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Blue Yeti X USB Microphone $248 Delivered @ Amazon AU & JB Hi-Fi


Price match with OW for another 5% off or JB using GC https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/blue-yeti-x-usb-microphon....
recording function is quite helpful

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  • Why do youtubers have these enormous microphones, while professional TV talk shows get by with tiny clip-on mic's?
    Is it just a prop to make you look more "professional"?

    • It kind of depends on where you want to do the work to improve the sound.

      Lapel mics can get high quality audio but still require amplification and, filtering and processing to make sure they only capture the nicer tones of the presenter.

      Also studios do also use boom and shotgun mics to help get a complete audio profile , they don't always rely 100% on a lapel.

      Contrast that to the people who just want one microphone . It's likely going to be a condenser mic and they likely aren't going to process their audio at time of capture other than a simple amp if it all.

      Result, youtubers have big mics with dead cats and pop filters. The look probably makes them feel good too. .
      You'll notice some top youtubers skirt this like MKBHD

    • Those clip on mics that are used by real studios cost several times more than these and they're also just mics where as this includes the preamp and interface built into the mic.

    • The studio grade lapel mics are 1.5k+

    • Don't forget that the lapel mics also connect to a larger unit that's hidden away near the belt area.

    • A condenser mic like this needs to be placed right in front of the speaker. If you look at all the youtubers you'll see them mount them on the table with shock mounts as well. This doesn't look great on tv especially on wide shots.

  • TBH, skip the Blue Yetis, you can get much better quality mics for around the same price.

    Here's a pretty decent video outlining its problems and suggesting alternatives: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sjZJ9i_mH0

    • thanks, this was really informative

      tldr: usb devices like this are really compromised and built for consumers who aren't in the know, for similar price you can get a starter audio interface and XLR condenser microphone that actual pros use

      • TLDR: Most people will do just fine with USB mic. There's a lot of advantages of USD mics, plug and play is one, and its cheaper too. Unless what you're doing really requires it, you probably wont need what 'actual pros use' cause you're likely not a 'pro'.

        • like I said if you took the time to read, a starter interface and xlr mic setup will run you about the same amount as this overpriced gamer microphone. Not sure people really need plug and play given that most peoples microphones are plugged in one time and never unplugged

          whatever though, continue overpaying for a mediocre product and defending it if that's how you want to spend your time

          • @YoungFriendly: I'm not advocating for Blue's product but fact is.. most 'consumers' indeed 'aren't in the know', and most of the time USB mics are good enough. The video referenced is literally for Online Voice Actors.. how many people out there are trying to be online voice actors lmao.

            Plug and play is most definitely a factor for consumer electronics. The general consumer wants to do as little as possible to get going. Btw, your logic kind of applies to a lot of things.. Say.. speakers for example, brands like Audioengine charges through the nose, but you can get a pair of passive speakers with an amp and get much better quality sound at a fraction of the price.. and yet.. Audioengine speakers are hugely popular.

            To suggest a whole category of product is compromised is a bit pretentious, in my opinion.

        • To follow on from YoungFriendly - an entry-level interface + XLR mic + boom arm + shock mount is less than the BlueYeti, and will sound significantly better (which is the path I've chosen). But you are correct in saying that most people will do just fine with a USB mic (which is what I've suggested for my son - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/audio-technica-atr2100xus...).

    • Isn’t that the guy that claims all usb mics are bad? So after you spend $250 on a non-usb mic don’t you then need to spend more money on other equipment?