Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Foot File with Diamond Crystals $14.99 (2 for $26.98) Delivered @ ejielie eBay


Product Features
The unique roller head with diamond crystals gently removes hard skin leaving feet feeling silky smooth
Soft, beautiful feet after one use
Roller heads available in three different intensities: extra coarse for particularly thick and stubborn hard skin, regular course for excess hard skin and gentle for providing a perfect finish
Ergonomically designed handle is moulded to fit the hand, making it extremely comfortable and pleasant to use
Comes with a safety feature that locks the roller in place if too much pressure is applied, preventing any injuries
Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi has a unique roller head with diamond crystals, which gently removes hard skin and leaves feet feeling silky smooth.

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  • What are ‘diamond crystals’?

  • I had one for a while. Thoughts:

    • It's slow, running on AA batteries
    • The replacement files are proprietary and expensive
    • The motor in mine died within 6 months
    • If you have thick dead skin expect to sit there for a long time to get anywhere

    I've since swapped to a wall powered rotary tool (Ozito) using standard cheap sanding drum bits. It's fast (too fast in fact, need to keep the bit moving or it burns) and cheap.

    • Pls share the Bunnings link to the cheap sanding drum bits?

    • Jesus, how much do you walk?

      • +4 votes

        I think it is not just to do with walking. Some people are just prone to this. I had to see podiatrists for years to have the dead skin scraped off or I would get cracking, which is surprisingly painful. This unit has been a godsend to me.

      • Jesus, how much do you walk?

        In sandals, across the desert I imagine.

    • Ha! I use a cheapo sanding disk on my Milwaukee battery drill - set to low speed, low-torque (screwdriver settings). Works a treat.

      I had one of those Scholl devices and found it to be under-powered and useless.

    • I had one of these too and found it pretty useless because of the poor power. Instead I now use sanding blocks from Bunnings that work extremely well but take a bit of manual effort. It seems pretty extreme but takes a fraction of the time and the skin turns out nice and smooth. I use the medium course ones because the fine one clogs up pretty quickly. I think it's this one or whatever the cheapest one is.

  • I have had one of these for years and works well. The only problem I have is that rechargeable batteries are not strong enough to operate it. I purchase cheap refills such as listed below, which I cannot specifically recommend.The ones I purchased previously are no longer available.

  • Despite its weak motor, it's a heavy drain on AA batteries. Oh, to think of the price gorging at $45 when this first came out…

  • Genuine or a copy sold on ebay at this price?

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      item sold on ebay is Genuine, sold at this price is because of the shop owner close business, we help the owner to clear the stock

  • The chargeable version is so much better and heaps more powerful than this. Its of course not this cheap but you don’t have to keep spending on batteries..

    • I doubt that there's a soul on ozbargain that doesn't have eneloops… ;)

    • Did not know this existed since I have had the battery one for years and happy with it. But it does suck up batteries and rechargeable ones do not work. I am going to get this one and will save money. Do you know if the files fit both types. Thank you.

  • How has no one made a pedi file joke? That's all I came here for. Pick up your game ozbargainers.