Mattress - King $1799 (Was $1999), Queen $1649 (Was $1849), Double $1349 (Was $1449) Delivered @ Sleeping Duck


First time posting, thought i should contribute being that ozbargain have saved me hundreds.

Been looking on there website for a while on promos/sales which they never have, but today a price drop on certain sizes. Don’t know if it’s a temporary price drop or ongoing.

Good luck for those thinking of buying those particular sizes.

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    Interesting, ozbargain has cost me hundreds in stuff I don't need but to good to pass up.

  • Did a quick google (while we still can)

    Looks great. Solid reviews. Looking for a king size going from a Eva queen bed.

    I like how there are switchable firmness levels.

    Can anyone on Ozbargain weigh in on any experience with these beds?

    • Check their bed base requirements before you press buy button in Warranty T&Cs, for certain bed bases warranty is void.

      • Have been thinking of changing mattress (the ensemble base is fine), so a Sealy base is not valid.
        Meh, will go a different brand.
        Thanks for pointing this out.

        • You might find that most pocket coil mattresses can't be placed on an ensemble base, it's usually hidden in the FAQ's or terms and conditions. I think it's the innerspring (which aren't as supportive) and the all-foam mattresses which can go on any kind of base.

      • Thanks for pointing this out!! I got the Noa Luxe instead of the SD because of the base requirements.

    • Solid reviews as they are paid for reviews……

    • bought a couple for the family, no complaints at all, and super quick delivery.

    • I had the queen size for about 3 years. It's a tank of a mattress, really heavy and thicker than any other mattress I have seen. Comes packaged in a box.

      Issue I had was mattress sagged considerably during this time. So much so, the mid section almost felt like a dip. I checked their site if such thing is covered under warranty and they say up to 30mm sag is normal. This could be OK with some but I felt it was more than 30m and I sold it few weeks back. Purchased an extra firm mattress from IKEA and for me, this one is better. cost me just under $800.

      • Do the Ikea ones still works fine after these years?

        • I purchased it only last month. I tried many mattresses in store and this one had the right firmness for my liking. I want to say I'm getting better sleep now but it could be placebo effect so don't want to misguide anyone. I think it's best if people could try mattress in store before they purchase. After all, a good night's sleep makes all the difference in your health and well-being.

        • My ikea one costed $550 seven years ago and it has a few sinking points now where I sleep despite rotating so I can confirm it will be the same experience unfortunately

      • if its more than 30mm then you would have been covered by their 10 year warranty?

      • Yes - the weight can be a big issue when you are making the bed.

        Our mattress (not this brand) is so heavy my wife can’t lift it to get sheets and the quilt underneath, so this is no longer a shared task!

        Also check the thickness to make sure your fitted sheets can actually fit - ours fit like a drum, and it’s not easy to get the fitted sheet on, with the weight.

    • got one, tried all their firmness levels and found one that is suitable. Online they probably only ship with med and firm. When you receive it, you can ask for soft and extra firm. Easy to change out. Possible to wash the zipped top cover. Need to buy a frame with 2 middle beams for the king and narrower slat spaces for greater support or warranty is void. Bought a suitable frame from Ebay that suits for a couple of hundred but is of lowish quality. 100 days trial is more than enough to really feel if you like it or not. Ended up with super firm on one side and soft on the other. They let you keep all the foam. Takes a lot of space but you have the option of you do your back in. Sleeps a tad warm but acceptable for foam mattress. After 1 yearish, very slight barely discernable sag in mattress. Do rotate the foam pieces and you can just notice it. Was using a sealy posturepedic. Overall the foam mattress is more comfortable but slightly warmer. Is it worth 1799? well I dont know of any other mattress that lets me customise the hardness on each side like I did at this price point. so I think it is a decent purchase.

  • I have one of the earlier generation ones. My favourite bed.

    Note that useable sleeping space is slightly smaller than as listed given softer edges, like almost all bed-in-box products.

    I also used the zzz atelier ultra firm + a very expensive latex mattress topper that was more than the cost of the mattress…and found that very comfortable as well, so its possible you don't have to fork out as much as an SD for a very comfortable sleep but everyone is different.

  • They spend a lot on marketing compared to other bed in the box brands and that is reflected in the price. Don't entirely trust their online reviews, some of them sound too good to be true.

    Had one, returned it. Just wasn't comfortable. Ended up with an ergoflex

    • Yeah they advertise like absolute mad.

      I especially like how they say designed by aerospace engineers. Must’ve either been failed aerospace engineers or they couldn’t get a better job (the market for aerospace engineers in Australia is absolutely tiny, I’ve worked for two companies who employ them but I’m in electronics). I’m not sure how that makes a better mattress. Does it fly better? Anyway I guess it’s just part of the “feel good factor”.

      I won’t be going for any more foam mattress on a box products. Tried ergoflex and Emma, both too hard and too hot. Back to our 10yr old Simmond.

  • I'm interested in user comments also. Especially when compared to koala which is $500 cheaper for the king and also has high review ratings.


  • Had mine for over 3 years now… Amazing mattress. Recommend them to everyone. Purchased a king and have zero complaints.

    We flip the latex and memory foam once every 3 months and it feels like the beds brand new again, not that we notice it feeling less supportive throughout that period.

    This is on a king with medium firmness. The mattress topper that comes with it can be unzipped and washed in the washing machine. Can't fault it at all and would say it's worth the money considering it'll last!

  • I got same Sealy mattress for last 15yrs! Gotta wonder how this stack up in long run.

    • For almost $2000 “so far so good” is little underwhelming.

    • why not just swap your hubby side with a softer foam? we pretty much swapped 3 type of foams till we got a good firmness. they send it to you pretty fast and for free. you can also add another softer layer on top of the foam and it will fit in the zip. SD is very customizable. on top of all that SD will send you a summer cooling topper if you find the foam to be too hot during summer.

  • Had one for around 18 months now, regret getting the medium layer so will likely get a firm inset instead ($250 is steep though).

    It’s also very hot in summer, the mattress doesn’t cool down easily, and I’m a pretty hot sleeper.

    My wife on the other hand likes it, firm inlay and 2 blankets even in summer!

    YMMV, would be keen to try a real expensive Sealy one day, but for a first new mattress purchase it’s been pretty good.

    • You get used to it, if you just moved from your conventional bed/spring to foam/ latex. I remember my first summer in my tempur was thinking why we dropped that much money on it and sweating like a pig… first winter also was fairly bad too bed took longer to warm up… 4 years on loving it..

    • …"would be keen to try a real expensive Sealy one day"

      Just try at the store, don't buy one. I was foolish enough to buy a Sealy Crown Jewel ~10 years ago (was >$4k on sale)
      In my experience, their customer service is pretty ordinary, and the bed is mediocre for the money.
      I had a modestly priced Sealy bed before that, and was reasonably happy with it.
      But this was an expensive purchase, and I didn't feel the experience was worth the money.
      I had thought about buying an Ikea mattress at the time (IIRC, it was a Sultan with 25yr warranty). No idea if it would've been better, but it certainly was a heap cheaper.

      Anyway, I'm now looking to replace with a more modestly priced mattress, hence my following of these types of threads :)

  • Have the king size one. Love it. Been sleeping on it for 5 years + now. Initially did not want to put down the money for something so crazy expensive, but eventually decided it was a good investment over the long term, also they let me return it if I was not satisfied.

  • Could not recommend enough. They have topped Choice’s reviews 3 years running, which is probably the best and only comparison across most brands. Have had a queen original model and just bought this newer Mk2 last month and will never go back. I’ve got a bad back and have had no issues with the firm versions of the mattress, it’s worth the premium v other brands. End of the day they all have 100 day trials so if you’re not happy just send it back!

  • This is not a deal. It has always been this price since I've checked from last year.

    It is really expensive. You can find similar build and thickness mattresses for a lot cheaper.

    Personally i own this one and very happy with it

  • We got a Mach ii in December. Half/half medium and firm. I’m quite happy with my firm side but have ordered extra firm now to try. My wife will be taking the firm insert. We both get a sore back - would suggest firm rather than medium if that applies to you.

    Previously had zzz atelier, it’s now in guest room. It was fine for less than 6 months then developed valleys and mountain in middle. Not measurable though for warranty purposes. Don’t recommend. That was on their zzz atelier frame as I expected that would work best. I think a flat base would be better.

    I just slept 3 nights on the atelier as my wife strained her back and needed the firmer Mach ii side. Could hardly move yesterday, so mattress makes a big difference for me. I’m hoping the sleeping duck lasts quite a while for the price.

  • Good mattress. Not really a bargain though. I paid $1599 for the king, only 12 months ago. That was the normal price then, looks like theres been some considerable price creep.

  • SD changed their mattresses late last year to this new “Mach II” space-age technology stuff. They bumped their prices up too, but had an ‘introductory price until Nov 30. It seems to have reverted back to that price point, potentially because they weren’t selling as well (due to the fact they’re double most other bed in a box companies).

    We recently got a Sealy Elevate Ultra for less than the SD Mach II and couldn’t be happier. Aussie made, proper springs (not ‘pocket springs’), doesn’t run hot, edge-to-edge support, etc.

    Certainly still worth a try as they have a free trial period

  • Personal opinion, I have a firm queen sleeping duck mattress. I find it not firm enough. It is now three years old, one one could look at it and say which side the heavier person sleeps. btw the heavier of us is only 74 kgs. I would say I could get same experience and comfort from mattress that cost half.

  • For me, SD completely changed their product by the looks of the new model available. It’s probably the same technology but still all the reviews and whatnot are based off a different product.

    I’m more leaning towards Sleep republic for a new mattress (from a box)
    Prefer a medium/firm ish type feel.

    • Got a Sleep Republic in preference to Sleeping Duck around a month ago and am very impressed with it, and it’s close to half the price.

  • We bought a sleeping duck last year, and it has been nothing short of amazing. Our previous bed I thought was good, but this is so much better. Previous Sealy cost about $4-5k (mattress & base) so to get this under $2k was great.

    It really supports you right to the edges of the mattress, so it feels bigger than the usual size. Firm support but oh so comfy. I haven’t found a bed to really beat it, including top hotels.

  • Mattresses really are subjective. Therefore I'd be taking user & expert opinions with a grain of salt. My partner prefers a $300 mattress in a box to my $3k mattress. It's good that SD and most other MIAB suppliers allow users 100 days to test them out. For me, the SD modular design and ease of changing firmness is a big plus & the few people I know that have one, love it.

    At least now SD allow buyers to choose a firm mattress from the get go, rather than their previous ridiculous policy of supplying everyone with a medium mattress and forcing people to wait 21 days before they could ask for a firm foam exchange.

  • looking at this, sleep republic or sherman. anyone had experience with the sherman? cant find much about it online

    • I tried out the Sherman mattresses at their Vic showroom. Nice mattresses, but if you are seeking a firmer mattress, consider looking elsewhere. Their firmest mattress, the "firm but fair", which is rated as 8/10 in firmness, is more a 6 or 7. Otherwise, they appear a great mattress as supported by Bedbuyer.