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LG Nano 85 (75NANO85TNA) 75" Smart 4K TV with AI ThinQ $2795 + $59 Delivery @ JB HI-FI


Probably the best deal for a 4K120hz HDR 10+ TV at 75"
I haven't seen any deals posted on the nano85 recently but reviews seem really good.
Seems Malaga have stock and the rest are taking back orders.


Goodguys have matched price but none in stock near me.

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  • Is the 65 inch model missing any features of the 75 inch model?

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    The LG NANO85 is a decent TV for mixed usage. It performs best as a gaming TV or as a PC monitor thanks to its low input lag and good response time. It's not the best choice for watching movies in a dark room since it has a low contrast ratio, poor black uniformity, and a bad local dimming feature.


    • thanks mate, yes this is specifically more attractive to gamers.

    • Damn, was interested in this but looking at that review VRR doesn't work at 4K 120hz. Hopefully all the TV manufacturers have sorted out their HDMI 2.1 implementations with this years TVs

      • Just my 2 cents
        I run a 1440 144hz monitor and I keep VRR off for better input lag and when I'm at above 100fps I cant notice tearing at all, its when you play games that drop below like 80 fps regularly that it becomes noticeable which in that case you can either opt to play at 60hz instead or drop your res back to 1080p so you can play at higher frame rates.
        VRR is nice to have if you want to just set it and forget it but there is a premium that you are paying for convenience that in my opinion is currently not worth it since you can work around it.

    • Any recommendations for a good TV 55-65" <$2000 for media consumption? I don't game atm, but am keen on finding a TV that I can just chromecast a bunch of TV shows or stream youtube on.

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        Hisense Q8 65" would meet your needs, only HDMI 2.0 which isn't an issue if you don't game or only game casually.

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    $2550 seems better

    • check out the delivery

      • no charge for pick up otherwise $165, overall id be waiting for better prices going onto 2021 release soon & tv's are still at their high end price

        • oh right you must be over east, my delivery shows $995 to WA which is why I didn't post that deal

          • @Silent-zai: lol $995, yeah WA always gets enormous delivery charges from videopro & appliance central, would be transport companies coming up with those prices

            • @RogueWolf: regardless doesn't beat your post on the Q70t which I missed out on :(

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                @Silent-zai: didnt last long that deal wasn't many in-stock, if you're looking to buy would wait it out prices are a joke atm since the pandemic started

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                  @RogueWolf: yeah i bought TCL primarily for the inbuilt sound bar for the guest room on black friday and still no stock. need it for our new house because our 60inch died after 7 years in service, im thinking i'll just buy the cheapest 65 or 75 inch that is in stock now and wait out a bit longer on a high end for the theatre

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    These LG nano's are very average TVs. The nano marketing gimmick is the selling point. I'd argue main consumers are those without any particular picture requirements and just want a basic TV that works OK. But put it next to anything else comparable price wise and it shows.

    • It’s the local dimming that kills them. Dimming doesn’t seem important but I own an edge lit LG TV and that aspect is awful.

      With the nano versions their method varies between model and size (sometimes in software only!) and even the full array local dimming seems to be slow and have only a few zones; unlike Samsung which seem to be much better.

      Like people said maybe gaming is okay. But the second you want to watch Aliens or any other dark movie you’ll regret it.

      • The other problem is they use IPS panels so brightness and contrast is poor. Add in average local dimming and it's even worse. Only good thing is the viewing angles which is only a slight gain on VA panels. Samsung, Hisense, Sony 9 series all use VA so picture quality is much better.

    • if you want better picture but not as big on gaming, the Samsung Q70T is at the same price at the moment.

      • Sorry, isnt Q70T a 120hz panel with 2.1 HDMI. How is the other tv better at gaming?

        • Qled panels are technically VA panels, VA panels are prone to ghosting which can be worse for gaming. Nano85 is IPS and has better input lag and less chance of ghosting. generally speaking people go for IPS for gaming as a priority and VA for superior picture quality.

          I'll be honest though, I would rather a VA/QLED as an all rounder.

          • @Silent-zai: The trade-off is horrific local dimming and back light bleed. And the differences aren't actually all that big. Depends what Televisions you are comparing and at what price points.

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    Nano85 is edge lit vs nano91 which has full array local dimming. Weaker contrast and black levels is because of the use of an IPS panel vs VA in other LCD TVs.

    Pretty crappy time to be buying a TV at present due to low stock levels. If you can wait I would, otherwise this isn't the worst option around.

  • Bad Maths

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    I think I need to wait for the Nano91 at a good price. This TV is a little too expensive, should be around $2500! New TVs are about to drop, these prices are a little too steep, especially for these older technology televisions… I heard the Naon85 has terrible local dimming… I don't want to put up with that in 2021.

  • The 75inch Nano 90/91 price just dropped to half price in the US at about 2000 AUD. Still not a great tv though given it has worse dark room performance than even a Q60T

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      I've decided on the 75" Nano 95, but I'm not paying $4600 for it.

  • Don't waste your money folks. I purchased a 65" NANO91 on the weekend, immediately noticeable white spot in top right and left hand corner even with full array local dimming enabled. Am getting a refund from the Good Guys.

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