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Coopers Pale Ale 440ml Cans Case of 24 $49.90 @ Dan Murphy's


Plenty of stock at my local. 375ml cans only a dollar cheaper for a case. Good easy drinking for those hot summer days and nights. Enjoy!

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's


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    Yep plenty in the Noosa Dan’s.

    1.6 standards per can.

    What I love about this size is it’s so BBQ friendly.
    I can spill some onto the hotplate to add flavour to meat without feeling like I sacrificed most of my beer

    • Tip: Order online for pickup cold because at least here they aren’t kept in the cool room.

      • That's a bit ordinary. Coopers have live yeast. If kept warm, after the yeast has fermented all available sugars, they start eating each other. To cut to the chase, your beer ends up tasting shite!

        • I much prefer Coopers Sparkling Age being aged over 1 year

        • ooh. how does one know which ones have live yeast? (is this a thing?)

          • @slowmo: My understanding is that all Coopers ales and stouts have live yeast. Their lagers don't.

            • @cbeard: thanks! how about other types of beers? is that something typically 'advertised' as a desirable trait?

              • @slowmo: It's not common in Australia but is traditional for ales from some European countries (e.g. Belgium). I think Coopers might be the only large brand here to do so. Some craft beers do it too.

                Brands will market it as a desirable trait either way. If they filter their beer they'll probably advertise it as "clean and crisp", if they do bottle conditioning (live yeast) they'll say "no preservatives", "naturally fermented" etc. It does alter the flavour so comes down to individual preference.

                When drinking you'll want to slowly rotate/roll the bottle once or twice so that the yeast is mixed through (which adds to the flavour) rather than leaving a mouthful of concentrated yeast at the bottom.

              • @slowmo: Pretty sure Little Creatures is as well, referred to as bottle conditioned. Yeast eats remaining sugar after bottled, which then naturally carbonates the beer while in the bottle.

          • @slowmo: If it says unpasteurised, it likely has live yeast in it.

        • It's not as though the floor stock is going to be kept in the sun or something. It will be almost a perfect temperature for bottle conditioning. Coopers ales (which have live yeasts as you said) have a "best after date" on the label rather than a "best before date", this assumes cool but not refridgerated conditions. I've read official statements from Coopers that their ales will continue to improve with time for about 2 years (stored in a cool dark place but not refridgerated).

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          Not accurate unless you're talking about a very long time e.g 1 yr plus, a lot of beers benefit from extended fermentation especially heavier beers. Yeast cleans up some of the less desirable byproducts of fermentation. Have you ever done homebrew?

          • @ath: Homebrewed for 23yrs. Maturing beers is crucial, but ive found its best to age beer below 16C. If its sitting in a shop at 24C+ (perfect for yeast to be highly active) then these are the conditions for the metallic tastes start appearing. Some people like this, but not me. This is due to yeast autolysis. As someone said above, the best after date is key. Get it young, age it cool. Coopers won't release it until it's done most of its aging process anyway. So if you pick up a slab that has been sitting 'out the back' in summer conditions, the taste will change. Totally up to you, but my 23 years of experience will take a cool aged beer over a warm one any day.

    • Not sure if spilling Cooper's on some snags is going to help much. Interesting idea tho.

  • Great price, thanks OP

  • Great drop

  • Jesus Christ, I read this as “Coomers” Pale Ale. I need to get a life.

  • I love these bigger cans, taller.
    Great if you have short arms and long pockets.

  • Thanks OP

    $48.50 if you purchase a 3% off gift card from Macquarie bank marketplace

  • Nice OP. Got two cases pick up from my local!

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    Great beer, one of the few beers left in Australia which is still Australian owned (almost every other beer is owned by one of two Japanese companies Asahi or Kirin). Will be nice to have some local beer to drink on Australia day.

    • Except for the 100s of craft beers you can buy.

      • The other craft beers can be had for 1.5-2x the price and and not consistently available everywhere… I'm not a huge fan ofCoopers Pale, but the Sparkling/Red and Stout are great… I don't tire with the flavour like I do with many independent craft beers also - don't get me wrong I love a good IPA but the many floral late hopped tastes tend to turn my stomach.

      • For triple the price!

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        I'm not too keen on paying $25 for a 4 pack.

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        91% of beer sold in Australia by volume is owned by one of two Japanese companies. I wasn't trying to imply that independent breweries don't exist, but people might be surprised by how many craft beers have also been bought out by the duopoly. For example, consider how many of the following well known craft beers are Japanese: Little Creatures, Cricketers Arms, Mountain Goat, Balter, Pirate Life, 4 Pines, Green Beacon. (Hint: all of them.)

        • consider how many of the following well known craft beers

          None of them have really been craft beers for a long time. Some of the brands they purchased just don't make sense. I think 2020 has been a year where the big beverage companies are learning to use their inhouse "craft" knowledge to further propel the brands they have acquired as opposed to probably going out and taking swings and misses with things like Balter and Green Beacon etc.

      • Many of which are also owned by multinationals, unfortunately. There's 'craft' and then there's genuinely independent.

    • Yeah it is great they are australian owned but annoying as they are owned by a bunch of outdated religious zealots. There are good and affordable independently owned beers out there. The problem with the whole craft beer scene is they love IPAs and their variations and ignore making other types of beers like Ales, Porters, Stouts and Lagers.

      Each to their own though.

      • their variations and ignore making other types of beers like Ales, Porters, Stouts and Lagers.

        I am a constant drinker of stouts, porters, golden ales, etc. from independents. I think the main problem is that they make IPAs all year round and the others are seasonal.

        For instance, one of the best beers I have ever drunk came out this year was from Co-Conspirators - The Pastry Chef. A ridiculously good Stout that had a ripper of a desert flavour to it (a salted caramel flavour) that others tried to emulate (Looking at you Deeds Brewing, but there were others) but came no where near the balanced flavour. The problem was the short run, and the possibility that they may never do another run as they seem to rotate through a new flavour every 8 weeks or so.

        People complain of the price for craft beers, but a lot of them contain anywhere from 50% to 100%+ alcohol content than a lot of the majors, so in essence that pushes up the price a bit. Some people prefer quantity session style beers that they can just pack away all night, not my cup of tea I suppose.


  • If you add individual cans at checkout after adding a case they are $2.08 each as wel, so If you want more than 24 but less than 48 you don’t have to drop the full $49.9 for another case.

  • $47 at Belair fine wines in SA.

  • Thanks OP - just in time to smash before a month or two of sobriety!

  • $54.00 at BWS with bonus bucket hat.
    Plus they have been having decent cashback offers.

  • Bought 4 cases. Will drink them next year

  • I spent so long trying to work out how a $50 slab was a bargain until I realised they were 440mL cans!

  • Same price as Thirsty Camel bottleshops in SA and you get some CamelCash also.

  • Thanks OP! Just picked mine up, click and collect, and saw quite a few green cartons waiting to be picked up…

  • First choice $44 if you include the 2000 pts/$10 (spend $50) if that's your thing

  • Anyone been through Cannington? Unavailable for C&C sadly.

  • Thanks, the first Choice Choice option is a great deal

  • i just checked First Chice to price match Dans but they only have 375ml cans?

  • Do you still roll the cans? My father in-law insists on rolling the bottles a certain way.

  • $48.60 at Firstchoice with 'SITEWIDE' code

  • Same price at SipnSave

  • Still plenty of stock at front of store in Mona Vale NSW. Good price for the 440ml cans compared to the 375ml bottles that are $51.95 in NSW.

  • I love the taste of Coopers Green, always have.

    After 15 years of drinking the stuff, found out from a friend that their a pretty twisted bunch that owns the company.

    Even though their aim is to "“to reach even more Australians with God’s word"…. It doesn't stop me from drinking their drop.

  • does this continue or is today the last day guys

  • Deal is still on for Feb, but no stock anywhere I can see.