Vitasoy is better, cheaper, made in Australia from Australian soy… And doesn't have hidden iodine.

    • +3

      Vitasoy Soy Milky ingredients

      Ingredients: Filtered water, whole soybeans (min.14%), raw sugar, sunflower oil, mineral (calcium phosphate), natural flavour, sea salt.

      Bonsoy has no oil or sugar and has a significantly different taste as such.

      Filtered water, organic whole soybeans, tapioca syrup, sea salt, job's tears (hato mugi), calcium carbonate.

      Also what ingredient do you think the iodine comes from? Or are you referring to it containing seaweed extract before it was reformulated more than 10 years ago?

      • +1

        https://bit.ly/364JM1p Go the Vitasoy Protein Plus, is half price often.

        Filtered Water, Organic Whole Soybeans (Min. 21%), Mineral (Calcium Phosphate), Natural Flavour, Sea Salt.

        Yes that was a dig at Bonsoy, Also they don't say where the Soy beans come from.

    • Vitasoy is better, cheaper, made in Australia from Australian soy…

      Tastes disgusting, and all the profits have in recent history gone back to Chinese and Japanese JV owners. But I'm sure they don't squeeze Australian farmers on the price of their soybeans at all.

      • So you are saying its better to get Soybeans imported from USA to process in Japan and then shipped to Australia, where Australia makes Zero $ at all?
        Good logic.

        Vitasoy Australia is a Joint venture between Hongkong vitasoy and Lion Dairy (Owned by Bega), derp derp derp.

        Also employs lots of people at the manufacturing facility in Wodonga

        • So you are saying its better to get Soybeans imported from USA to process in Japan and then shipped to Australia, where Australia makes Zero $ at all?
          Good logic.


          I didn't say that at all.

          and Lion Dairy (Owned by Bega)

          They only just bought it. If you read what I actually said (Instead of just seeing what you want) I said in "recent history".

          • @serpserpserp: So whats your actual point?

  • The almond is on offer to. It is made from roasted almond paste so not good for coffee but nice on its on own with cereal.

    • My parents have me a whole slab of almond milk so use it in the milk frother when using coffee pods. Tastes ok…

  • +2

    Remember its $3.99 everyday at aldi.

    • True, but this is $3.42 or 14% less. And 6kg delivered to the door.

      More importantly, we don't shop at Aldi and the nearest Aldi is in a shopping centre, a major hassle to park and navigate if only going for the milk.

      • +2

        That is true and not to take away from the OPs amazon deal which cheaper. Although you have to order 3 min and remember to cancel the subscription, have amazon prime otherwise you need to buy 10 and wait a day or two for it to arrive. Alot of people do shop at Aldi or it is near a woolies/coles. $3.80 at coles this week too although there will be likely none on the shelves.

        • +1

          Haha, turns out delivery isn't always a good thing.

          Ours was delivered when we were out and about. I got an email saying delivered, but I didn't want the soy milk outside under hot sun (extreme heat) for any length of time. So I called my dad, who lives nearby, to pick it up from our lawn.

          Got an earful from my parents when we went to collect it later in the evening. Apparently we are lazy and not a good role model for our kids. :|

          Have to think twice next time.

  • Me and my partner are soy latte drinks and have saved heaps of money setting up a recurring order with this supplier. Unmatched for coffee texture and flavour (apart from SoyBoy maybe)

    • which supplier? i go through 6 cartons a month and usually stock up boxes and boxes. i would love to buy in bulk

      • The one in link - you can set up a recurring order via amazon, pretty convenient with Prime

        • +1

          but the recurring amazon one changes in price

      • +1

        i go through 6 cartons a month

        Crikey I go through 5 a week and only use it for coffees.

        • 6 of the individual cartons, not 6 boxes lol

    • +1

      Soyboy is good for texture but worse on flavour for soy lattes.

  • Cool and ordered.

    For coffee, I am alternating between soy, oat, and almond. For me, soy tastes the best, but not too sure if too much is good, hence mixing other options.

    • but not too sure if too much is good

      What do you think too much soy will do?

      • +1

        A while back there were concerns about abnormally high oestrogen levels in these as well as iodine content, hence the jokes that often spring up about growing manboobs. I think that was rectified though.

      • Soy is high in purine, which produces uric acid, there are debates on how body reacts to it. I guess when in doubt just try different things.

  • Are these cartons still non-resealable types?

    • Sure is, the annoying part. I use a binder clip, but still spills if not careful.

    • i bought a glass bottle with cork lid from kmart for like $4. works a treat and fits 1L perfectly

  • I’ll let my wife’s boyfriend know to pick some up.
    It’s his turn to use my credit card this week anyway.


  • +1

    Used to love this with coffee (flat white) but after having Oatly Barista I can never go back.

    • i tried oatly

      its too bitter

      • +1

        Was it the barista version? I had the regular one with coffee and it was horrible but the barista one is amazing.

        • Agree. But now I use So Good Barista Oat - as good as Oatly barista IMO, only $4, sometimes on special for $3. (Not to be confused with other So Good non barista versions which are IMO amongst the worst of all milks I tried).

          • @afoveht: Agreed completely. So good barista oat milk or bonsoy are the two I go for

          • @afoveht: Thanks for the tip. I have been avoiding So Good for years as their soy milk is pretty woeful. I just checked the ingredients of So Good Oat Barista and Oatly Barista.. very similar. Will definitely give it a try! On a side note; if you're Melbourne based, iPantry have 6 cartons of Oatly Barista for $25 (free delivery for orders $50+)

        • yep barista version

          its better than the non barista but nothing has topped bonsoy yet

          • @furythree: Maybe you got a bad batch. I have never tasted even slight bitterness when using Oatly Barista.

            • @jm7: ive bought it more than once

              its definitely not malty and sweet like bonsoy. it has a light bitter aftertaste. So i dont like how it finishes with coffee

              ill stick to bonsoy since it goes on sale more

              but its definitely the better out of all the oatmilks ive tried so i keep a few spare cartons

  • +1

    wish they had a screw top lid rather than cut the cardboard with scissors!!

    • +2

      I agree the screw top is more convenient, but the cardboard is a small inconvenience that does't contribute to plastic waste.

  • absolutely love this (almond milk) though!

  • -1

    Aren't these the guys that poisoned a whole bunch of people? I assume they've learnt their lesson, but still I'm not sure I could drink it and still feel comfortable.

    Just looked, they were recorded as poisoning people in 2009 and 2014 with this very product. Really high levels of iodine causing thyroid problems. Product was recalled twice and they were required to change their formula twice.

    • +4

      Just looked, they were recorded as poisoning people in 2009 and 2014 with this very product

      It was between 2004-2009 with the settlement occurring end of 2014, early 2015.

      Been no problems since and yes, everyone is picking them over with a fine tooth comb.

      Meanwhile people who are spouting the Aldi soy milk in this thread don't even realise there was a recent recall on the product https://www.mygc.com.au/urgent-recall-popular-soy-milk-recal...

  • +2

    Hands down the best soy milk on the market. Rich and not overly sweet. Plus it froths well for coffee.

  • +1

    Best soy on the market!!!

  • And it's back in stock.

  • I hate to say it I bought this last week to try it out (i usually buy sanitarium or house brand) and the no lid in the box really killed it for me (+ it tastes the same). Not going to buy this again :-/

  • I've been getting a message about "The item is not purchasable now". Anyone know why?

  • Best soy and almond milk, ordered 6 of each

    • As noted the above, Bonsoy almond milk is made of almond paste, not almond nuts.

  • It's $3.8 at coles. Have they ever been on half price?

    • +1

      Don't think so, lowest price was $3.50 at Woolworths.

      Barista variants are a niche market, I have never seen them half price from any brands.

      • I see. Thanks. Checked at Coles on Mon and the shelves were empty. Must be popular

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