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Documentaries HD Streaming 1-Year Plan US$11.79 (~A$15.50, 41% off) @ CuriosityStream + Free Access to Nebula (Save US$50)


Trial curious - Thousands of documentaries from CuriosityStream. And now 41% off annual plans. PLUS, exclusive content from the smartest independent creators on Nebula. Sign up for CuriosityStream and get free access to Nebula with your subscription. Once you sign up, you'll get a Nebula welcome email in your inbox.

CuriosityStream = netflix for documentaries - https://curiositystream.com/
Nebula = youtube for intellectual stuff - https://watchnebula.com/

i have heaps of codes and urls, i checked and i think all these are currently working:

https://curiositystream.com/techaltar (thank you jwu56)
https://curiositystream.com/hai/ (thank you jwu56)
https://curiositystream.com/joescott - code: joescott
https://curiositystream.com/ali - code: ali
https://curiositystream.com/polyphonic/ - code: polyphonic

I'll keep adding them when I find them - if you find one please add it to the comments.

Advertised for new users so have to make new accounts with different email if subscribed to either service before. OR you can attempt to email customer support with your code and sometimes they will be nice apparently.

And if you don't care about Nebula you can just get 40% off CuriosityStream with the code: NEWYEAR2021 or THOUGHTY
but free is free

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