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MOTYYA Stainless Steel Dental Tools 8pcs - $16.14 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Sevendays via Amazon AU


MOTYYA Dental Tools 8pcs, Professional Teeth Hygiene Kit Stainless Steel Dental Pick Cleaning Set,Tongue Scraper,Tooth Scaler,Tweezers,Anti Fog Mouth Mirror for Oral Care.

Put that selfie camera on your phone to good use.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    This bargain is because you don't floss.

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    I have shared this post with my dentist.

    He passes on his regards.

    • Save to see him again.

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      Thanks for the information, that will be $100 thanks

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    Anyone have experience using dental tools to sculpt?

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      Yes, for small carvings especially in wax. Search LeCron carver, harder substances may be difficult

      • Awesome! Thanks for the rec

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      As a dentist, i would say that these tools are not very good for carving. As someone else mentioned, get a Lecron carver, they're probably the best thing for doing wax work.

      • I'm thinking of using it for craft sculpting, so I might give it a go anyhow. But I'll look at Lecron if these don't work! Thank you :)

      • Is there a particular brand you recommend?

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    Great deal! Works out so much cheaper in the long run buying this and doing your dental work yourself

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    The picks are great for opening outer cable after cutting when replacing gear/brake cables on a bicycle

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    The kids have been talking back too much recently. This will do great, thanks

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    Just don't apply force when you're scratching plaque build up down. Use the hooky ones to clean out the gap where your wisdom teeth used to be.

    Strongly recommended.

    • Same. These are helpful kits. The mirror and the pick helps for jobs that floss can't do.

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    【Also use for pets】: This professional dental hygiene kit is not only used for personal care, it also can be used to keep your pets teeth clean and refresh and avoid those annoying veterinarian costs.. Make you more closer to your dog and cat.

    This sounds like a fantastically bad idea.

    • +3

      My cat's breed was susceptible to plaque and gum disease. After being instructed how by my vet, I regularly removed plaque from his teeth (about twice yearly). It would come off in great chunks or sheets from the face of the teeth. I used these spiky dental picks and needle-nosed pliers. The cat wasn't really impressed but didn't struggle, I think they are like us and go paralysed when someone tinkers inside your mouth. When it was all over he was as happy as anything, purring and snuggling up to me. I'm sure he felt more comfortable like a weight had been lifted, and the discomfort was gone from his mouth. I got a set of dental tools specifically reserved for animal use.

      • +5

        That's one hell of a tolerant cat, you'd need a blood transfusion if you tried to pull that with any of ours.

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          If he thought you were going to put him in water to wash his paws or something, he would turn into a feline chainsaw. I expected the same behaviour when doing dental work, but I was really surprised by his calm demeanour when the vet did it. This encouraged me to give it a try. Start off just rubbing the cats gums with your finger. I think they enjoy that so that might lead to them trusting you.

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    What could possibly go wrong?

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    Mr Bean DIY kit?

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    Bought set to start my own dental clinic

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    'Is is safe?'

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    Enter code 2THDR at checkout to get the professional extractions kit free including: a piece of string, a doorknob and a South Sydney jersey.

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    Right - after purchasing this set, I'm going to be hanging a shingle up under the bridge and become a street dentist!

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      Artisanal dentist.

    • you could call yourself a… Ripperdoc

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    Get pliers and a drill from Bunnings and your are all set.

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    Don't try this at home.

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    Finally a way to compete with overseas Dental prices.

  • Also handy if you need to torture someone.

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      Literally a dentist’s life 24/7

  • Finally I can upgrade from the ice skate I was using.

    • wtf?? lol

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        There's a scene in Castaway where Tom Hanks uses an old ice skate to DIY dental work

  • All jokes aside anybody see the usefulness using these as misc tools for odd handy work, mouth excluded

    • Good one

    • Can easily become painful if you get the handy work wrong

    • +1

      I used to use dental tools for building & repairing PCs… they were most useful to use in tight areas. My supplier was a dentist mate and he would pass on to me old tools in return for keeping his PCs squeaky clean :)

  • What’s next… x-ray machines for domestic use.

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    I will place this on my desk to desensitise myself from visiting the dentist.

  • Here's the ultrasonic cleaner to go with your new dental tools, for the DIY er starting up. https://www.amazon.com.au/limplus-Ultrasonic-Cleaner-Jewelry...

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    I will +1 this deal because I love a bargain - but am I the only one imagining myself using this, accidentally sneezing and ripping a huge hole in gum resulting in almost comical arterial type spray and me bleeding out on the bathroom floor? Eh. At least I had a decent go at life.

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    I hear these are good for calculus. Got one for my kid doing his Tertiary ATAR.

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    Perfect, I can start my own backyard dentistry practice

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    I have picks both in my electronics tool set and in my car tool set (units discarded by a friend dentist).
    Great for circuit boards and spark plugs cleaning.
    Other uses include epoxy putty shaping (before hardening, obviously) and cleaning the deposits around base of taps in bathroom and kitchen.
    Mirror good for inspecting stuff indirectly (difficult to read marking on components for example)
    I do not see any usefulness for the tongue scrapper, any (technical) suggestions

  • Don't buy it unless you wanted to spend $5000+ on dental bill.

  • Lightning deal has now sold out, new price is $18.99

  • Is… It… Safe!?

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    I am buying this as addtion to my model craft tools. Thanks OP!

  • Exactly what I need for my home oral job

  • You just gave me an idea. Bought a 8 piece kit from ebay for $15 delivered. Quality might be worse than this!

  • So you think this is your saving grace? Be frugal in everything else except your peace of mind, comfort and health. See you in the clinic!

  • I'm appalled so many are knocking DIY.