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Hisense 280L Vertical Freezer $677 + Delivery @ The Good Guys


Hubby and I have been looking for an upright freezer with drawers for a bit. Due to limited supply, these have been hard to come by.

Last week the freezers were $998 plus delivery everywhere. We ended up finding another brand second hand but to my disappointment found out this morning when I logged in that these are down to $677! Great price when everywhere else has been at $998. If you can't get stock, looks like Harvey Norman is now at $729 too.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • I bought one in March, a very good and quiet freezer.

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    It's $20.31 cheaper at their eBay site using coupon: PLUS3P


    coupon expires 28/01/21.

    $55 delivery fee.

  • I was amazed how hard it is to get a medium sized upright freezer in a decent brand.

    I'm not convinced on hisense. They're.. Ok. Their fridges and freezers generally have reliability issues if I remember my research correctly.

    We ended up going second hand too. Don't regret it.

    • Concerned with reliability, so you bought second hand with no warranty?

      • Yeah there were no new options likely to outlive their warranty by much. This way it probably will last just as long but cost $500 less.

        In fact it wouldn't surprise me if mine is still going strong in 10 years.. It's just old enough that it might have been built to last. Imho the hisense definitely isn't.

  • Bought one just over a year ago (right before the pandemic when everyone started buying freezers so they can stock up on food). Had no problems - works well. Nice and quiet as well.

  • Why do you need a separate freezer? do you buy in bulk and then consume or is you family big so that you need a big freezer to store things?

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      Obviously a larger family is the main reason + 1/2 price frozen goods on weekly WW/Coles special.

    • to be honest it is not big if you have a family of 4-5.

      6 shelves/ drawers, we are Asian background.

      Frozen instant food
      Frozen vegetables/ fruit
      Dessert/ Ice-cream
      Frozen dumplings/ Frozen buns/ dim sum
      Frozen meats/ hotpot food.
      Frozen udon

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      • We are a family of 3 and have this freezer.

        We do
        Frozen home made stock
        Frozen dumplings/buns
        Frozen meat portions. We usually bulk buy from Costco or wherever, divide into portions and freeze
        Frozen premade food. eg: I buy a few kg of beef from Costco and marinade in Korean galbi sauce, then portion and freeze.
        Frozen fish balls and stuff for hot pot

        I also smoke meat, so sometimes I will hit up Costco or a butcher and load up on brisket, ribs etc and keep them in the freezer until I am ready, since it's a pain in the butt to travel to these places sometimes. I sometimes use a brisket supplier that is 2hrs away…but the meat is so good

    • I'm surprised anyone can use the small space in a fridge/freezer unless only for 1 person. They're SO damn small.

      Different if a couple that cooks using fresh veg and meat and doesn't stock up.

      Although I only use bottom mount fridges and the freezers in those can be a bit smaller.

    • Batch cook and save

  • Can the door be swapped to open the other way?