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Samsung 24" Monitor $149, Single Arm Gas/Dual Arm Mount/Shredder/Office Chair $59.99, Desk Riser $129, Air Purifier $99.9 @ ALDI


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Home office items on sale at Aldi from 6th Feb.

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PS : Special thanks to @dealbot for the heads up on the catalog.

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  • +1

    Bought one last time at this price ages ago from ALDI. Pretty good!

    • The monitor? Got a model number?

      • +6

        Sorry my fault - wrote Dual Monitor Arm at the front of my comment, must have accidentally deleted before hitting post comment.

        • Do these tilt at all?

  • +24

    North Bayou are probably better value. While the Aldi single arm does offer USB ports, the maximum monitor weight is 6.5kg, while the frequently $35.20 NB F80 holds up to 9kg. Same with the NB F160 but that's a little bit more.

    • +1

      I have the f80 and it holds my 34” ultra wide easily. And the price is incredible.

      • Mi monitor? Is it hobbly over time?

        • +5

          If your monitor arms are wobbly, your desk probably wobbles. A little wobble in your desk causes big wobbles in the monitors.

  • +1

    How's the quality of the chair?

    • +14

      Not great, cheap material so gets very hot after a while. Fairly scratchy for a modern chair too, you're better off with something from Officeworks.

      • +1

        Jesus its that bad

        • +1

          Donated mine to the Mrs when she started WFH last year and picked up a Herman Miller for myself! Bargain ;)

      • Cant see anything under $100 from officeworks, do you recommend something?

    • Its ALDI.

    • For $60 it's fine. Not the best but adequate for basic home use. If you're going to work from home or spend long sessions in a chair spend at least a few hundred.

      I literally just dropped off that exact Aldi chair to the Salvos. But it gave us a few years of use and was well worth the $$

      • bought one and returned it straight after assembly. might have been a dud but back was sloped away from the seat so far to be basically useless, and the bottom cushion wasn't much to sit on. $59 so everything else seems a lot more, but my son didn't like sitting in it.

  • +6

    The monitor price is not good. Va and 9ms for $150? Ha!

  • +3

    Any review on the air purifier? How does it compare to Xiaomi one?

  • +3

    I wish they sold proper standing desks :(

  • +4

    Monitor arms are not cheap.

  • +3

    A quick google search revealed Samsung 24" monitors with VA panels usually retail for $139-$149 - so that's not a great "deal" from ALDI!

    • Thanks for the heads up - was actually contemplating it! But no hurry…

      • +1

        No worries, I was hoping to buy too.. until that Google search!
        It's a no from me!

  • Are the office chairs any good for kids 8 - 12 years old? Mainly as a study chair.

    • +2

      I think it is safe to say that any chair for kids that age is fine.

    • +1

      My wife has been using this chair since March. The chair needs tightening up every so often but considering the price it has stood up well.

  • +9

    if you are looking at the Monitor arm, the F80's from ScreenMountsAU are cheaper, pretty reliable and ScreenMountsAu are by far the quickest interstate delivery i've ever seen. Like it'd probably arrive to your door by the time you pick up your keys.

    ….and those ugly yellow NB stickers peel off clean

    As for the innocent good-parenting parents who are considering this monitor for their kids, don't do it lol FHD, 9ms response, VA panel, 24 inch at Full retail isn't worth the queues or arguments with your kids.

    • g00d p0st!

  • Anyone used the enduro shield for glass or tiles before? Would you recommend? Think $25/bottle is cheapest I've seen.

    • +1

      Used it on two glass shower doors at home and can highly recommend! Not cheap but an Australian company and well regarded from what I can tell!

  • +7

    Monitor and monitor arm are not a bargain.

    Which makes sense considering it's a catalogue full of aldi set retail prices.
    Not reduced price items, discounts or bargains.

    • -7

      Time to report it to mods and get it removed.

  • What is this @dealbot? How does one use it?

  • +4

    Where's the bargains?
    There's no bargains here…
    It's just the ALDI catalogue

  • +1

    same price at officeworks

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