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[eBay Plus] 15% off Eligible Items @ eBay Australia


Just found this in my email. Targeted to eBay Plus members.

Max discount of $300


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eBay Australia

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    Types in various items. "No matching items". Closes eBay tab.

    • Thanks for saving me

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    Prices already jacked up, Mini 2 combo is $1061 LOL

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    Here we go again.

  • I think not active .

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    gone are the good days of stacking these coupon codes with tv's already discounted on eBay, appliance online removed most of there items off eBay 3 months ago & videopro stopped being part of the 15%-20% deals a while ago, rip tv market

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      Cmon Wolf there are needles in the haystack normally .

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        My mind goes to the needle pit from Saw 2.

        • That needle pit is the stuff of nightmares…

    • edit: appliance central not appliance online

  • Died out

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    I bought a treadmill from ozplazaliving during last 20% off and price still the same no jack.


    • Which one did you get? I am thinking of buying one

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        I bought this because of the 2.5hp motor and some other around the same price are 2hp motor.

        If you really want running better get a wider one, I only use it for fast walking.

        The only disappointment, one of the front wheel was broken during transport but they sent replacement wheel, fit but not the same. Anyway the wheel is only for moving the treadmill so doesn't matter for me.

        The display panel is flat so a bit of problem viewing it during walking without angle.


        • Thanks! I'm not a runner either, this could fit the bill…

          • @Geillis: Hmmm. Yes. Who doesn't need 2.5hp to do all the running for them?

            Following link… [Soon to be unboxing, letting accumulate dust whilst the plastic cracks up, and then throwing out to landfill]

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    Super price gouging from SydneyTec!
    2tb Samsung Evo 860 is heaps more exxy than even RRP (let alone adjusting for yesterday's 10% off from more reasonable sellers)

  • only 4 Televisions in the sale - all are branded "Devanti" ??? :(


    • Down to only one of the usual cabal of price jackers…. things are getting really thin on the ground after so much anemic promotional half-arsery

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    Should we start doing some kind of coordinated response to ebay AU on social media everytime that they announce a sale? Probably include Hamish Blake as the current face of ebay AU? He has 1.7m followers with instagram+twitter…

    My assumption is that the sale is paid for with ebay marketing budget where they are paying the discount portion of the product to the seller on our behalf. Therefore the price jacking is impacting them as much as us. I doubt ebay is mandating that sellers drop their prices by 15%. Maybe the seller does discount on the 'sticker price' but not by the full 15%.

    Either way we should start giving ebay bad publicity in more places than just here. The price jacking has to stop. The sale should be advertised as 15% off RRP or 15% off. They shouldn't be jacking up the price for sales.

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    No Sonos Beam.
    Give me the Sonos Beam for $440.

    • You got it for $449 or lower for Black Friday. Won’t be that price for a long time

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    • JACK20

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        No change in strategy. I hope amazon destroy them.

  • Nothing great, almost pulled the trigger on a Garmin Fenix (when they had the 10% eBay Plus code), then a day or 2 later the seller bumped up the price by $300.

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      Fenix 6 Pro often on sale on amazon for <$700

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    I'm finding the same sellers / items on amazon. Prefer Amazon as their shipping is super fast, usually next day. I only go to ebay now if its much cheaper

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    I use to simp for ebay, things change

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    I went from reveling in eBay codes (and doing huge numbers of transactions), to not finding much - (but defending them as you could still find eligible item "bargains" if you were lucky…)

    Now… I reckon it's been 12 months since I've found a code to be of any value whatsoever… I can't see any bargains here and no-one else seems to have either.

    I reckon this is a neg. I'm doing it.

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      Agreed. This belongs in the forums for people that are happy to trawl through eligible items in hope of finding something. But there is no specific and obvious bargain here.

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    I find the search provided pretty limited. For instance if I search Lego 75288 for the AT-AT in the 15% off search box I get nothing.

    But I noticed toysrus has some items under the coupon. If you go to their ebay store the item is there and can have the coupon applied.

    Pretty annoying

  • didn't work on any of my items

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    Have been absent from OzB for some time, nice to see these aren't getting the 400 upvotes they used to.

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      50 still a lot for no bargains listed :/

  • Not a deal as the company offering this code (ebay) has also allowed the item prices to be increased by 15% or more at the same time as discounting them by 15%. This kind of practice is actually illegal in some respects so not only should this not be posted on ozb as a deal, but ebay should be sued for this disgusting anticonsumer behaviour.

    No bargains have been listed. Most worthy items the code applies to end up not discounted at all when you look at the discounted price vs the normal/historic price.

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