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[PC, Mac] VideoProc V4.1 Full License for $0 (Normally $78.90)


VideoProc is one-stop video processing software by making full use of Level-3 GPU Acceleration. As a complete video toolbox, it can edit, convert, resize and adjust large-sized/4K/DJI videos, audios and DVDs easily at fully accelerated speed. It also stands out in video downloading(now support TikTok video download) and screen webcam recording.

How to Get

-Go to the campaign page, and Get Free Version to get the zip file.
-Download the zip file and decompress (zip file will auto-match your computer system).
-Install VideoProc, copy & paste the license code from the txt file(in the unzipped folder) as well as enter a valid email to activate the software.
-Done, enjoy the full features of VideoProc (Version 4.1 only).

  • This giveaway licence doesn't support free upgrade for future versions.
  • Please download the zip file by clicking Get Free Version on the page, otherwise you cannot get the correct license code from the txt file.
  • Offer ends on 31/01/2021
  • Please activate by Feb.07, 2021
Bonus Offer

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  • For all those who don’t want to use FFMPEG and would prefer to pay money.

  • Great software, I have been using it for a while and very happy with it.

  • This giveaway version not support GPU acceleration. Keep asking for purchase.
    What's the point?

    • +1 vote

      Sorry to hear that, but I guess you might not activate the software in the right way.
      After installation, please copy & paste the license code from the txt file(in the unzipped folder) as well as enter a valid email to activate the software. GPU acceleration is available both in VideoProc giveaway & upgradable version.
      If you still can not use GPU accelreation, it's appreciated that you would like to send the device detail to [email protected], our technical staff will fix the bug ASAP:)

      • There's no problem. he's just a dumb guy

        • +1 vote

          He's correct, trying to encode a 4k video to a lower bitrate uses the CPU instead of my GTX1650 SUPER, (something that both VidCoder and ffmpeg can easily do using the GPU).

          Encoding a lower resolution video will use the GPU.

          Not only that, the video crop interface has a problem, if I try to enter an odd number into the Left, Right, Top, Bottom fields it uses the next higher even number.

          eg. input 32 you get 42, you need to then edit it to 32. Input 278 you get 288, and so on.

          The Crop Preview does not update correctly to match the selection, eg. if I enter 272 for Top/Bottom to remove black bars the Preview will show as too much of the bottom of the picture removed. You have to hit Done and then go back into Edit Video/Crop to see what the real output will look like.

          The Edit Video window needs to be resizable to full screen, trying to view exactly what you are doing in the small Preview is silly, the Crop selection boundary itself covers a couple of pixels. The background of the Preview also needs to be configurable or something other than black, check out AVIDemux for a much better implementation.

          AAC encoding is also missing some basic bitrates, eg. 192k and 224k

      • Did exactly what you said. and it shows giveaway version.
        I am using a GTX1660 video card, it says support. When I covert video, it show cpu only.
        Go to setting, click process video with hardware acceleration, it go to website asking for purchase.

        • When you click the option cog, It should say "giveaway licence"

          I did test it, and it will use NVENC for gpu encoding

          • @bobvegas: yes, it shows giveaway licence to my email. I select a 4k video covert to FHD mp4 h.264 it only run CPU with about 30 fps.

            • @Kevinlxjin: Try a different source video to render. In my experience not all videos render with hardware acceleration within VideoProc, but most do. While certainly faster, hardware encoding is visibly inferior to CPU encoding though, something to be aware of.

      • I had used DVDFab 12 no problem with GPU acceleration.

      • nope it is aking to update gpu or pay

  • Best way to convert or merge videos is vlc player, agree you have to go through command prompt / DOS mode but is the best way for 1080P videos, let me know if someone wants the command strings.