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Dell 27" Monitors - S2721Q (4K) $324.84, S2721D (QHD) $279.28 Delivered @ Dell Australia


This deal is back for those who missed out last week. Happy Buying.

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  • Cue the "still waiting for last deals order" comments
    And yes I am still waiting

    • at least their customer support is good, my refund request came back in 3days :-)

    • They sent me a free alienware mouse (RRP 130) for late delivery compensation. Pretty happy with that.

    • Order status said: IN PRODUCTION…
      I assume we will get a fresh monitor.

      • They left two monitors alone in a room together and a new monitor is due out any day now

    • I ordered an S2721DS last week and it arrived in 2 days.


        I ordered a S2721DS, ETA was 20th Feb, arrived in 2 days.

        I think if the ETAs are 1 month out, it means they have low stock (personal experience only) and they appear to give a conservative delivery timeframe to allow for delays.

        Very nice 27" 2K screen for its price, the speakers are like good laptop speakers, not quite sure why one of the reviews trashed them, definitely no bass but it is a speaker attached to a screen not a soundbar or subwoofer set up..

        Disclosure: I work for Dell EMC not Dell, and definitely am not an official Dell store rep, so I can't help anyone in an official capacity either (sort of like working for Big W but commenting on Woolworths posts..)

  • I've always been happy with Dell products but their logistics is pretty slow.

  • I got the Dell S2721D for $220 from the dell ebay store in November (needed to use the 20% off ebay code). They sold 200 of them in about 2 minutes so you needed to be quick https://offer.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBidsLogin&ite...

  • I got mine 15 days early (ordered dec 11, scheduled for delivery by jan 15, arrived dec 30)

    very happy with it! definitely good value if you can afford to wait for them.

  • Yeah, bought S2721Q for $324.84, Estimated Ship Date: Feb 16, 2021, hopefully earlier.


  • I've ordered a laptop twice, monitor, laptop sleeve, charging brick and several other items and never had any issues with Dells delivery times.
    Dell has been neither stellar nor tardy, I've always been satisfied with their delivery. Whether it be Dell's eBay store, Dell direct or Dell Outlet store.

  • Need some deals on newer Ultrasharps, I really like the build in KVM function.

    • What do you mean by built in KVM?

      Edit: I know what KVMs are. Didn't know monitors had them built in. Closest thing I have to one is my Dell U2712DE - it's a USB-C monitor that has 4x USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet port (quite rare) and 3.5mm audio out. So I get to carry over my display, power, data, sound, network, all via 1 USB-C cable, and switch it between my MacBook and Windows laptop. Pretty sweet.

      • Take U3419W for example (superseded by U3421WE), has that function.

        You can switch between 2 devices (desktop and notebook) using Dell Display Manager.

      • The "KVM" monitors also have a USB B port (host), the idea is to connect keyboard and mouse (can also be a wireless transceiver) to the monitor, monitor relays the signal to PC through USB.

        Then when you hook up a laptop through USB-C, that single cable carries: power, video, and keyboard+mouse.

        You can setup a shortcut in Dell Display Manager to switch video input, and at the same time keyboard+mouse.

        • Hmmm pretty cool. Pity those monitors are very very expensive and probably only businesses buy them.

          • @TwentyTwoCarats: Yeah, I have an older USB-C monitor, and have setup Ctrl-Shift-M to switch video between PC and Laptop.

            Logitech MX Keys keyboard has dedicated buttons 1, 2, 3. I have setup 1 for PC and 2 for laptop.

            Annoyingly, the keyboard doesn't sync with MX Master 3 mouse. And the mouse has a toggle/cycle button underneath, 1-2-3. So it takes 2 presses to go from 2 back to 1.

            By upgrading to a KVM monitor, I can skip all the Logitech steps. But currently at a high cost.

            • @browser: We can dream, but these use cases are not very common so they'll always be an expensive luxury for those of us who like having a second machine.

            • @browser: Yeah I feel the pain lol, although a very first world problem :P

              I use the Logitech MK850 so I just have the USB receiver plugged into my monitor. Then when I switch the USB-C cable between my MacBook and Windows PC, it just takes that over. The MK850 has the 1-2-3 too, but it doesn't work that well with Bluetooth I feel.

              • @TwentyTwoCarats: First world problem indeed :D

                Only if Logitech can make their mouse sync with their keyboard, would be a lot better. A seemingly trivial thing to do, I guess the challenge is that the devices only broadcast, so they will require hardware changes to sync with each other and potentially impact power usage.

          • @TwentyTwoCarats: M27Q by Gigabyte also does this, if you wanted a gaming monitor with the kvm feature.

    • I bought two of these (for $269 each) in December 2019 and they've been great. Flip side is that looking for an additional 27 now is challenging for the same reasons as everyone mentions here. I thought that the prices would have reduced and the number of models with it would have increased (across U, P, S, E range), but I guess the market still largely demands HDMI and DP.


    • You can always get the Gigabyte M27Q for a reasonably priced KVM monitor

  • Ordered on the Black Friday sale in November last year and my monitor still has not arrived. After promising they'll deliver multiple times they've informed me this week that they're cancelling the order. Tried messaging LiMaa who posted the deal multiple times for the past 2 weeks and no response. Same for their Dell eBay customer support. All in all massively disappointed in them after they promised 1000 units and now ended up cancelling the order.

    • I cancelled my order after waiting too long (Sep order - got finally a refund in Dec) … customer service was hopeless. Amazing that they cancelled the order on you - this is the next level. I avoid Dell and can't vote any of their deals positive …

    • Got my S2721DGF on 19/01. I've never send them message only patiently wait. Initially got email that it will be delayed until late Feb 21 but somehow they arrived.

  • Still waiting on mine from November

    • In the same breath you hear some who received order of the same model way before their scheduled arrival date, and others who have been waiting for almost three months still no hope.

      I wonder why?

      For those who still haven't received their orders after way past the scheduled date:

      Did you use a coupon that you got after a purchase?

      • We apologize for the delay.
        Thank you for your recent order with Dell. We are working to ship your order as quickly as possible. The delivery date for your order to arrive has been updated to mar. 06, 2021.

        Your order is very important to us. We apologize for any inconvenience this change in delivery may cause.

        For the most up to date information, please use the button below to track your order.

        We appreciate your business and patience. Thank you for choosing Dell.

      • Thats the email I got. Seriously considering just cancelling the order and never order from Dell again.

  • Snatched one. Thanks OP.

  • i ordered from last deal, 7/12/2020 est shipping 22/1/2021, got an email 2 days ago about shipment got delayed until 1/3/2021

    • Which monitor?

      • s2721qs

        • Similar thing happened to be last year for QS. The ETA was initially about 3 weeks, just 2-3 days before that ETA date, the system delayed it for 2 months. Due to a voucher being used, I wasn't quite willing to cancel it at the time. I called CSR and the CSR indicated the revised date is correct. Then, 5 days later, the monitor arrived.

          One big issue with Dell CSR is most of them refuse to check with processing / delivery team (because most of them feel they don't have the ability to). Only a selected few CSR know how to do it. At the same time, there are some OZBers experiencing multiple delays. It is a bit of lottery.

          • @netsurfer: so i just called dell after seeing this deal.

            they said next shipment will have 1000 units in mid feb.

            I told them to cancel my original order. Then i went and got S2721Q, same panel different stand (i use monitor arm anyway) save $30

            lets see when this one will come

  • very tempted but I will wait for somewhere close to BF deals..

  • I guess Dell really loves John Wick

  • Dell elves are tinkering my 4k monitors schedule to arrive end of feb 😬

  • I'm happy for this discount code to be around forever. Love Keanu <3

  • My s2721d arrived from the last 290 deal a within a week.

  • More importantly how is USB-C not standard on monitors now??

    It's been 3-4 years now that most laptops are only coming with USB C ports. Dell make those laptops. Yet most of their monitors lack it. It's like the monitor design and development team haven't used a modern laptop.

    • They just don't use cheap monitors

    • there are usb c monitor add $200-400 on top of this price thou (dont ask me why a plug cost that much more)

      • Probably the thunderbolt standard, requiring better internal PSU to power connected device and screen.

        I suppose they think only professionals will care, so add it to higher end screens

    • I'd wait til USB-C becomes more widespread on GPUs, like when 10xx series phase out


      More importantly how is USB-C not standard on monitors now??

      There are sometimes variants of monitors that have USB-C (Look at U2419H and U2419HC as an example), the USB-C hub costs money to put in, and will cost more. Dell is a business, and USB-C hubs will also take revenue from potential dock sales (it's a business, not a charity)

      Docks cost like $300-$500.. you can see the incentive there to offer less features to consumer class (S series) monitors for those who don't need it (just like how there's a S2721Q and S2721QS, the monitor being $30~ and the adjustable stand)

      Yet most of their monitors lack it. It's like the monitor design and development team haven't used a modern laptop

      You'll find the USB port hubs standard on the P and U series (business and ultrasharp line), and the USB-C hub/charging capability on some more premium/expensive models.
      Don't kill the messenger, I'm just an OzB bargain hunting pleb.

      Disclosure: I work for Dell EMC not Dell, and definitely am not an official Dell store rep, so I can't help anyone in an official capacity either (sort of like working for Big W but commenting on Woolworths posts..)

    • Why do you think everyone needs usb c in their monitors, I wouldn't see any reason for people using desktops to need them

      I would prefer to have options of buying those without it at a cheaper price than to pay for something that I'll never use

  • Can these ones be adjusted up and down (height)? Or only tilted?

  • waiting for a deal for U2520.thanks in advance

  • Took a week to arrive (SYD-PER) from last deal

  • I currently have a 24inch 1080p monitor along with a 32inch 4k monitor. Would it be wise to upgrade to the 27inch 4k, or go same form factor with another 32?

    • Sertacv2, that's a very personal choice and depends on your circumstances. IMHO, it's nicer to have two monitors the same size if not the exact same model. If you can't do that then the same resolution is a good alternative. Being the same resolution, when you move from screen to screen, it's a better user experience. Having a 1080p and 4K monitor, you know the clunkiness of different resolutions :)

  • Pro tip look in the ozb classifieds for a voucher which will stack with this offer. I scored another $50 off (paid $50 for a $100 off $200 spend voucher)

    So S2721D for $229.28 ($179.28 plus $50)

  • Bought a S2721Q in October last year, it came in 3 days despite estimated shipping saying late november - was super impressed. So far it's been a great screen. I use it primarily for work - I do lots of reading of long documents, excel work, presentations, emails and word processing. Has worked really well and given me relief after using a 13.3 inch laptop screen. The clarity of 4k at 150% zoom is great to me for anyone wondering if 27" is not big enough.

    I also use it for gaming, PS4/Switch and Netflix on the side. In terms of gaming, I love it. The input lag is so good, has improved my gaming experience a lot. I don't know if it's just me, but the HDR settings through PS4 make little to no difference to my gaming experience. I leave it on anyway, but I can't tell if it improves the colours. It definitely doesn't degrade the gaming experience, as some on here have suggested. I don't care about higher than 60fps because I'm not a competitive gamer and don't really play first person shooters.

    The one thing I will say about media consumption is that on black screen, the light bleed is VERY noticeable if you're not looking at this monitor from dead centre. If that's something that bothers you then you may need to steer away from these IPS panels.

    I don't have a PS5 or XSX yet, but others have been reporting it plays these consoles well! Down the track I am thinking about purchasing an announced 42inch OLED from LG this year to sit beside the Dell (need to get a bigger desk), and then flip the Dell monitor to portrait for reading documents. I think it will be a killer combo

    I think bang for buck on this monitor is great.

    • +1 vote

      That's when they have stock in Australia, which they rarely do.

    • Have you actually turned on HDR in the monitor menu? It’s off by default FYI.

    • Hey thanks for the thorough review! What do you think of the white uniformity of yours? Any patches of blue/green/magenta tints on white or grey colors? Looking into getting something for graphic design but I'm really sensitive about that stuff, which seems to be quite a common problem with IPS monitors.

      • I may not be the best person to ask since I don't work with graphics or images. But I had to pump up contrast to 100 to get proper looking whites. I don't see any off colour tints. I did notice that all the colour presets look horrible except for 'standard'.

        I've got some 4k wallpapers and the colors really pop with a lot of detail. No issues.

        • Thanks for the reply! By proper looking whites do you mean the color temperature or brightness? I tend to notice patches of color tint browsing web pages with white backgrounds, and had to return a few monitors because of this. I don't think manufacturers even QC these things because I've had some very bad ones lol.

          Once again appreciate your honest review!

          • @septembers: With the contrast lower, I noticed a warmer (slightly yellowish) whites. When I turned contrast up to 100, it became cooler and whiter to my eyes.

            I've been looking at the monitor tonight in regards to tinting, and I can't say I'm seeing anything noticeable. Again, not sure I'm the best person to spot this but it looks fine to my eyes.

  • Coupon code: 1V8RN16V0V615V
    Discount: $15
    For purchases above: $100
    Got this from my last purchase, I don't think I will use it before it expires. Enjoy

  • Anyone else not received a confirmation email? I only got the initial "order received" email and no order number yet after half a day.

  • Thanks OP, just ordered the S2721D (QHD) @$280. Got an email from Dell that it's estimated to arrive by Jan 28. Cheers!

  • Which one is better in terms of PS4/PS5 gaming only?
    4K 60Hz or 2k 75 Hz?

    Thank you.

    • No 2K output support for PS4. It is unlikely PS5 will support 2K output.

      That said 2K 75Hz isn't going to be that good on Series X either. You generally want 2K/120Hz for Series X. 2K on PS4/PS5, you are basically using Full HD (1080p) and at that res, the 2K monitor essentially does some form of interpolation so not as crisp as a 1080p running native.

      • So between the two, which one would you pick for PS5?
        Or do you have any better option in <$500 price range?

        I eagerly want to upgrade from my ancient TV.

        • Definitely 4k 60hz.

        • I am using this monitor with my PS5. The display is gorgeous. I would strongly suggest against getting a 1440p resolution screen if you're planning to pair it with a PS5.

          While I have no complaints about the monitor itself, I now feel that I should have gotten a TV with bigger display size to play games. Just my personal opinion.