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Soffritto Professional Bake Stainless Steel Mix & Measure 12 Piece Baking Set $21.24 (RRP $89.95) + $10 Shipping @ House


Wanted to rid more plastic from my kitchen, seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Overview, Product Features and Benefits
Mix, measure and make everyday baking and food prep a breeze with the Soffritto Professional Bake Stainless Steel Mix & Measure 12 Piece Baking Set
Fully comprehensive mix and measure set ideal for baking and other cooking needs
Crafted from food gade stainless steel to remain resistant to rust and bacteria
Also resistant to stains and odours natural to particular produce and spices
Includes mixing bowls, measuring cups, measuring spoons, and a wire whisk
Stackable for neat, space saving storing in your cupboard or pantry
A great gift for a first home owner or baking afficionado
Dishwasher safe components makes cleaning up simple and easy

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  • Thx op got one

  • If anyone is on the fence about these, I've bought two of them over the last 4 years or so to get extra bowls (perfect for food scraps while cooking), only thing that failed so far is the handle snapping off a measuring cup, but it still works - highly recommended for anyone who loves baking!

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      If you love baking use a scale not measuring cups!

      • Absolutely agree, at the time the scale I had gave varied results. Ended up spending a little more on a KitchenAid scale and am very happy with the consistent results it's giving.
        We use one set of the measuring cups for other things like rice and pasta. The other set sit in the shed as they're resilient to cleaning chemicals haha

  • Standard delivery is $10. Please add to title.

  • must this be delivered?
    it go to paypal n then back to the cart with the error message "name, missing address, post code"?
    while i already have an account?

    • I had to ended details through checkout and use my card otherwise I got the same thing

  • Pick up not available. $10 standard delivery - I’ll pass. Great find though.

  • Click and collect worked fine for me

  • The only locations that come up are in Vic…
    I have a House store in the next suburb over but it doesn't come up.

  • Good deal, grabbed one C&C from Brunswick. Cheers OP!

  • Got one. Thx OpP!

  • 12 Piece Baking Set

    I prefer my baking sets to include baking trays.

  • Ordered

  • Kmart sells stainless steel measuring spoons and cup measures. Bought 10 pieces (2 x 5) for $10 from memory.

    • Those black ones? Mine rusted where the handle connects to the spoon bit. Probably my fault for throwing them in the dishwasher, but I think best to aim for a one piece spoon if going for metal.

  • Sure why not. I do enjoy the shiny of stainless.

  • Went to the cart to purchase and noticed the amount of personal data they collect for a c&c order as a guest… I’ll pass.

    Nice find OP.

    • You can buy it in store without the 15% off if you don’t want to give away your details still a good deal

  • Is this same price at store?

  • There's a distinct lack of specific details of what's actually included in this set. But hey, I guess it's fully comprehensive!

    Sizes of the bowls might be handy at least.

  • Great price but shame about the lack of (free) pick-up options in NSW
    Shipping is $10 :(

  • Eh when I put my postcode in despite there being a House shop literally 50 metres away, it goes to somewhere else over 200k’s away

  • Great value for the number of products but I absolutely hate having a double lip on bowls like that.

    It probably has a purpose, but for wet mixes it always collects gunk.

    Still I think my stainless steel cups and spoons were more than $15 a set.

  • Soffritto brand is high quality IMO. Best splatter guard money can buy

  • Typical House with their BS RRP.