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[XB1, XSX] Games with Gold February: Gears 5, Resident Evil (Remastered), Indiana Jones & The Emperors Tomb & More @ Xbox


New Games with Gold for February 2021 Featuring Gears 5 and More

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  • Xbox Live Gold prices are going up too so get in while you can.

    • Not sure if it affects us just yet, as every online article I found only mentions USD pricing.

      Can anyone else confirm?

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        They are removing 12-months as an option which they have already done in AU on Microsoft Store, it means you pay more by only being able to get smaller amounts at the higher price when a year was the only good price.

        I am actually only seeing 3-months now which is $120 per year in AUD.

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          Wow what the?

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            @RocketSwitch: Xbox received so much flack, they cancelled this price change and have also now promised to open F2P without a subscription. However it still only shows 3-months for A$30.00 for me.

        • Price isn't exactly going up a month, it's that the discounted long expiries are being discontinued.

          You can still grab a 12 month $80 at JB and cheaper elsewhere (for now).
          3 months is $30 like it always has been.

          Of course for most Ozbargainers they'd be stocked up on Gold for almost 3 years anyway from previous deals?

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      FYI - MS have just announced that they are not going ahead with this price hike any more and are reintroducing the 12 month cards and are dropping the gold requirement on F2P games

  • Is it $1 for 3 months?

    • I know that's Games Pass. Gold, might be something else?

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        That promo includes Gold

        • Sounds like a great deal. I wonder, any benefit to having both?

          You'd get to 'keep' 6 or so games, ones that you might get with Games Pass anyway, then lose them once you cancel in 3 months?

          (I'm new to Xbox - I moved because of Games Pass, which is really awesome!)

          • @MementoMori: Game Pass Ultimate includes PC, also Gold. Believe it also exclusively includes the EA Games too.

            Plain old game pass may be xbox only, no gold, no extras.

            It's absolutely worth paying for the ultimate, especially if you are new to the console.

            For long timers it's a harder sell given they'd have many of the games anyway, however, I'm still happy to subscribe. It's brilliant.

            So yeah, stick with Ultimate. It's worth it.

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    I love getting the OG Xbox games, I had wanted to pick up this game, rented it yeaaaars ago but never finished it, hell I think I barely made it more than 10 minutes in, younger kid and whatnot, don't think I'd ever seen Indy at that point anyway, point is, I'm excite, but I couldn't bring myself to buy it after how many Disney games had been chucked on Gold over the last year or two because I figured this would land there too.

    Resi 1 remaster and Gears 5 is pretty (profanity) sick too tbh. Gears didn't grab me that much but I never got into the Resi remake, had it on PS4 but sold my PS4, so this is welcome.

    Could we be getting lucky, and there be a X|S game on top every month to match the PS5 stuff? That would be fantastic.

    • I doubt it Microsoft doesn't have exclusives on the level of PS currently…on PS people have been gotten recent triple a games

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        They don't need exclusives, just like none of the PS5 PS+ games have been PS exclusive, but it would be cool to see the X|S logo on a game each month, 'specially with the new price hike (even though it's likely just to push the stragglers onto Ultimate anyway).

        • The X|S logo in this case is essentially a game patched to improve support series X|S, not real next gen series X|S games. With the price increase on XBox Live Gold, Microsoft obviously is wanting people to move to GamePass Ultimate. Since Gears5 will never leave GamePass, it gives me a mixed feeling whether this is actually a good thing or not. Clearly, Microsoft don't want people to continue with XBox Live Gold only.

          If you are on XB Live Gold, once you play Gears 5, Microsoft will try to sell you the expansion or GamePass Ultimate.

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            @netsurfer: Look, you're 100% right, like in every single bit.

            But I'd be lying if I said the X|S logo didn't make my $750 feel validated every time I see it.

            • @TheDukeOfNukem: Well it should because the game is using a good chunk of the console to run at higher res, settings and FPS.

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    Noob question, do you get to keep these games after gold expires? I have ultimate for 3 months so want to make best use of it while it lasts. 😁

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      Xbox One games, no.
      Xbox 360/ Xbox Original games, yes.

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      XBox One games will "technically" still be in your collection. However, they will require an active XBox Live Gold or GamePass Ultimate subscription in order to play.

      You will generally still collect them. XBox 360 games obtained through gold, you do get to play them without an active subscription.

      • Is there any reason to get gears 5 on games with gold while it is already on gamepass? I still need a sub in the future to play either right

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          Not for most people. However, if we are strictly looking at pure cost, there might be cases where you would do that. It is cheaper to redeem XBox Live Gold rewards (4750 points) from Microsoft rewards vs GamePass Ultimate (12000 points). Some people might still have some XBox Live Gold vouchers to use.

          Also, while Microsoft does offer $1 upgrade from XBox Live Gold to Ultimate, so far, through loopholes, most people can only get that done twice. Right now, Microsoft refuses to let me upgrade XBox Live Gold to GamePass Ultimate for $1 (that 3 months special).

          Reality is most people should just wait for $1 special is on (and create a new account if necessary). However, just be aware that once your main account is in the Microsoft ecosystem longer, it is less likely Microsoft will offer you special deals and will ask you to cough up and pay RRP for subscriptions.

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          It can be studio dependent but games on GamePass aren’t forever. It’s like Netflix - titles are added and removed all the time. Some games seem relatively permanent but there is some turnover as licences expire. Microsoft studio titles are the exception. Bethesda stuff will probably also hang around!

          Games you acquire on Gold stay in your library permanently as long as you have an active sub.

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            @fookos: He is referring to Gears 5, which is a first party title. Unless Microsoft intend to break their promise, Gears 5 should remain in GamePass library indefinitely.

  • Hoping this means more Resident (edited) Evil might be added to Gold or Gamepass.

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      I absolutely could be tripping, but I swear a couple of the remasters had been on GP before.

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        I prefer it to Commercial Evil

      • The HD remasters, 6 and 7 have all previously been on Gamepass. I just didn't get a chance to play/finish them before being removed. It takes me forever to finish most Resident Evil games.

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    Indiana Jones & the Emperors Tomb

    Tired of these subs just giving out Indie games

  • The preview of this post on the home page says "Featuring Gears 5 and More Gears 5"

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    Still waiting for a good 12 month deal so I can pull the trigger on the 3 year upgrade for $1 trick..

    • Same here

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      considering they've doubled the cost of 12 months to prevent this sort of thing, its looking less and less likely unfortunately.

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    I keep forgetting to claim the games with gold games and the playstation version. I wish they were added to your library automatically.

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    If you are an Xbox Live Gold member already, you stay at your current price for renewal. New and existing members can continue to enjoy Xbox Live Gold for the same prices they pay today.


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      No ETA for removing the FTP requirements however.

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    Pretty unlucky that they're currently having an RE sale on Xbox, and I literally picked up RE remastered in a bundle with RE0 :/

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    I wonder when will they improve the ui /os of series x besides the dynamic rainbow like effect. Feels like nothing change much besides the faster loading and random hdr effect.

    Ps5 is dissapointing too, ui is better than xbox but no free background from the store. Already missing my dynamic background from ps4.

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      Pretty crap that they couldn't transfer over the backgrounds engine so we can use our PS4 dynamic themes. I've got some pretty cool ones on my account.

  • Hm, Gear 5, how do you claim that as part of Gold if it's on Game Pass too? Buy as a gift is what's listed for me instead of claim.

    • Have you tried it on a computers web browser through the store instead of on the game console store?.

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        Actually, the opposite worked. Game console store had the option.

        • Wlmt stick for me on console after purchasing though

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    Thanks OP for putting the direct links for the games! The trend has been not to include them & its pretty annoying so I really appreciate it!

  • This might be a noob question as I just registered.. but is microsoft adding all free games from live gold to game pass monthly? That way I don't have to keep redeeming every month..

    • is microsoft adding all free games from live gold to game pass monthly?

      No. It's a coincidence (or not) Gears 5 is on both services, by I wouldn't count on it.

      • Ah alright, then i'll make sure i add the monthly game. Thanks mate

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