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Toolpro 12V Ultimate Power Tool Kit $181.99 (Was $259.99) @ Supercheap Auto


Apprently its well built and feels solid.
The wrench is super handy and the rest is just back up tools because I previously bought the Bosch combo

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Supercheap Auto
Supercheap Auto


  • I previously brought the Bosch combo.

    Where did you bring it to?

  • Good price.

    And yes, the power-ratchet is amazing.
    The drill is fine.
    The torch is a torch…

    But please, if you're the type to need impact, spend the extra on ryobi.

    3/8" square shaft with 80Nm max torque

    Having a 3/8 rattle gun is actually kinda cool, but ultimately useless.

    Even a small built person would be able to apply 80nm of force on a standard spanner.

    Tools are one of those things in life you never regret buying.

    Don't go out and spend 2k on Milwaukee stuff; but the extra $100-200 now on Ryobi will leave you with a useful power tool, not a frustration.

  • Dunno if it’s just me, the ratchet looks very very similar to a Milwaukee one. The battery looks like it would fit on the Milwaukee tool too