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Seagate Expansion Desktop 12TB External Hard Drive $290.83 + Shipping ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


Cheaper alternative from earlier 12TB WD deal post
Review mention that the hard drive inside is "EXOS 12TB 7200RPM HDDs", if anyone know more details please share them on comment.

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  • Seagate Ironwolf (Pro)s are also commonly found in these

  • Mine is the exos 12tb. It would be safer if you wait for the 14tb price drop which would be 100% exos and was $330 yesterday.

    • 14 TB No 100% , someone got ST14000NE0008 ironwolf pro.16tb is guaranteed exos.

      • Ahh i see. I've Bought 3 at $332 each a month ago and all of them are exos. I think iron wolf is added to 14tb version lately. According to those reviews on Reddit, i cant say all but 80% of them report to get exos

  • 290.83/12= 24.2358333

  • I saw a few comments that say these are loud? Well how loud? I have two 4TB external drives and one 4TB Ironwolf drive in the PC. Are larger capacity drives louder than smaller capacity ones?

  • What do people store on these?

    • Bloke on bloke stuff mostly

    • porn, of course

    • Linux ISOs

    • Now that Google photos is getting rid of its free storage thing, in planning on getting a large hard drive to stay storing all my photos and videos. I shoot my videos in 1080p 60fps or better so they can take a bit of space, same with high quality photos, Linux ISOs, ps3 and ps4 game backups. I might not get this one but a 10 or 8 tb one, if the price gets really low

      • Do you use an app to sync photos from your phone to a HDD?

      • +1 vote

        Good plan, but you'll need to buy three drives - make regular backups onto the two spare drives, and keep one of them off-site to guard against burglary/fire/virus etc.
        ALL hard drives fail eventually, some quicker than others - buying a single drive to store all your photos isn't practical unless you don't care about losing them.

      • If the photos are important to you then I would strongly suggest taking another look at online services, even if you need to pay for them. If you lose your house in a fire, any drives you have there will be gone too. Online storage doesn't;t just give you a copy of your data, it also provides off site resiliency.

  • Be careful with these, I ordered a bunch of 16TB ones and the first 2 shipped from Amazon US were just thrown into a sachet. No padding, no box, no buddle wrap.

    By the time I got it, the boxes were both badly damaged. Luckily disk test of the drives seem fine but I will be making a complaint to Amazon on their shipping methods.

  • Looks to be OOS already