Nothing That Interesting on OzBargain Deals Anymore

Hey Guys,

Been on Ozbargain for a fair awhile. Once upon a time (Particularly prior to covid) you use to see quite a few great deals almost on a weekly basis. Is it just me or these days great deals posted seem far and few between?

Gone are the days of seeing Ebay 10 percent of sales site wide for example. Would love to hear other people's thoughts on this..


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    I just miss the random shit off Banggood and Gearbest.

    The /csg/ threads on /g/ kind of scratch that itch, but not as much as those threads used to. :/

  • Free games like Star Wars Battlefront.

    $399 for Switch with MK8.

    50% off food and beverage @ selected restaurants.

    Still pretty good I think.

  • Is it just me or these days great deals posted seem far and few between?

    Well if everyone is only posting and asking why in forums, there won't be any deals. Perhaps you could lead by example and post a few deals yourself to spice things up?

  • Everyone busy buying houses. Qty = 1, too limited to post as a deal.

  • Gone are the days of seeing Ebay 10 percent of sales site wide for example

    You can't post interesting deals if the companies don't have them.

    Maybe contact companies like eBay and ask them to release some good deals so that they can be posted in the forums?

  • Deals from OP - Zero

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      That is not the point. The point of the discussion is that companies are making noteworthy deals or not. OP notes that after covid market became more conservative for deals.

    • To be fair, it's hard to find good deals though. The OzBargain community is pretty top notch and fast with what it comes up with. I feel pressure posting bargains because I feel they're too mediocre.

  • Nothing That Interesting on OzBargain Deals Anymore

    until i see this post…

  • Due to covid I think. Retailers are offering less discounts, less frequently. EOFY sale was pathetic last year.

  • Considering we were just in recession you cant expect much form businesses i number of them went under due to COVID and plenty are still on the knife edge

    • most of the good deals come from the large retailers and they've been making a lot during covid…. online sales surged… but they just want to keep all their profits. only ebay is pretty good at giving with the ebay plus July mega deals (yes its hard to get, but the prices have been pretty good, i.e. $99 AirPods)

  • What? RRP consoles and graphics cards not enough for you?

  • I think its because people want the deals but don't want to contribute. If people posted as much as they complained we would be inundated with deals…
    Also I started posting less as I got tired of people getting attacked for posting deals…so much negativity that I decided I got nothing out of posting so I couldn't be bothered with having to defend or explain the deals..
    I think when I first stumbled upon this site it was quite a friendly community…and I know its a minority but I think of late its become quite toxic…

    • Been toxic for a long time….. I haven't posted a deal since 2011.

    • I also find posters and the community don't take criticism of a deal well. A few times I've posted issues about a product or store (and a neg on the deal) and my contribution is almost always negged.

    • I think when I first stumbled upon this site it was quite a friendly community…and I know its a minority but I think of late its become quite toxic

      Feels like this is the how every site goes. When it's smaller and a bit slower it feels more like a community.

      Then it grows too large and too fast and it's no longer a community and it's just randoms yelling at you.

  • 2 things that make me feel like "no deals again FFS".

    First is that other users find such good deals that I do very little first hand bargain hunting. If I see something I think is awesome I'll post it. Anyone else suffer from this form of "laziness"?

    Anyway I'm very rarely searching for stuff to buy because…

    Second issue is I bought everything I need/want. I'll get a 3080ti or whatever at some point when 4k VR is out.

    Besides that… Not sure that I need any more high or low quality stuff. Phone once a year… Jerky for a treat… I just hangout here now, with my stuff, in my room, by myself. This is fine.

  • Usually these days it's :

    "it's $100 more than previously but I think it's a good deal"

    "It's a good deal because it's RRP and they have stock"

    With Covid and retailers making a killing doubt we will see anything decent sales wise for a while

  • Retailers are rocking it right now. The best deal is their shares.

  • I see more and more Amazon paid deals. We need more contribution although some deals are less popular.

  • Completely agree. Just seems like there isn't much out there rather than an issue with users not contributing.

    • Yep, I don’t really even look at the deals anymore because nothing has interested me for a few months now. If I do look at the deals I scroll past quickly without really looking and just “yeah, nah”, “nah”, “nah” etc.

  • $400 total refund on Amex Plat spent at Woolies etc (Two Separate deals) was sensational!

  • He says he wants to see more great deals…..

    Then talks about eBay 10% off…….


    • Sitewide 10 percent off was really amazing though!
      Because it wasn't as price jacked as the selected
      20 percent offs

  • cannot agree more,also on 1 day deals,I live in Canberra and all the deals listed we receive them on the day after they been posted to us thus many deals are finished the day BEFORE we receive them!

  • I agree with OP

    Seems to be a race to post any offer anyone sees first even if its just a few cents.

    Many are worthless

  • Shopping online has matured to the point where it's normal and just about everyone does it. 10+ years ago there were so many people who were very cautious of buying online and for some it was unspeakable. Can you remember when Myer and other sites would actually close for the night and no longer take orders? This has resulted in a lot of loss leading strategies in order to get customers to be dropped. People can easily be manipulated into thinking they're a good deal when they're not.

    I remember when I first came to OzBargain 10 years ago and was shocked by the pages and pages of freebies. Followed by all these awesome clearances at Dick Smith. Now if I'm lucky enough to see a freebie I almost never post it simply because people here will abuse it.

    As OzBargain has grown, the community itself has shifted. I remember when it was perfectly acceptable to post a deal on something more expensive if it was local stock. Now you'll get attacked and downvoted because it's cheaper to buy overseas… even if it's a few dollars.

    • because it's cheaper to buy overseas… even if it's a few dollars.

      I hear that. I was looking at the Wireless1 deals for Ubiquiti gear the other day, opted not to since it wasn't huge anyway, and my local major (Computer Alliance) was only $10 more (at normal pricing).

      • Wireless1 is a local store though. I met a few of them years ago at a meetup. Or perhaps you mean they're more local… being in the same state?

        For me I often pick up stuff from MSY when I need it as Amazon and other stores can take a week. Though CA recently have always been arriving within 2 days and that's impressive.

  • Yeah one thing for sure I don't see much watches deal as before.

  • Businesses have got better at pricing and promotion.

  • IMHO this site would be much better if stuff like the weekly "free" Epic game was removed from the main page. Everyone knows about these sorts of offers by now and they are not bargains that people would not otherwise know about. Ditto the same Xiaomi clone watches and Blitzwolf USB cables every 4-6 weeks.

    My personal view is also that any Amazon price matching should be parked under the post about whichever store actually dropped its price first. Encourages to people to go with the party actually discounting and avoids the same deal being repeated as free advertising for Amazon.

    I also think, though, that a lot of businesses now run on a permanent 'sale' basis where it's very hard to work out the true price. RRP is almost just a bait price to see if anyone is dumb enough to pay them extra money for no reason.

    • I find it helpful as i would never logon to epic every week otherwise and allows me to skim for titles im interested in. It disappears qucikly enough and not hard to hide the deal in preferences if you arent interested

    • It's quite amazing seeing how many Amazon posts there are now. And how few people ever acknowledge the algorithmic method they use.

      Apart from AWS, Amazon makes money by undercutting or matching other retailers using an algorithm.

      They then rely on their enormous logistics to push all the boxes as fast as possible.

      At a certain point small box sorted goods from Amazon will be a human ordering a product suggested by an AI algorithm, price matched by another algorithm, sorted by robots using another algorithm, and hopefully delivered by an actual human - until they figure out drone delivery…

  • The deals are there, maybe your preferences have changed over the years.

    I just find that i miss out on most deals, as im not on ozbargain every 5 seconds. With bots and whatnot, a good deal will be gone in < 10 minutes.

  • I love seeing posts of bargains on things i never knew existed and impulse buying things i never knew i needed.

  • there's very little here cept ads these days. because of the revenue generation site routinely runs controversial threads to generate traffic.

    rules are not enforced as other threads have made plain so many old posters don't bother with this site anymore because of the right wing political views regularly aired here.

    its a shopping site now, and the main thing shared is abuse and cruelty, which sums up Oz these days - maybe the owner's looking for an award as well…

    • I don't know what this thread has to do with politics but you should spend less time looking for arguments online because that's not healthy. I know it's the internet and all but we should be spreading more love and less hate on this earth that we live in. If you always look for injustice in this world then injustice will find you so learn to appreciate the joys of this world a bit more. Whenever I'm having a bad day I always try to remember what Louis CK said in this video - . That is not to say that the economy isn't doing shit and we aren't less connected because of the internet but western society takes too much of what we currently have for granted. Society didn't suddenly turn to shit when everyone started using social media to interact online, we just became more connected which made it easier for people to complain online . But a lot of these arguments online in the end are meaningless and if more people accepted that people will always have different opinions we would all be better off.

      • Seems every corner you take there's an anti-COVID/vaxxer having an argument. It's really scary how many there are here.

      • I don't look for arguments, but when people post hate online based on fake news and false facts I tend to add some truth.

        take for example my post in this thread above which is neither politically focused or motivated and factual.

        From that you have asserted that everything I wrote in that post is political when clearly it is not.

        You even go onto claim that I deserve the hate and abuse that routinely comes my way because of the mods ignoring their published rules on posts.

        All your post makes plain is why fewer old members post deals here, and since others in this thread have said virtually the same thing, and you have not found fault with them singled me out incorrectly.

        If the mods enforced their published rules on a politically neutral basis then the toxic nature of this site would reduce massively and more real deals would be posted.

      • Never mind. This discussion is about bargains

        • yep , and why good deals aren't posted as much - which is in part because the site has become toxic with way 2 many making stuff up about users.

    • Yeah, I definitely feel one of two things

      • Ozbargain gets brigaded by covid nutjobs, or
      • There is considerable overlap between the type of person that invests a lot of time into ozbargain comments and the 4chan/antivax/internet nutjob crowd

      I think it's mostly the latter. I'm not saying it's a majority of contributors, but enough to be noticeable.

      • and over a long period of time precisely why good deals posted have become rare - why would people want to help well off toxic people routinely espousing anti - australian sentiments.

  • Post them

  • For me this works pretty well. I agree that the golden age of OzB does seem to have gone. But those were the days when I’d follow it more or less continuously. I’d buy all sorts of stuff. Torches, pens, watches, powertools, tv’s, monitors, laptops, bicycles, clothes, phones, more phones. The list goes on. None of which I needed.
    I have to say that the days where those killer low prices popped up regularly seem long gone. Don’t get me wrong, I still watch OzB avidly, but the big ticket savings and real bargains are few & far between.
    The days when pricing errors were not cancelled.
    The days when double stacking coupon codes could net you 30/40/50% discount or more.
    Eneloops deals every day. When US$ was at parity (or better) with AUD.
    Miss those times, but there again I’m now saving a frigging fortune as I’m not buying every day. Tend to be a bit more reluctant to jump on a deal, mostly because the good ones are rare.
    As I said, it’s a good thing for me.

  • My wife was just saying to me today how she can't seem to find great deals on clothing anymore (ASOS, Iconic etc.).

  • Well, the site has resorted to listing products at RRP now lol

    • Something something Xbox/PS5 deals are okay because they're limited release as they say. Also everything Aldi but Amazon price matching Coles…. that's a big no no.

  • Easy - RIP travel deals

    I know every second ozbargainer are crying over extinct BOGOF Jetstar Japan deals :(

  • To be honest in the early days of ozbargain it was a small community so you would get a lot more niche deals.

    Now the community is much bigger and combined with heaps of lurkers, everything gets hoarded up quickly before it makes the front page.

    I suspect a lot deals deals in past dont get posted now because of this

  • I tend to agree. It's gone from hidden gems to a copy/paste of the weeks catalogues.

    • One reason people don't consider is that everyone upvoting those deals blindly makes them popular and those posters who care more about votes and trying to beat specific people will continue to do so if the catalogue copy deals are popular.

      Many also share the view that you only upvote when it's something you purchase, when it's intended to be something you consider to be a good deal. I aim to find more obscure deals quite often and they get far less votes than something I'd find from a catalogue.

      I always hate seeing people being so critical (good or bad) on deals and when they vote.

  • Resellers

  • Less deals on useless things we buy.. Hmm you end up saving money. Isn't that the whole point?

  • I agree with the OP and Amayzingone, the days of great deals on a variety of items is long gone, now 5% off and RRP is a deal, as crazy as that sounds. There is so much rubbish posted on here these days its more of an advertising platform for businesses rather than 'genuine deals' being posted. If you removed all the junk posted from this site in its current form you would have very few 'deals' posted. The attitude now seems to be just post a deal for the sake of posting something. I think this site peaked between 2008 and 2015 and has certainly declined sharply since then.

  • it's a drought