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[eBay Plus] KENKO 77mm Celeste Circular Polariser Filter $29.75 Delivered @ DCXpert eBay


First post from me, for anyone looking for a 77mm CPL filter. Ebay plus needed.

This is top of the line from Kenko, 77mm is one of the most popular sizes which is less likely to get a good discount, and I believe it is equivalent to the top HOYA CPL, at under $30.

At the time of post according to eBay there are 3 left.

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  • While no doubt decent, I’d have trouble believing it’s exactly up to par with the top Hoya or BW filter.

    • HOYA/Kenko are not as good as BW in turns of durability, and the dust resistance performance of the coating. Optically maybe not be as good as the same range of B+W as well, but close enough.

      Kenko vs Hoya though, many believe they are exactly the same thing with different brands for different market, but I can't confirm it 100%. From my limited own experience, I can't tell the difference between those two as long as they are both genuine.

      • Either way it’s a good buy…
        I haven’t had an issue with either brands, and will on occasion use Marumi filters too.

        • I also use Marumi, and I prefer it to Hoya/Kenko too, again I can't flaw any optically, but Marumi feels better made with higher precision mechanically. Especially for CPL with moving parts, it feels tighter and smoother at the same time.