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WD 12TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive $290.69 + Shipping ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


Seems it is back at a good price if you're happy to have it shipped from USA.

I have 2 of these shucked in my NAS. Depending on your power supply you may need a MOLEX-to-SATA power adapter if it is too modern.

2021-02-22: Appears back in stock.

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  • The link isn't working for me….

    • It says "outlet store" on the top banner of the Amazon site, also I'm a Prime member - if you are not that might be the reason?

  • seagate 12tb is $290 now, which one is better?

    • WD White inside these would be the better pick in most peoples view.

      • Already have the wd element 14tb from $299 deal, very quite, speed is ok.this time I will try the Seagate.

        • Don't get Seagate Ironwolf. I had a 2 year old 6TB that broke in December, had been used as a normal PC drive so not on 24/7 and only 1TB of data on it. Was sent to their data recovery lab in Amsterdam and they couldn't recover anything. Drive head must've failed because they found scratches all over the platter.

          • @Techie4066: All drives fail eventually - when that happens, you just restore from a backup.
            If you're sending failed drives to a data recovery service, then something has gone very wrong with your backup plan 👍

            • @Nom: I don't know why you needed to make assumptions - I do in fact have everything backed up - two backup local copies, Google Photos, and an online backup service for the whole PC.

              Seagate kindly offered the convenient solution of free data recovery with turn-around in a month, meaning ideally all of the recovered 1TB of data would be moved onto a new hard drive and shipped back to me. That didn't happen. Neither should the failure have happened in the first place, since the drive had a 3 year warranty and was designed to operate 24/7 in a NAS environment. This computer was rarely operated and treated well.

              Either way I got 2 replacement brand new 6TB drives out of it, so lucky me for contacting them! What experience do you have with Seagate warranty department?

              • @Techie4066: Assumptions are how the internet rolls 👌

                I'm just highlighting your anecdote - it's normal for drives to fail from all vendors, and your experience with that Ironwolf drive isn't a large enough sample size to mean anything.

                Just assume your drives will fail - if you avoid Ironwolf then that's fine, but your WD alternatives aren't going to be any safer…

                • @Nom: Of course I understand that, however the reason for data recovery was completely different to what you were implying above - I was prepared for drive failure. I am simply providing my experience with a Seagate hard drive since I've heard similar stories from people I have spoken to about Seagate HDDs in particular.

                  The replacements have arrived so I'll most likely be selling them (they're $270 a pop, rather crazy) and sticking with SSDs instead which are far more reliable and faster. I already have a Samsung 960 Evo as the boot drive, I just needed mass storage, hence the large capacity HDD.

                  It is disappointing to have a single modern hard drive from a reputable company, which is pricey, has a 3 year warranty and promises reliable 24/7 operation in a NAS, that ends up failing after 2 years of minimal use in a home PC because the drive head decided to trash the platter and take the data with it. Essentially self-destruction.

                  • @Techie4066: More than once I've had warranty drives returned as "recertified" units with a different sticker.
                    I just put these straight onto eBay - who knows if they're as good as new or not…

                    • @Nom: I definitely didn't get my old drive refurbished, it was completely dead and shipped back to me. One of the replacements came from China, manufactured 2019, and the other from Vietnam, manufactured 2020 (likely this is new). They were both provided by Seagate. Either way I won't be keeping them.

    • WD is very quiet, Seagate not

    • If Seagate use the exos it will be noisier but more reliable as those are Enterprise drives.

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  • Bargain

  • What diagnostics do we run before shucking to see if drive is good? Ive already lost 1 4tb drive after it failed 1 year from shucking

    • I used HD sentinel, do a surface read and write test or reinitialize (destructive tests) and ran twice prior shucking.

      • just curious. Apparently running those tests on these large drives could take you days. Has it ever been worth it running, in your opinion? i.e. , have you ever found a drive with errors that you had to return thanks to running those tests?

        • I use HD sentinel too as @cloudie9 suggests
          It takes about 2 to 2 &1/2 days for full read/write/re-read test.
          If after first go you get some anomalies, run again. If gets worse, send back.
          If all good after first run, shuck that bugger.

          Also, while doing the test, it's not unusual for the disk to burn hot at 50C.

        • have you ever found a drive with errors that you had to return thanks to running those tests?

          No issues but its better to stress test whilst its still in the enclosure so to avoid the risk of warranty claim not being accepted, unless if you are pro in putting the hard drives back into the enclosures without any signs of tampering, lol.

        • I've tested five of these drives, one started chucking up heaps of reallocated sectors on the third pass of badblocks.

          if you're playing the cheap imported hard drive game its a long time for your RAID to be down for while you wait for a replacement…

          any drive can die at any time, but I would expect the ones that passed badblocks to give years of good service. The one that failed may have only lasted weeks or months.

          was disappointed with Amazon's return process though, in the past they've just given me a return shipping label to print, this time they wanted me to arrange my own courier and said they'd reimburse me up to 30 something dollars. PITA.

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          It literally takes you 10 seconds to start the test - then you just leave it alone.
          Come back to the results after a couple of sleeps - who cares how long it takes ? It's completely automated once you start it.

          • @Nom: yeah, was just wondering if it was very common to find errors on these large drives, not questioning the amount of time it took to do this.

            • @gonzule: It's not common - but that's not really relevant.
              You do this because if there are faults with the disc you want to know before you fill it with data ! Not because you're expecting to find trouble.

  • What HDD model come with these when shucked?

  • My one makes a little bit of noise, no more than a little but a bit annoying.

  • Does this need a mod to use in a PC? Something to do with taping over the power connection?

    • I removed the 3.3V pin from the PSU end of the sata power cable, but that's only an option on modular PSUs.

  • Keen for another 14TB deal

  • Does anyone know the difference between the other 12TB WD Drive posted on this previous deal?

  • Just bought 4, thanks!

  • cmon where is the 16tb @ $399.

  • What do people store on these?

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      8k quality bloke on bloke stuff mostly

      • A perfect way to end a line of questioning of data hoarding habits :)

        • Haha that reminds me of a story. A friend lived with a few flatmates, for some reason they kept getting targeted by certain religious door knockers intending to recruit. So one day all 3 blokes decided they'd answer the door without clothes on.

          Door knockers never returned.

    • Linux ISOs

    • What DON'T people store on these?

  • i just bought a $245 8TB internal drive. :/

  • Which NAS do you use?

  • Is this a good price?

    I've been wanting to pick up a 6tb usb powered one, but no deals seem to come up.

    Maybe I should get something like this for the extra storage, even if less convenient?

    Are the wall powered ones faster at least?

    I really need storage for all my photos and videos for anyone wondering.


  • Bought one from JB hifi for 330 a few weeks ago, no issues.

  • well well well, how many linux distro is this :v

  • Available to order again for those who missed out.

    "In stock on February 7, 2021."

  • Back in stock at $290.69 as of 7pm Sydney time - decent price!

    • This post is a bit older now, unsure whether to re-open this or let someone post a new offer for the same product. I might reach out to the moderators.

  • Good price but with strong aud at moment this price may go even lower.