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Nulon Full Synthetic 5W-30 Long Life Engine Oil 5L $24.99 (Was $64.99) in-Store Only @ Autobarn


Greetings everyone, it's been quite a while since this popular engine oil has been under $25 on it's own, great price on this.

Nulon Full Synthetic 5W-30 Long Life Engine Oil provides the maximum protection and performance from cold start-up to high operating temperatures. The energy conserving, low viscosity formula ensures optimum engine performance for all technically advanced and performance passenger car petrol engines.

Catalogue ends on 14/2/2021, should be available in store until then.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • -2

    why is Castrol a better engine oil and Nulon such a low rated engine oil?

    • +3

      Better heritage and name in Racing I guess?
      Nothing wrong with Nulon anyway - I've run it in a few cars.

      • +2

        I dont think you would class the 2 in a battle of "Why is Castrol better" when it comes to engine oils alot is personal preference.
        The same comes with cars also, you can have people in there 60s swear thick and thin that Ford makes the best cars and a teenager will debate Tesla is the best.

        In the end personal opinion of 2 brands.

      • Is it better? there's a guy on youtube that does all these tests on oils and Castrol constantly "never" wins outright, though it's amex I'm sure we have the same oils.

        Me thinks you believes advertising hypes, ads cost heaps, to be competitive some shortcuts may be taken, but you saw it on TV so it's gotta be best.

    • Where did you get the idea casrol is better? castrol advertise more, could it be that?

    • It’s not just an oil. It’s liquid engineering

  • +7

    Oily, Oily, Oil……

    Snr. chemist @ Shell told me the BEST thing for your engine, more important than the actual oil, is often as possible oil changes…

    • +2

      Yeah buy more of their product in other words. Not that a chemist is incentivised to sell product so probably more true than sales talk.

      It’s a bit like flossing, regular bad floss is better than occasional good floss.

      • He of course loves Shell, they pay him!!

        Claimed use any other quality oil brand, did not have a big wrap for Penrite, lab tests showed some issues with it, he did not specify what exactly

    • +2

      Follow manufacturer recommendations. ;)

      • +1

        Manufactures DON'T want cars to last, they are in business to sell more product

        • Daim man. You realise that they control ozbargain and censor all it's comments too? ;)

  • +1

    Good oil, great price.

  • why is the LL euro never on sale :(

    • Because people who need it can afford expensive oil maybe? ; ) .

    • +2

      Shell Helix Ultra 5W-30 was half price last year at Supercheap. It's LL-01 rated. I stocked up but now need more.

      From what I've read SHU is the best 5W-30 available in Australia. Similar to the Pennzoil equivalent in the US.

      • good to know and will definitely keep an eye out, thanks.

      • +3

        Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40 (also LL-01) is actually on sale at Repco right now for $38, not the cheapest it's ever been but I haven't seen it discounted since 2019.

        • Cheers. I'll stock up again.

      • +2

        This is the best 5W-30 in Aus. This is an actual synthetic oil, known as a Group IV/V oil. It is made with a blend of Poly Alpha Olefins (Group IV) and Esters (Group V) that don't need Viscosity Index Improvers (VII's) to maintain their viscosity rating, it is an intrinsic property of the oil itself.

        Regular Group 3 oils like SHU, Castrol Edge, this Nulon product and pretty much all other 'synthetic' oils marketed in Aus are made with (very refined) regular mineral oil and blended with VII's to get their viscosity rating. These VII's are long chain molecules which 'shear' during use into shorter molecules. The effect of this is that the oil actually gets thinner over time, reducing engine protection. I have a Toyota Prius which has a pretty conventional, low powered engine, and 5W30 Castrol Edge shears down to 5W20 within 10K kms according to used oil analysis.

        That being said, these oils are perfectly acceptable for regular use in regular cars, just need to change your oil on time.

        • +1

          Thanks for the info. I'm keen but unfortunately it's not LL01 certified. Do you know if that would be an issue where it's required?

          • +2

            @DisabledUser72085: Ah sorry didn't see that requirement. Yeah the Penrite 10 tenths probably isn't suitable for you, best to get a LL rated oil if that's what the manufacturer requires.

    • +1

      Most folks with euro probably don't service their car as much as those who own jap/korean beaters.

      • You're probably right. With my Nippon cars I'd make sure they were done yearly and checked the engine bay often. European ones (except the Peugeot) are left for the dealers to tell me what to do.
        Depends on love for the car too… If I love something I'd do it often, if not, leave alone till it needs attention.

  • +1

    So far i have bought 15 oil cans over couple of years, thanks ozbargain

    • +1

      Never pay full price!

  • +1

    Pro Tip this grade of oil is used as a lubricant for Rifles and machinery etc.

      • +2

        I'm guessing OP is advising people that they can lubricate their rifles and machinery with this stuff, even if they won't use it in their car.

    • -2

      Do you mean this weight or this quality? Either way I don't see what you are getting at.

    • Can you use it to lubricate my bike chain?

      • +3

        Not really. Bike chain is more grease than oil, but I have done it before and used an old mineral 15w50 or something like that.

      • +1

        Nope. Get specific chain lubricant.

      • Fry vat lard works

      • 80w-90 gear oil is advised for some motorbikes and is appropriate o-ring and x-ring chains, there is some initial fling but the trick is lubricate while the chain is warm and then wipe it down when it is all cool.
        Fortnine video doing comparison testing.

      • Ok so I am getting a $10 bottle of dry lube for bikes from Big W.

        I also wonder whether the silicone lubricant I already have is enough, rather than spending another tenner.


  • Good price

  • Can I use it for lawn mower (Victa Hurricane 4 stroke) ?

    • +7

      Most small engines (ie 4 stroke lawn mowers) use a straight weight oil. SAE30 is probably best for your Victa.

      And you won't need 5 litres either.

    • +3

      I currently use left over oil from oil change on my 4stroke Honda lawn mowers, runs really smooth on 5w-30 fully synthetic compared to non-synthtic oil which you buy off shelf from bunnings

      • +2

        Bunnings has full sythentic too

      • I used to do that on an old 4 stroke mower i had. The chassis fell apart after 15yrs, the motor was perfect!!

    • +2

      If you weren't going to buy 30W oil specifically for your mower - new 5W-30 is far superior to not changing the oil :). I use this in our Toyota, Civic and Bushman 4 stroke (Bad Starter TM) mower

    • +4

      you can if you have left over. no need to esp buy such a big pack. I have been using any car oil(what ever is left over) on my mowers for 20+years no issues. Just be regular on maintenace.

  • was just at SCA where they refused to pricematch Autobarn sale items.

    • Amazing - got on their live chat on the website and they said they won't match online (even if I click and collect in store) and to go in store to arrange the price match ???

  • I have just spoken to Super cheap and they will not match the Autobarn price on this oil as one of their price match conditions is that the item must be available and able to be delivered within 7 days. But as its an in-store purchase only it doesn't meet Super Cheap's conditions ? They have more terms and conditions on matching other competitors price that they would never have to do it ?
    Anyone else have the same issues with them ??

    • Had the same problem, gave up after the first try cause they were firmly opposed to price matching it.

  • is it ok for an MG 3 Auto?

  • Link not working. Did they sell out?

    • +1

      Cattledog runs till the 14th.

      Popped into local AB today, they had stock.

  • Would this suit a Toyota Camry Hybrid 2014, has done a little over 100k.

  • seems like back to normal price before the date,
    and the link doesnt work.

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